Sisters Campgrounds

Best Sisters Campgrounds & RV for Camping in Oregon

May 01, 2024

Do you require a campground close to Sisters, Oregon? There are excellent places for camping as well as hiking and a ton of other outdoor activities.

Are you considering taking your children on a trip? You're in luck since there are lots of family-friendly things nearby Sisters. Find out all about the top camping locations close to Sisters.

Sisters Campgrounds

Where is Sisters Campground?

Situated in the heart of the Deschutes National Forest, Sisters is a great starting point for exploring the surrounding woodlands. Bend, the largest city in Central Oregon, is approximately thirty minutes away by car.

Although Sisters has long been a well-liked place to stop between Bend and Salem, the capital of Oregon, the town has expanded in recent years into a well-liked weekend escape with plenty of culinary options and lodging options like lodges and hotels.

But there aren't many, and they fill up fast for RV sites; those who prefer classic RV resorts have more options in Bend.

Still, there are several RV-friendly campgrounds in the Deschutes National Forest near Sisters, several of which have campsites reserved up to six months in advance.

For those arriving in an RV, big trailer, or campervan, privately owned-RV campgrounds offer an additional advantage: exceptionally peaceful RV camping.

Picnic tables, full hook-up sites, dump stations, tent sites, bathroom access (with hot tub), and even easy access to Wi-Fi are examples of common RV amenities. In the camp sites, the walking distance between you and your neighbor should not be too far.

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Top Camping Spots in and Near Sisters

Searching for Sisters' greatest camping spots? With the best trails, excursions, hiking, backpacking, camping, and more surrounding Sisters, we've got you covered with the list of really nice spots for your summer months.

1. Cold Springs Campground

Cold Springs Campground

A nice, little spring runs through the center of this popular, sheltered campground. Cold Springs Campground lies below a dense Ponderosa Pine forest, with aspen interspersed in the wet parts, about southwest of Sisters, Oregon.

This campground is a fantastic choice for the whole family because it provides chances for hiking and bird watching.

This facility has 23 single campsites. There are three vault-style toilets and a hand pump for water availability. Every location has a fire ring and picnic table.

Families who visit Cold Springs Campground often enjoy riding around the campground because it has a circle road.

Thanks to the many local trails, this campground provides many of chances for riding and hiking. In addition to offering shade, the ponderosa pine forest offers opportunities for bird and wildlife viewing

2. Heart of Sisters

Heart of Sisters

inside Sisters' municipal boundaries. Walk a few blocks to parks and the tourist trap that is downtown Sisters. Excellent for securing close-up locations for occasions such as the Sisters Folk Festival.

Three Creeks Lake is a fifteen-minute drive from the Buckrun Trailhead, located a few blocks away. You can arrange arrangements with the host for prepared meals and make use of the fire pits, barbecue, and grills.

We can chat about it if you own a small business and would like to discuss it on my live streams or create some quick promo movies. I create social media videos about the cuisine I produce. Send me a mail or mention it when you get here.

3. Black Butte

Black Butte

The beautiful and well-liked day climb to the summit of Black Butte (elevation 6,436 feet) is located not far from Sisters, Oregon. The daring hiker is rewarded with amazing vistas of the surrounding Cascades at the summit.

A popular hiking trail leads up to Black Butte's summit, which is two miles away. Remarkably, there are not a lot of switchbacks on this trail, and the gradient is not extremely high.

You'll be hiking through ponderosa pine-dominated forest early on. The woodland thins and gives way to alpine vegetation as you approach the summit. The correct season might bring an abundance of wildflowers.

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4. Summit Black Crater

Summit Black Crater

A day trek or overnight stay in the 3 Sisters Wilderness is highly recommended from Black Crater. From the Summit, you enjoy an amazing 360-degree panorama and an 8-mile round-trip elevation gain of 2211 feet.

Access to the Black Crater Trailhead parking lot is via Highway 242, also known as McKenzie Pass. Using the "Topo Maps" software on an iPhone, the beginning elevation for the trailhead is 5,040 feet.

Excellent app) that offers a 3.8-mile, one-way climb to the 7,251-foot Black Crater Summit. The trail can be quite steep in places, making your legs burn. Take your time and stop frequently. It was a fantastic challenge because I was carrying 45–50 pounds on my back.

Amazing vistas of Broken Top, the North and Middle Sisters, and Mount Bachelor's summit may be seen from this trek.

The McKenzie Pass, Little Belknap and Belknap Crater, Mount Washington, Black Butte, Three Fingered Jack, Mount Jefferson, Mount Hood, and Mount Adams in Washington are all visible to the north.

5. Winter Camp on Cache Mountain

Winter Camp on Cache Mountain

Beautiful views of the cascade mountains with fewer crowds as well as their popular services. Having an entire mountain to yourself. The base is easily accessible by car, and the trek to the peak is short. Ideal for an introductory winter camping trip.

Cache Mountain has breathtaking vistas of Mount Jefferson, Three Fingered Jack, Mount Washington, and the North and Middle Sisters.

During the summer, it is also recognized as one of Central Oregon's greatest single track mountain riding sites.

This is an ideal location for a multi-day camping trip; set up tent and spend your days hiking, riding, or simply relaxing and enjoying the scenery.

When the weather is nice, you can walk from where you left your car at the end of the road to the summit in less than a mile.

It is unusual that you will need to hike more than a few miles, even in cases where the roads are terrible enough to prevent you from reaching the end.

When you get to the trail leading up the mountain, park where you can and continue hiking along the road. Depending on the current weather, you'll likely want snowshoes or crampons throughout the winter.

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6. Fly Fishing the Metolius

Fly Fishing the Metolius

The Metolius would be the river if there were a river in paradise. Fly-fishing (exclusively) is available year-round for those who would like to partake in this hidden gem near Sisters, Oregon.

There are several lodging options available in the area, ranging from resort-style cottages on the river to tent camping. When the flowers are in full bloom in the spring and early summer, it's the ideal time to visit for a picturesque experience.

Going to the Camp Sherman Store & Fly Shop is the first thing you should do. There, you may learn from the Fly Shop employees which flies are effective and which sections of the river are the finest to fish.

The Metolius is home to a variety of fish, including bull trout, brown trout, brook trout, rainbow trout, kokanee, and mountain whitefish.

Return to the Camp Sherman Store after a day of fishing to enjoy some freshly baked burgers and refreshing beverages. A fantastic spot to visit is Three Creeks Brewing, which is 25 minutes from Camp Sherman in Sisters' downtown.

7. Camp at Big Lake

Camp at Big Lake

With its pristine lake water, Big Lake offers excellent hiking, swimming, boating, fishing, wakeboarding, waterskiing, and ATVing activities. The campsite offers camping for both RVs and tents.

Situated on the western slopes of the Cascade Mountain Range, in the Willamette National Forest, Big Lake boasts pristine waters at an elevation of 4,600 feet.

Situated close to Hoodoo Ski Resort at the summit of Santiam Pass, on the western shore of Big Lake, is the Big Lake Campground (N 44 22.439 W 121 53.599).

If you visit during the regular camping season, the same camp host patrols the smaller campground to the west of Big Lake Campground.

Since snowshoes or a snowmobile are the only ways to approach the lake during the normal winter, this location is equally serene and picturesque when covered in snow.

Numerous hiking paths are located in the area, including the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), which you can follow north into Hoodoo, Hayrick, and Three Fingered Jack, or south toward Mount Washington.

The Patjen Trail, Big Lake Trail, and Sand Mountain Lookout are a few other trailheads. Nearby, there's a mountain bike track that leads to Sand Mountain Lookout Tower.

8. Matthieu Lakes via Lava Camp Lake Trail

Matthieu Lakes via Lava Camp Lake Trail

A one-night backpacking trip featuring cozy swimming holes and amazing views of the Three Sisters, Tree Fingered Jack, Mount Hood, Mount Jefferson, and Mount Washington.

Start your hike at the trailhead for Lava Camp Lake. The trail opens up into black lava flows after winding through a woodland full of fir and hemlock. Proceed slightly more than two miles till you come to North Matthieu Lake.

This is where you should start. Swim over to the small island and enjoy a bite. Continue hiking till you come to South Matthieu Lake after you have had your fill.

North and Middle Sisters are visible in the distance, and even though South Matthieu Lake is smaller, it feels more expansive. Campsites can be found all around the lake. This lake is significantly warmer, so pick one, set up tent, and have another swim.

To get a breathtaking sunset view and witness the sun disappear behind Mount Hood, Mount Jefferson, Mount Washington, and Three Fingered Jack, pack a picnic lunch and head out on the PCT.

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9. Backpack to Square and Booth Lakes

Backpack to Square and Booth Lakes

Very kid-friendly and easily accessible. In addition to fishing, hiking, and photography, there is wilderness disc golf.

Kids will enjoy this short, easy-to-access backpacking trip to a high mountain lake. A journey to the foot of Three Fingered Jack was extremely dry, dusty, and reeking of smoke.

This August weekend, smoke from forest fires blazing throughout the northwest enveloped the whole western half of the state park.

An enjoyable journey to see several viewpoints from a wilderness area that was devastated by fire over ten years ago.

Although low, lakes provide a variety of enjoyable activities. Because of the condition of the forest, there are many choices for day hikes with better vistas.

10. Camp at Lava Lake

Camp at Lava Lake

Free campsite adjacent to a Pacific Crest Trail trailhead outside Sisters, Oregon.

A lovely place to pitch your tent for a few hours or overnight.There are around twelve places in the main campsite area, but as we hiked, we saw several more scattered among the massive Ponderosa Pine trees.

Most of the patches are encircling a tiny lake. This location has extremely soft dirt, which is ideal for earthing! I had to spend the whole time we were there in my underwear.

From the campsite, take a short stroll left and downhill to reach McKenzie Pass, which leads to the Pacific Crest Trail. At the trailhead, permits are available for both day and overnight use.

I strongly suggest making the hike to the crystalline lake and backcountry campground located at the end of the trail, which is reached by turning left. This is a really distant spot that would be great for a picnic.

During the whole hike, we saw three people. Dogs are welcome in this area. I didn't notice a camping permit expiration date, but don't remain longer than you're welcome.

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11. Hike to Moraine Lake Beneath South Sister

Hike to Moraine Lake Beneath South Sister

Between Broken Top and South Sister, there's a hidden gem. An excellent training track for more seasoned explorers and a fantastic hiking excursion for novices.

Devils Lake is less than three miles away from the lake. You ascend 1,476 feet starting from the trailhead along Cascade Lakes Highway. The South Sisters Climbers track, which is well-traveled and signed, is what you will follow.

As you meander and ascend through Doug Firs and Hemlocks, the first two miles account for the majority of the elevation increase. Be mindful of less sturdy trees if the wind is blowing or very gusty.

Following your last push out of the canyon, you'll emerge into flatter terrain, the trees will start to open up, and you'll get a glimpse of Broken Top and South Sister.

Like in real life, you will come to a fork in the road. You can choose to go east on the Moraine Lake Trail or north on the South Sisters Climbers Trail. I decide to stick to the trail used by South Sister Climber.

You will come to another fork after half a mile, when you may choose to continue eastward toward Moraine Lake or carry on to the summit of the South Sisters.

12. Camp at Todd Lake

Camp at Todd Lake

Magnificent Views of Mount Bachelor and Broken Top Mountain. Simple to reach from the parking lot. surrounded by Fur Forest and Alpine Meadow. Dog-friendly. Fishing is allowed.

Situated 24 miles west of Bend, Todd Lake is a picturesque if little lake. Its location is ideal for seeing Mount Bachelor and for getting to Broken Top Mountain.

Enjoy swimming, fishing (mainly rainbow trout), and free access to three separate campground options when you spend a day at Todd Lake.

Enjoy the various beautiful view of the mountains by taking the lovely 1.5-mile walk around the lake.

Todd Lake has three walk-in campsites, accessible after a ten-minute stroll from the day-use parking area.

13. Camp at Scott Lake

Camp at Scott Lake

At this modest campground, you may take in amazing vistas of the Three Sisters (20 tent spaces with fire rings).

A true hidden gem off the McKenzie Pass Scenic Drive is Scott Lake Campground. This tiny campsite, which has just 20 rustic sites lining the lake, is tucked away near the Mt. Washington Wilderness Area and offers breathtaking views of the Three Sisters to the southeast.

There is a $5 modest fee each site, and while there may be some obnoxious mosquitoes in July and August, this issue didn't seem to exist when I came in late September.

It's imperative to capture the lake's sunsets and sunrises here, as they offer an ideal backdrop for landscape shots and are undoubtedly the most picturesque times of day to visit the lake.

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14. Trout Pines Camping

Trout Pines Camping

After exploring Central Oregon for the day, unwind at this location, which is nestled away among Ponderosa pines.

Situated 5 miles from Sisters, 15 to 25 minutes from Bend, and 2 miles from the mountain bike and hiking trails on Peterson Ridge. Guests are welcome to enjoy the 18-hole disc golf course, horseshoes, and cornhole on the property.

15. Sisters Creekside Campground

Sisters Creekside Campground

There are 60 camp sites available at Creekside Campground, a municipal park, 27 of which have full hook-ups.

Every campsite has a picnic table and a fire pit. The campground features an automatic sewer discharge site, coin-operated showers, and restrooms.

Creekside Campground is located near Whychus Creek and is easily accessible on foot from the downtown area. Creekside Park is accessible by a covered footbridge that crosses the creek. April through October is when the campground is open.

16. South Shore Suttle Lake

South Shore Suttle Lake

Located between Ponderosa pine and Douglas fir, South Shore Campground is situated by Suttle Lake. The camp is divided into two sections, one on the beach and the other tucked away on a hillside.

The majority of sites overlook lakes. The lake breezes and 3,400 feet of elevation make South Shore Campground a pleasant summertime getaway.

This camp has a boat launch available. Wind surfing, sailing, water skiing, and power and non-motorized boats are popular pastimes.

There is a fish cleaning station on the property, and anglers can catch brown trout, rainbow trout, and kokanee salmon. The Suttle Lake Shoreline Trail is 3.2 miles long and accessible to hikers and mountain bikers.

Every location features a picnic table, campfire ring, and gravel parking spur. The campground is lined with dump stations. There is vault toilets and drinking water available.

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17. Tumalo State Park Campground

Tumalo State Park Campground

Located along Oregon's magnificent Deschutes River, Tumalo is tucked away in the sunny heart of central Oregon.

The campground is both far enough out to avoid the bustle yet close enough to Bend, the town, to make easy trips to the grocery store.

Because of its location, it's the perfect starting point for any kind of outdoor activity you can think of, including miles and miles of difficult yet beautiful hiking and mountain bike trails, pristine alpine lakes, lush green golf courses, and, of course, the Cascade Mountains.

18. Smith Rock State Park Campground

Smith Rock State Park Campground

Smith Rock State Park is a nice place for rock climbers and those who appreciate breathtaking views of narrow river canyons. In the park, there are thousands of climbs.

There are almost a thousand bolted routes. We also have miles of mountain bike and hiking routes. You may spot mule deer, golden eagles, prairie falcons, river otters, and beavers while traveling through the canyon.

Note: To safeguard raptors that are breeding, certain climbing places are prohibited or just partially accessible from roughly January 15 to August 1. Moreover, drones are prohibited during this time.

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19. Skull Hollow Campground

Skull Hollow Campground

Outside of the Skull Hollow campsite, scattered camping is forbidden by a closure order.

The purpose of this closure is to avoid conflicts between day users and campers as well as to protect the natural resources surrounding the trailhead from excessive use. The campground at the Skull Hollow trailhead is for camping; please abide by the closure order.

Amenities include NOT FIT FOR DRINKING WATER, 28 typical campsites, and Not a single hookup or disposal station. Each campsite has own toilet, one wooden picnic table, time campfires as well as one grill/fire ring combo.

Great outdoor activities include Horseback Cycling, Smith Rock State Park hiking, mountain biking, as well as rock climbing.

20. Bend / Sisters Garden RV Resort

Bend / Sisters Garden RV Resort

Visit Bend/Sisters Garden RV Resort, which is close to Sisters, Oregon, and experience a home away from home.

Discover our opulent resort, which offers RV parks, fully furnished cottages, and camping cabins. Our resort is the ideal vacation spot for families and outdoor enthusiasts, along with a plethora of conveniences and recreational opportunities.

You can enjoy the numerous other Events & Activities happening around our resort in addition to the ones listed in our attractions section.

Bottom Line

So what are you waiting for? Whether it is a day trip or two, begin now to book campgrounds. Pay the reservation fee prior to your check-in time to ensure you do not fall victim to an occupied campsite.

Also, be aware of your departure date. Yeah, a lot of people are always carried away. Do not forget to adhere to full campground rules.

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