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Experience Scenic Camping at Bourne MA Campgrounds

Apr 25, 2024

While camping in Massachusetts, you can explore countless historical sites and enjoy the sights and sounds of the natural world.

There is no lack of natural beauty in this area, from the magnificent peaks of Mount Greylock to the verdant valley of the Connecticut River.

In addition, go to places like the Longfellow House to see history up close. Going camping. It's conceivably the best way to get away from it all and enjoy nature.

You may discover a variety of campgrounds to enjoy almost anywhere in the state with other tent campers, whether it's to the west at the Bourne Scenic Park, surrounded by gorgeous fall foliage, or to the east at Bay View Campground or Scusset Beach State Park Campground, where only the soft sounds of the ocean can be heard.

1. Bourne Scenic Park

Bourne Scenic Park

Bourne Scenic Park has the best offer for you. It is well situated in close proximity to numerous Cape Cod attractions, including restaurants, shops, golf courses, beaches, and historic landmarks.

Approximately 200 campsites were available for picnics and camping when the Bourne Scenic Park was established in 1951.

Since its establishment, the park's area has more than doubled to 439 sites, 408 of which are electric, thanks to the addition of cabin lodges.

The Bourne Recreation Authority owns and runs the Bourne Scenic Park on property that it leases from the United States. Engineers' Army Corps.

Boston and Providence are about an hour away, and it only takes 30 minutes to get a ferry to Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket.

Use Bourne Scenic Park as your base of operations to take in all that New England and Cape Cod have to offer in terms of beauty. The Bourne Recreation Authority has chosen to keep upgrading its space on purpose.

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The Park staff is always improving during the off-season. Even during some of the busiest seasons of the year, booking a campsite at the Park is simple, thanks to our reservation system.

Numerous amenities are available at Bourne Scenic Park to ensure you have the best possible time. In addition to our pools, we offer activities, camping, and an adequate number of facilities.

The Bourne Scenic Park offers the following activities: swimming, biking, planned activities, playground, outdoor exercise stations, and saltwater fishing. It also has an electronic game room.

Bourne Scenic Park's full hookup amenities include an office, friendly RV, trash disposal, sewer hookups, bike trails, RV rentals, black water tanks, a park store, a pavilion and tent, pools, clean restrooms, cabins and lodges, and game rooms. Just pay them a visit, and do not forget to stop by the registration area to fill out their form.

Do not use an invalid email account. Make sure your first name and last name are correct without any special rules.

2. Bay View Campground

Bay View Campground

Right over the Cape Cod Canal, Bay View Campground is a perfect campsite that offers quick access to beaches with highly appealing appearance, fishing, dining options, retail establishments, and ferry services to Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard.

We provide two playgrounds, three recently remodeled pools, Wi-Fi, a game room, tennis, basketball, and volleyball courts, as well as entertainment and scheduled lots of activities.

Pets? Bay View is a great place that allows pets in the rustic cabins. Pets are welcome at Bay View, which also features clean, modern superior facilities, an outdoor dining area, a laundry facility on-site, a grocery and camping supply store, full-point movie rentals, and a local tourist information center.

Our RV Resort & Campground in Bourne, Massachusetts, surpasses any camping area in Massachusetts with an array of fantastic amenities. Come experience the amusement, activities, setting, and fun that Bay View Campground has to offer.

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Our RV Resort offers so much to do that you might find it difficult to leave! There are shops, rec hall, a tennis court, basketball courts, an arcade area, swimming pools, and even an ice cream shop to quench your summertime thirst and keep you cool.

Take part in our scheduled activities, watch one of the newest movies and live entertainment, and dance to some of the greatest live performances by skilled performers in the Cape Cod area.

These extra features set our resort apart from other Cape Cod campgrounds. Before you leave, be sure to give them least of three-number rating in the ratings categories of their official site.

3. Scusset Beach State Park Campground

Scusset Beach State Park Campground

Southeast Massachusetts's Scusset Beach is situated on the east bank of the 17.4-mile-long Cape Cod Canal. Due to its proximity to both historic Plymouth and Cape Cod, this campsite is a favorite with RV campers.

Everyone may find something to enjoy in the park, including the historic Sagamore Hill, the picturesque picnic area, the sandy coastal beach, and fishing options.

In the summer, there are a variety of activities to enjoy, such as swimming, saltwater fishing (license required), picnicking, camping, walking, running, cycling, bird watching, ship watching, geocaching, and ecological interpretation programs.

In addition to five tent-only sites and a safari field, Scusset Beach offers 98 RV-ONLY sites with electric full hookups with 20/30/50 amp service and water (water not available October through March).

The safari field is designed for RV clubs and features a minimum of 20 self-contained RV units and a maximum of 75 units. Using the safari field requires making reservations in advance.

Every RV spot from the entrance area comes with a picnic table. An RV or pop-up is required at RV sites. These locations aren't just for camping with tents. On the RV sites, no form of fire is allowed. A communal fire pit is enjoyed by a lot of people.

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Tent sites are the only places to find individual fire rings. Fire pits made of portable propane and woods hole are allowed.

There is no access to the comfort station. For independent accessible camping, there are a number of accessible RV sites with digital door lock available.

Make sure to stop by the following other DCR properties while you're in the area: Ellisville State Park, Shawme Crowell State Forest, Myles Standish State Forest, Pilgrim Memorial State Park, Forefathers Monument, and Myles Standish Monument, to mention a few.

We offer 3 newly renovated pools, 2 playgrounds, Wi-Fi, game room, volleyball, basketball and tennis courts, planned activities and entertainment.

Bay View is pet friendly and has modern and clean well-appointed restrooms, an outdoor restaurant, on-site laundry, a grocery and camping supply store, movie rentals, and a local tourist information center.

With an abundance of great amenities at our RV Resort & Campground in Bourne on Cape Cod, our park rivals any camping facility in Massachusetts. Come enjoy the fun, entertainment, location, and activities that Bay View Campground has to offer.

There is so much to do within our RV Resort; you may find you won’t want to leave! Swimming pools with really amazing exterior appearance, an arcade room, shops, a tennis court, and even an ice cream parlor to satisfy your sweet tooth and cool you down on those warm summer nights.

Enjoy recently released movies, join in with our planned activities, and listen to and dance to some of the best live, professional entertainment in the Cape Cod region. These added amenities distinguish our resort from other campgrounds on Cape Cod.

4. Scusset Beach State Park Campground

Scusset Beach State Park Campground

Scusset Beach is located in southeastern Massachusetts on the east side of 17.4 mile long Cape Cod Canal. With its close proximity to Cape Cod and historic Plymouth, this campground is a popular destination for RV campers.

Within the park the sandy ocean beach, scenic picnic area, fishing opportunities and historic Sagamore Hill offers something for everyone.

Activities include swimming, saltwater fishing (license required), picnicking, camping, walking, running, bicycling, bird watching, ship watching, geo-caching, and interpretive nature programs in the summer season.

Scusset Beach offers 98 RV-ONLY sites that include water (water not available October through March) and electric hookups with 20/30/50 amp service, as well as five tent-only sites and a safari field.

The safari field has a minimum of 20 self-contained RV units, with a maximum of 75 units, and is intended for RV clubs. Advance reservations are required to use the safari field.

Each RV site is equipped with a picnic table. RV sites require an RV or pop-up. These sites are not for tents only, for camping. Fires of any kind are not permitted on the RV sites. There is a community fire pit that many folks enjoy.

Individual fire rings are only available at tent sites. Portable propane fire pits are permitted. The comfort station is not accessible. However, several accessible RV sites are offered for self-contained accessible camping.

While in the area, be sure to visit other nearby DCR properties: Shawme Crowell State Forest, Myles Standish State Forest, Pilgrim Memorial State Park, Forefathers Monument, Ellisville State Park, and Myles Standish Monument, to name a few.

One might want to ask, is there any form of wifi? Well, visit them and register for a free user account, you will know more when you get there.

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