Ensuring the security of athlete data is a top priority for SportSaber, permeating every aspect of our operations. We have made extensive investments in hiring skilled personnel, providing regular training, and leveraging advanced technologies to effectively tackle prevailing threats and adapt to the ever-changing landscape.

Yet, in our relentless pursuit to safeguard individuals, we cannot disregard the ceaseless efforts of internet scammers who seek to defraud innocent victims. Primarily, their focus lies in covertly collecting sensitive data, such as payment credentials, which they exploit for personal gain.

Alas, we find ourselves in a current climate where scams abound. Scammers have resorted to sending mass emails to countless U.S. consumers, masquerading as reputable companies, including SportSaber. These fraudsters cunningly employ our company branding and impart false promotions to further deceive unsuspecting individuals.

To enlighten and empower consumers, it is of utmost importance that they recognize SportSaber's steadfast communication practices. We exclusively send official correspondence from our established email domain, www.sportsaber.com. Moreover, we strictly accept payment information on our authenticated website, ensuring your financial security and peace of mind.

How you can protect yourself?

If you have encountered a deceptive communication and shared your credit card or other sensitive details in response, we strongly advise reaching out to your financial institution to ensure proactive fraud monitoring for your account and taking any additional steps recommended.

Fraudulent Email Giveaways:

Please be aware of various email scams that appear as official SportSaber offers, promoting product giveaways or irresistible discounts.

It is important to note that the links provided in these emails redirect to unauthorized websites not affiliated with SportSaber or any of its partners. SportSaber does not engage in soliciting information from customers through such channels. We strongly advise against responding to or clicking any links within these messages.

Stay vigilant and protect yourself from phishing attempts and malicious activities. Reach out directly to SportSaber's official website for genuine information and support.