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Best Christian Campgrounds in NJ for Summer Retreat

Apr 11, 2024

It is not without cause that New Jersey is referred to as the "Garden State." From the glittering Atlantic coast to the highlands of northern Skyland, the state is awash with breathtaking natural splendor.

Because of its diverse areas, New Jersey offers an incredible range of outdoor recreation options and a very diverse terrain.

Christian Campgrounds in NJ

Places of Interest for Christian Groups

Are you looking for a perfect place for a quiet retreat to lift your spirits? Some of the most tranquil and uplifting Christian retreat establishments may be found in New Jersey. There is a place where you can make new friends, and it is ideal for visiting for summer camps.

These facilities offer the ideal setting for spiritual recovery, whether you're planning a large gathering or need a private retreat. Let's explore New Jersey's top Christian retreat facilities.

1. Camp Shiloh - New ITT NJ

Camp Shiloh - New ITT NJ

A Christian retreat center located in Northern New Jersey is called Camp Shiloh. Their special objective is to accommodate big and small groups for day trips or overnight stays.

In addition to a fully functional gymnasium, an indoor swimming pool, sporting grounds, cozy housing, tasty home-cooked meals, a campfire pit, a game room, and much more, their facilities include all of the following.

Shiloh is a great environment for your group to develop as a unit and as individuals. Shiloh means "place of peace," and they are able to provide a tranquil setting for rest and rejuvenation because of their stunning mountain, stream, and pond scenery.

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2. Neil Klatskin Day Camp

Neil Klatskin Day Camp

Your kids can take part in eight weeks of amazing, thrilling, and enjoyable activities in a caring Jewish setting.

The activities offered to children are age-appropriate and include martial arts, roller coasters, sports, drama, music, Israeli culture, Judaic programming, athletics, arts and crafts, awesome carnivals, special theme days, Oneg Shabbat celebrations, and more!

Options for four, six, seven, or eight weeks. Transportation and extended care are offered. Expanded care is available from 7:30 am to 9:00 am also from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

It offers a variety of unique activities supervised by skilled professionals. Preschoolers can choose from shorter days. July 25–August 17; 9 a.m.–4 p.m.

Families who sign up for the NKDC and become new members of the JCC for the first time only pay $250 (membership valid for June, July, and August)

3. Camp Johnsonburg

Camp Johnsonburg

Johnsonburg Camp and Retreat Center is a non-profit Christian camp and retreat facility that provides church retreats, family fun days, year-round youth retreats, overnight Christian summer camp programs, and guest group rentals in addition to its many other offerings.

They have been regarded as one of New Jersey's most cherished summer camp and Christian retreat places for more than 60 years. Everyone is welcome.

Johnsonburg Camp & Retreat Center is a peaceful location where people of all ages, abilities, as well as backgrounds are invited to experience God.

It is situated in the northwest area of New Jersey's stunning highlands. They are easily accessible from the I-80 Hackettstown and Hope exits in approximately ten minutes.

Serving all people, groups, and organizations, Johnsonburg is the ideal location for your upcoming gathering.

All year long, they provide a range of events, such as family fun days, church retreats, adult retreats, youth retreats, and confirmation retreats.

Additionally, a range of national and local collaborations and guest groups feel that their location is the ideal starting point for their event.

You can rely on them to work with you from beginning to end on any kind of event, from church retreats to weddings, school vacations to family gatherings.

For 64 years, they have been providing entertaining, unforgettable overnight summer camp programs in northwest New Jersey.

The purpose of summer camp programs is to keep campers entertained, educated, challenged, and safe during their week of funny games and activities.

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4. Camp Gan Israel of Cherry Hill

Camp Gan Israel of Cherry Hill

Gan Israel might be your perfect location because it is part of the largest and fastest-expanding global network of Jewish day camps. With its original concepts, imaginative initiatives, and fresh pursuits, Gan Israel has gained a solid reputation as a trailblazer.

It has been documented that many children wait a whole year to return to Gan Israel! Campers enjoy a wide choice of engaging activities and field trips in a pleasant and vibrant setting, from Kiddie Kamp to their CIT division.

Your younger child has a fantastic opportunity to experience their first summer camp at their rapidly expanding Kiddie Kamp.

All year long, the children get guidance in structured play, organized activities, and social skills from a team of compassionate, understanding, and loving pre-school teachers. Their children are growing quickly, so come hang out here!

Beautiful facilities at each of their scenic campsites are ideal for a full schedule of sports, games, crafts, theatrical performances, and other engaging camp activities.

Each kid is given the opportunity to acquire skills, confidence, and a sense of fair play by their skilled team. 

5. NJ Christian Camp & Christian Outdoor Retreat Center

NJ Christian Camp & Christian Outdoor Retreat Center

Being a non-profit, non-denominational Christian organization, Haluwasa Christian Camp & Retreat Center provides the best possible experience for youth retreats, adult and youth guest retreats, church picnics, church hayrides, special events, and guest group day events in New Jersey.

Since 1955, Camp Haluwasa has served as a comfort zone, a location for people to come to learn about Jesus Christ while also spreading the Gospel with thousands of adults and children!

Campers (youth group), including boys and girls ages 6 to 15, will enjoy the most exciting and engaging games focused on daily learning about Jesus Christ

6. New Life Island

New Life Island

Since 1972, New Life Island, an island in the Delaware River, has offered top-notch Christian camping. These guys cordially invite you to visit and enjoy their hospitality!

The security of their campers is the most important thing to these guys, despite everything else. They put a lot of effort into making sure that their camp will always be a secure refuge for the priceless ones that are entrusted to them.

They also make an effort to be hospitable. They want every visitor to the island to have a sense of belonging with them. Take a seat, plunge into the pool, and spend some time thinking about eternal things and being yourself.

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7. Tranquility Camp and Retreat Center

Tranquility Camp and Retreat Center

For the benefit of kids, teens, and families, Tranquility Camp runs a non-profit Christian camp in a natural setting. Their dedication lies in providing young people with the fundamental resources needed to become Christian leaders.

They think that taking in the wonders of creation will inspire individuals to discover more about who they are, enhance their interpersonal connections, acknowledge their social obligations, and deepen their spiritual connection with God.

These folks want to help anyone who is willing to work, study, play, and grow alongside like-minded individuals in an outdoor Christian camp environment, regardless of color or creed. Their employees aspire to be servant leaders by imitating Christ. 

8. Baptist Camp and Conference Center

Baptist Camp and Conference Center

Situated in Lebanon, New Jersey, Baptist Camp and Conference Center is a 110-acre retreat. The American Baptist Churches of New Jersey own and run them.

An excellent retreat or conference venue for your church, school, or non-profit organization is Camp Lebanon, a camper favorite since 1949.

Children in grades 1 through 12 can attend an overnight camp at Camp Lebanon from June to August.

There are various reasons why counselors from all over the country—and even some foreign ones—come to Camp Lebanon, but the main one is that they see it as a place where they can become closer to God and show His love to the campers.

Love, warmth, tears, laughter, friendships, pleasure, and lifelong memories are all enjoyed by children. 

9. Camp Gan Israel of Central NJ

Camp Gan Israel of Central NJ

A component of the world's largest and fastest-growing network of Jewish day camps is Camp Gan Israel of Central NJ - Piscataway.

With its original concepts, imaginative initiatives, and fresh pursuits, Gan Israel has gained a solid reputation as a trailblazer. It has been reported that numerous kids would wait a whole year to return to Gan Israel!

In a friendly and lively environment, campers take part in a variety of thrilling activities and field excursions. Children ages 3 to 11 can attend the regular camp, and ages 9 to 11 can attend the girls travel camp.

Staff members that are kind, understanding, and patient mentor the kids in planned activities, play, and social skills. This is the ideal location!

Their facilities are ideal for offering a complete christian camping programs that includes sports, games, swimming, electives, crafts, and other stimulating activities.

Every kid is given the tools, self-assurance, and sense of fair play by our skilled team. Do not forget to ask about privacy policy when you get there.

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10. Delanco Camp Tabernacle NJ

Delanco Camp Tabernacle NJ

In Tabernacle, New Jersey, Delanco Camp is a stand-alone, nondenominational Christian camp that provides retreats for spiritual growth, special events, youth camps, and a family reunion camp meeting (with well-trained counselors).

Spend a week or a weekend in nature, engaging in outdoor sports and a variety of programs, studying the Bible, going to worship nightly, roasting fireworks over the campfire, reestablishing and forming new friendships, and connecting with God.

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