How do you feel when you walk past a homeless person shivering in the cold?
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Homelessness is increasing in American cities and states three years after the epidemic ended.

The COVID-19 pandemic came and swept up people's finances, jobs and their homes. Currently, in the US, we have over 30% of people who are homeless, with California rated as one of the states with the highest number of homeless people.

These people not only have to deal with the cold from lying on the bare floor but are subjected to harmful environmental elements, high-stress levels, and physical and sexual abuse.

The effects of homelessness are very severe for those who suffer from long-term illnesses like diabetes, mental disease, or asthma.

What if you were told that you had the power to save them from this traumatic experience, Would you use it?

SportsSaber is not only giving you that power but giving you a chance to use it.

Do you know you can donate any tents and get an extra 10% discount on every new order you place at Sportsaber?Unbelievable right?

Now is the time! Take it, grab it, and use it! You just don't know how the universe will choose to reward this act of kindness.

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