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Best Monticello Campgrounds and RV Parks in 2024

Apr 15, 2024

There is always something fresh to see and do at Monticello, regardless of how many times you have been there.

As historians and archaeologists discover new information and get new viewpoints, Jefferson's vision is still very much alive and is continually being revisited and presented in new ways.

Now that summer has arrived, the campgrounds managed by Auckland Council are a wonderful place to plan your next camping vacation.

Camping is a terrific opportunity to get outside and spend quality time with friends, family, or alone, whether you're an experienced camper seeking a cheap getaway or reliving childhood memories.

There are several real health advantages to enjoying nature and the great outdoors.

Why is Camping Good for You?

Why is Camping Good for You?

There are different ways to enjoy your holidays. Camping has many positive health effects on both adults and children. You could be unaware of how much you're losing out on when you spend time in your typical routine at home.

Don't bring the too full schedule with you. Nothing interrupts you or vies for your attention when you're camping; there's no place to be at a given time.

This kind of environment naturally leads to a level of relaxation and stress reduction that is outstanding elsewhere.

You might not be aware of how little fresh air you actually get in your daily life. Camping allows you to experience both the wonderful scents of nature and the aroma of cooking food over an open flame.

Most Amazing Places to Go Camping

Some of the most amazing locations are unforeseen discoveries that can be found in the most isolated places.

Having your lodging with you gives you greater freedom to explore whatever location your feet or vehicle can take you to locate these unique spots.

You won't have to be concerned about the hotel's condition or travel time when you choose a nearby campground.

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1. Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands National Park

Southeast Utah's Canyonlands National Park is renowned for its striking desert terrain sculpted by the Colorado River. Island in the Sky is a massive mesa with a flat summit that offers expansive views.

The secluded gorges of the Maze, the soaring rock pinnacles known as the Needles, and the Native American rock paintings in Horseshoe Canyon are a few of the more interesting locations. Cataract Canyon features whitewater rapids.

Their national parks have been under the National Park Service's management since 1916. Every year, we protect these unique locations and tell the tales of over 318 million visitors with the aid of volunteers and partners. However, their effort is not over yet.

They take great pride in the fact that tribes, local governments, businesses, nonprofits, and private individuals come to us for assistance in reviving their communities, celebrating their local heritage, preserving local history, and establishing local opportunities for children and families to play outside and be active.

2. Indian Canyon Ranch

Indian Canyon Ranch

This property was acquired by Joe in 2008. It was 8 acres at the time, and it is now a continuous 20 acres of land.

You get the impression that you are in the middle of nowhere when you are 2 miles off the highway and right next to a large national forest. Ruins and canyons border the east and south faces.

Every other property around is at least ten acres, and as such, it is far dispersed and has a low population density.

Every building on the property was transported here piece by piece after being saved from building projects in the national parks of Yosemite and the Grand Canyon. Since water is physically brought in, please use caution when using it.

3. Devils Canyon Campground

Devils Canyon Campground

At an elevation of 7,400 feet, Devils Canyon Campground is situated in Utah, only 13 miles south of Monticello. The area is covered in junipers, pinyon pines, and Ponderosa pines, which provide some shade.

Summertime temperatures are cold at night and warm throughout the day. Dark Canyon Wilderness, Edge of the Cedars State Park, Canyonlands, Arches, and Mesa Verde National Parks are among of the region's most well-known attractions.

The Blanding museum, Edge of the Cedars, may offer evening activities of course some really special event.

There are 42 single-family campsites with picnic tables and fire rings at this campground. There are vault toilets and drinking water available (seasonally). There isn't much firewood. Spurs for parking are paved.

These are their amenities: Interpretive Site, Accessible, Tent camping, Camping trailer, Picnic tables, Toilets, Drinking water, Parking

4. Devils Garden Campground

Devils Garden Campground

The Devils Garden Campground offers an endless number of opportunities for causing trouble. Situated in the very center of Arches National Park, this campground is an excellent starting point for anybody wishing to explore some of the 2,500+ natural arches on the several hiking trails that are accessible from each tent.

After spending the entire day snapping amazing pictures for your camera memory card, relax in the campsite surrounded by yucca, desert wildflowers, and blooming prickly pear cacti.

It should be noted that reservations must be made in advance of visiting the park, so make many of them in advance—living at Arches would not be enough! There is picnic table and potable water available.

5. Hamburger Rock Campground

Hamburger Rock Campground

Well, the truth is that if you spend time at Hamburger Rock Campground with fewer people, you most likely won't come across a burger restaurant.

But what you will see are some amazing sandstone cliffs that might resemble a luscious Angus-beef burger when viewed from the correct perspective.

Set up camp here to enjoy the ideal combination of unwinding in the vast outdoors and being close to some of Utah's most well-known attractions, such as Canyonlands National Park.

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6. Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park™ Camp-Resort Monticello

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park™ Camp-Resort Monticello

Yogi Bear's Jellystone ParkTM Camp-Resort Monticello, a family-friendly camping site that has been a family tradition since 1974 and is widely regarded as one of the best campgrounds in Iowa, is concealed away by the Maquoketa River in Monticello, between Dubuque and Cedar Rapids.

Rest and embrace the different seasons of Iowa while staying in a camper or rental cabin from us, or in your tent. While the kids enjoy their scheduled activities, you may relax in their heated pool. All sizes of parties and families are welcome at Monticello Jellystone. From April to October, they are open.

7. Arches National Park

Arches National Park

Arches National Park is five miles north of Moab on US 191 in southeast Utah. From Moab, drive five miles north on Main Street/US 191.

At the lights, turn right. Take Exit 182 (Crescent Junction) off of Interstate 70 and go 28 miles south on US 191. After the lights, turn left.

A minimum of several hours should be allocated to thoroughly explore the park, taking in the beautiful drive, several overlooks, and short treks.

Longer hikes, if time permits, lead to many amazing rock formations; as an alternative to learning more about this unique location, think to consider attending a ranger-led program. Daily spring through fall programs include guided walks and nighttime events.

8. Sunset Campground on Ruin Road

Sunset Campground on Ruin Road

See the sun rise over Colorado's Sleeping Ute Mountain and set over Utah's Bears Ears National Monument to witness a breathtaking sunset.

These guys don't have water or power because they are off the grid. Accessing their gravelled camping spots is a breeze. Their location is close to a paved road. Four-wheel drive as well as high clearance vehicles are not required.

Set up camp in a high desert ecosystem that is full of sagebrush, Brigham tea, cedar and pinion trees, etc. amazing views of the stars at night.

There's an old Indian mound there. Hiking distances lead to the Nation Natural Bridge and the Five Kiva Ruin. The town of Blanding, which has dump stations, restaurants, a hospital, and petrol stations, is only a short distance away.

Five distinct national monuments are just a short drive away: Hovenweep, Natural Bridges, Bears Ears, Rainbow Bridge, and Canyon of the Ancients. Enjoy a beautiful trip across Elk Ridge and Blue Mountain.

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9. The Needles Outpost Campground

The Needles Outpost Campground

Situated among park and public land, this Outpost and camping spans 300 acres of private land. In one form or another, it has existed here for more than 30 years.

Their names are Caleb and Amber, and they had a great time running their little desert oasis from March to June of 2017 before deciding to buy it and take it over.

This is a rough, dry campground with coin-operated showers and flush toilets in the building. In addition, they offer fuel, snacks, firewood, ice, showers, cold drinks, and more at their modest, rustic camp store that is tucked away in the middle of nowhere.

Make a reservation for their Small Group at the Rocks if you're searching for a more secluded location with lots of room and shade. Make reservations for one of their glamping tents for a cozier stay during the winter.

They rent out heaters inside the general/camp shop, and they have the bigger, more roomy tent in the grove of juniper trees (which is also fantastic in the warmer months).

10. Desert Moon Campground and RV Park

Desert Moon Campground and RV Park

Before and after exploring the stunning gorges and desert vistas that surround the Desert Moon and beyond, set up your tent and take a moment to relax.

On-site amenities include two showers, restrooms, potable water, picnic tables, and Wi-Fi. Their inn also has a covered seating area that guests can utilize. In total, there are five campsites.

Note that there is a Union Pacific Railroad directly across the street, and trains go by there several times a day and night. At night, there will be sounds.

Due to the near proximity of campsites, it is probable that you will come across other campers while visiting. Be ready because there isn't much shade on the site.

In the middle to late 1800s, Thompson Springs was first established as a railroad stop on the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad.

It quickly developed into a hub for area sheepherders, cattle ranchers, and farmers, as well as a shipping point. Now, it is a ghost town with only fifty residents.

11. FireTree Camping

FireTree Camping

FireTree is a great place that provides tranquility and a sense of rustic beauty for your camping experience in the desert.

You are free to enjoy a drink in the fresh air outside your tent, read your favorite book, have a picnic, or just take in the view. Facilities include drinkable water and hot showers in the restrooms.

Short stroll (between 50 and 100 feet) to the campsite. Although they're not set up for it explicitly, they do allow car and van camping. Parking spots could be uneven. What is your best time for coming? Summer right? Start planning and embark on that road trip to FireTree!

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12. Arrowhead Campground

Arrowhead Campground

About five acres make up Arrowhead Campground, which is located in Utah's Monument Valley. Experience one of the most breathtaking views on Earth by going to stay with them! It might be among the closest campgrounds to you anyway.

Enjoy a complete 360-degree panorama of all the soaring red sandstone mesas and buttes. This is an excellent way to get the greatest views in the region.

Beautiful dawns and sunsets can be seen directly from your campground. Excellent for images and photo sessions. With sturdy white picnic tables, the campground has one of the biggest shade structures in the vicinity.

There's a fire-pit for campfires, which is permitted. The closest highway is 1 1/4 miles away from the campground, while the tribal park is only 2 1/2 miles away. It is hidden and isolated from the light and noise pollution.

You can set up your tent just beneath the dazzling, bright stars at night. Having said that, Arrowhead Campground is going to rank among your all-time favorite campgrounds.

13. Mexican Hat Rocks

Mexican Hat Rocks

Set your camp on this exclusive property, which was established in the 1890s by explorers seeking gold and oil. John Wayne subsequently crossed the river here for a number of western films!

The tranquil seclusion that is tragically vanishing in other places, along with the night skies, are simply unparalleled.

Only this estate, which is available for your enjoyment, leads to Mexican Hat Rock and this section of the San Juan River. If you would like to camp, though, they now require a small fee to help us manage the area, clean up the roads, and carry out ongoing conservation work so that future generations can enjoy it as well!

They need portable restrooms! And please, dogs and horses, clean up after yourselves. Don't forget to pack it out.

Please be mindful of other campers and adhere to clearly marked trails and roads. A portion of this property is designated as "No Trespassing," so heed the warnings. Visits to 'The Hat' during the day are free of charge.

14. Thousand Lakes RV Park

Thousand Lakes RV Park

Every campsite at Thousand Lakes RV Park offers vistas of plateaus covered with sagebrush and red rock mountains.

They are close to Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, breathtaking National Scenic Byway 12, Goblin Valley, and Bryce Canyon, all within a short 6-mile radius of Capitol Reef National Park.

Only a few minutes away are activities like hiking, fishing, mountain biking, 4-wheel-drive off-road trips, and peaceful driving. Even during the busiest time of year, there aren't many people in their area compared to other Southern Utah sites.

The accommodations provided by Thousand Lakes RV Park are extensive and include covered tent sites, full-service RV parks with 65-foot pull-thrus, and luxurious cabins that can accommodate six people.

Their covered pavilion with picnic tables is a favorite spot for groups. Everybody appreciates their freshly baked morning muffins, chargrilled, scratch-made BBQ dinners, pool, playground, basketball court, satellite hook-up, and breathtaking views.

15. Bright Star Campground

Bright Star Campground

Bright Star Campground is a public campground, a beautiful place that was formerly a church camp. Yea, some folks, it is a small campground, but trust me, it is not. It will be a good option when you get to see it. They are a 40-acre holiday campground with amenities and spacious areas that are ideally situated.

Hot showers, a fully stocked communal kitchen, a pavilion with hammocks, tables, ping pong, and other amenities are available. Get free eggs, coffee, and filtered water, among other things.

Only five miles southeast of Cortez, Bright Star Campground is situated on the Great Sage Plain beneath Mesa Verde National Park, offering wide views of the Four Corners region's mountains and mesas.

From April 15 to October 15, their guests can enjoy free WiFi, drinking water, ice, hot showers, bathrooms, shade, and a fully functional camper's kitchen!

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16. Lost Acres RV Park

Lost Acres RV Park

Not only will you not get lost, but all your worries will vanish in only ten minutes as you travel along the Tippecanoe River north of Monticello, Indiana.

Pull back into Lost Acres and you're a million miles away, with open farmland on one side and woodlands on the other. You're only minutes from everything a vacation needs. You've arrived at Lost Acres!

In order to provide you with the ideal home base—a mature, peaceful, secluded camp just moments away from all the thrilling activities the area has to offer—Lost Acres has been strategically planted in the lake area.

Every RV visitor is provided with full hookups for water, electricity, and sewer. All users have access to the communal clubhouse, washing facilities, a well-stocked camp store, and WIFI.

Free WIFI, grocery store, gift shop, Swimming Pool, Firewood, Propane, Clubhouse, Fishing Pond, All Full Hookup, Restrooms, Showers, Laundry, Playground, Fire Rings, Picnic Tables, Cornhole, Wagon Rides, Jumping Pad, Mini Golf, Pickleball, Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Arcade, game room.

17. Mountain View RV Park, Campground, & Grain Bin Cabins

Mountain View RV Park, Campground, & Grain Bin Cabins

Nestled in the middle of Canyon Country, in Monticello, Utah, halfway between Moab and Blanding, is the convenient location of Mountain View RV Park, Campground & Grain Bin Cabins.

The park provides easy access to Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Arches National Park, Four Corners National Monument, Canyonlands National Park, Hovenweep National Monument, Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, Mesa Verde, Natural Bridges National Monument, and more sites!

Situated in the foothills of the Abajo Mountains, Mountain View RV Park, Campground & Grain Bin Cabins has an elevation of nearly 7,000 feet. It's a terrific place to escape the summer heat, yet it's still reasonably close and simple to find.

Their Amenities: Now renting 3 Authentic Grain Bin Cabins, Free Wi-Fi, Free Cable TV, Indoor Restrooms with Hot Showers, Laundry Facilities, Dump Station, Large Grass Areas for Pets and Kids, Fenced-in Off-leash Pet Area, Back-in and Pull-thru Full Service Sites, Most Shaded, Large Sites to Accommodate Big Rigs, Tent Camping with Grass and Shade Trees, and 78° Average Summer Temperature.

18. White Oaks RV and Camping

White Oaks RV and Camping

After being shut down for a number of years, the resort reopened on July 1, 2018, as an RV park offering daily, weekly, and seasonal rentals for tent, cottage, and RV sites.

The park is a good place that needs a lot of work to get it back in top condition, but the new management group is putting a lot of energy into updating things.

Recent improvements include the addition of new sand to the beach. The opening of a beach bar and restaurant, the office's carryout beer and alcohol sales, Dippin' Dots, and convenience store items; the renovation and rental of 12 cabins; the installation of new boat ramps and piers; the installation of 21 covered boat lifts that can be rented; and the installation of WIFI.

Features include: Restaurants, Sandy Beach, beach house, boating, fishing, tennis (tennis court is old but usable), lake, picnic area, basketball court, dump station, and laundry facilities are closed and unusable.

Nearby Attractions: Madam Carroll Cruises, Indiana Beach Amusement Park, Shafer Queen Paddlewheel Cruise, Columbian Park and Zoo, Tippecanoe Battlefield and Historical Museum.

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19. Outrigger Resort

Outrigger Resort

Located in Monticello, Indiana, the Outrigger Resort is a beautiful campground and a family-run resort. Select from seven different cottages and three lakeside cabins.

The resort features more than 170 feet of lakefrontage on Shafer and is conveniently close to Indiana Beach Amusement Park.

A generally level lake with perfect conditions for swimming, fishing, boating, rock climbing, waterskiing, and jet skiing. The Outrigger Resort offers lots of family-friendly activities.

There's a kid's play area, volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, swimming pool, fishing dock, five or more boat docks, and a sizable shaded lawn for games, picnics, and cookouts.

20. Pirate's Cove Resort

Pirate's Cove Resort

On Lake Shafer, Pirate's Cove Resort is a summer resort that welcomes families. If you're looking for a peaceful, private setting with access to the lake and views of the waterfront, this is the perfect place.

Guests can use the Indiana Beach ferry boat to and from the Indiana Beach Amusement Park, which is near to their resort.

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