Lake Almanor Campgrounds

Best Lake Almanor Campgrounds in Lassen National Forest

Jan 11, 2024

Lake Almanor is gorgeous, but how awesome it is depends on where you camp. You can camp there in different ways, from basic tents to full RV hook-ups. Camping at Lake Almanor in Northern California is like discovering a hidden gem, whether you're in a tent or an RV.

It's one of the state's top ten largest lakes, wrapped in a beautiful, green forest. Whether you live nearby or you're visiting, it's a great place to relax and enjoy. We've gathered the top favorite Lake Almanor camping tips to help you plan your next trip in the area.

This guide has everything you need for Lake Almanor camping. It's sorted, so you'll definitely find a perfect spot, no matter how you like to camp!

Lake Almanor Campgrounds

Lake Almanor

The Lake Almanor Basin is up in the northeast part of California, about 3 hours north of Sacramento. It came to be when they built the Canyon Dam on top of the North Fork Feather River. That happened back in 1914 and caused a big flood over the community there.

Some parts of the town are still underwater, and bits of the original village got moved to Prattville, where people live now. The new dam, which got finished in 1927 by the Great Western Power company, is what made Lake Almanor. Its name comes from the Vice President's three daughters at the time: Alice, Martha, and Eleanor. So, they took a bit from each name to make Al-ma-nor.

Now, Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) owns the lake, and they use it to make hydroelectricity. It's right in the Lassen National Forest, with the famous Lassen Peak volcano as its cool backdrop. This big lake is 13 miles long and 6 miles wide, giving lots of space for folks who love the water.

It's the largest lake in the county, with 52 square miles to fish, swim, and boat around. Even in the busiest summer days, it never feels too crowded no matter where you go on the lake.

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Lake Almanor Tents and RV Campgrounds

Around the Lassen National Forest and Caribou Wilderness area, you've got more than 300 places to camp. So, there's no lack of campgrounds and RV parks near Lake Almanor. Our top pick available campsites? We love the RV resorts that offer full hookups and the chance for a view of the water.

1. Almanor Campground and Group Camp

Almanor Campground and Group Camp

Almanor Campground is a sizable, family-friendly venue suitable for both solo travelers and big gatherings. It gives easy access to the stunning Lake Almanor as well as a range of nearby leisure options. At 4,540 feet, the campground is situated on Lake Almanor's western shore.

There's a beautiful mixed conifer forest all around. The campground is divided into areas with grassy meadows that frequently have wildflowers and areas that are shaded. There are many of chances for sailing, swimming, water skiing, and boating on the 28,000-acre lake.

There is a boat ramp at the north campground. There is some sand on the nearby shore, but it is primarily stony. Fishing is a common activity in the lake and the neighboring streams. There are several single-family campsites available at the campground in addition to a group site. Both tent and RV camping are permitted, however, connections are not offered. 

There is a first-come, first-served policy for many places. Every campsite has a grill and a table for a campfire. Water for drinking and vault toilets that are accessible are provided. The campground has a limited amount of parking. The California town of Chester is 12 miles away from the campground.

Find this place on Highway 89, just 7 miles south of Highway 36. You can book a spot by calling 877-444-6777. For big groups, ring up (530) 258-2141. It's taken care of by Lassen National Forest, offering 105 sites at $18 per night, except for the large Group Camp Site, which can have up to 100 people and costs $100 per night.

2. Alder Creek Campground

Alder Creek Campground

This campground is like the perfect hideaway. It sits by Alder Creek in Tahoe Donner and has spots for tents and RVs. You get nice stuff like flush toilets, laundry, hot showers, and RV spots with power and water. And there's fun stuff to do like volleyball, ping pong, horseshoes, and more. They even have free WiFi if you want to stay connected.

Where it is matters. You can easily get to the Emigrant Trail and Tahoe Donner's trails for exploring the Sierra Nevada wilderness. Whether you want a chill break or a big adventure in the High Sierra, Tahoe Donner Campground is for everyone!

You can bring one dog with the daily site rate. Check their rates page for more dog info. And just so you know, restrooms and laundry are only for people staying at the campground. There are 6 sites at this spot.

You can find it on Hwy 32 along Deer Creek, forest road 27n42, at 40°12’33.4″N, 121°29’48.1″W. It's about 19 miles from Almanor Lake. It's run by Lassen National Forest, and it costs $10 per night. They've got restrooms, tables, fire rings, cooking grills, and stream water. But remember, there's no piped-in drinking water.

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3. Battle Creek Campgrounds

Battle Creek Campgrounds

Battle Creek Campground is in Lassen National Forest near Highway 36, about 40 miles east of Red Bluff. If you're coming from the small town of Mineral, it's just 2 miles east, and the south entrance to Lassen Volcanic National Park is only 12 miles north.

There are 50 campsites at Battle Creek that can fit RVs, trailers, and tents. You don't need a reservation; it's first-come, first-served. People at Battle Creek Campground can go fishing in Battle Creek and explore cool spots in Lassen Volcanic National Park to the north.

Here are some things to do:

  • Fish in Battle Creek.
  • Take a drive north to explore Lassen Volcanic National Park, stopping at places like Sulfur Works, Bumpass Hell Overlook, Devastated Area, and Chaos Crags.
  • Hike 5 miles to the top of Lassen Peak.
  • Join Ranger-led Programs in the park, like nature walks, campfire programs, Starry Night ranger-led programs, astronomy programs, and snowshoe hikes.
  • Visit Loomis Museum, which has old pictures of Lassen's last eruption.
  • Check out Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center with cool exhibits about the park's volcanic activity. They even have a cafe and a gift shop.
  • Explore Subway Cave just north of the park. It's a short cave, less than half a mile, showing you the underground world of a lava tube. Don't forget your flashlight!

4. Benner Creek Campground

Benner Creek Campground

In California, there's a cool camping spot called Benner Creek. It's a peaceful and pretty place to camp. They've got nice stuff like clean bathrooms, showers, picnic tables, and fire rings for cooking or making a campfire. Plus, you can easily get drinking water around the camp.

You can book a spot at Benner Creek beforehand, especially if you're going when lots of people do. Summers and early fall are the best times to visit because it's warm for outdoor fun. But keep in mind, it gets busy on weekends and holidays, so it's smart to plan ahead.

There are 9 spots at this place. It's on Juniper Lake Road via Highway 36, at 40°23’44.1″N, 121°16’04.7″W. It's about 11 miles away from Almanor Lake and looked after by Lassen National Forest. The price isn't mentioned. You get restrooms, tables, fire rings, and cooking grills. But, there's only stream water, so no drinking water there.

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5. Pioneer RV Park

Pioneer RV Park

If you're on the hunt for the best RV spot in Northern California, check out Pioneer RV Park! It's smack dab in the gorgeous Sierra Nevada mountains, chillin' in the historic town of Quincy. This place is a year-round vibe, making it your perfect HQ for all kinds of activities.

They got a mix of campsites, from regular to those extra-long ones for the big rigs. Full hook-ups and pull-through spaces with both 30 and 50 amp electric service? You know it. And here's the bonus – free Wi-Fi all over the park. The bathrooms, showers, and laundry room? Spotless.

Need propane or some RV supplies? No stress, they got that covered right on-site. So, throw your RV into Pioneer RV Park and soak up all the mountain vibes and local goodness!


  • General Store
  • Tent sites
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Community Showers
  • Big Rig Friendly
  • Water Hookups
  • Propane Refilling Station
  • Community Restrooms
  • Dump Station
  • Cable Hookups
  • Sewer Hookups
  • Pet Friendly
  • Slide Outs
  • WiFi
  • Grocery store
  • 50 Amps
  • 20 Amps
  • 30 Amps
  • Picnic table

6. Bucks Lake Camp

Bucks Lake Camp

if you're craving a real Californian adventure, do not sleep on Bucks Lake Camp. This place is the ultimate spot for families looking to escape, with RV sites, tent spots, and a breeze to get to the lake. It's all about kicking back and exploring. It is also a direct access to the main road. You can also go for boat rentals.

Picture this: you're chilling with a killer view, maybe trying your luck at fishing, taking a dip in the clear water – you name it. It's the kind of place where you can ditch the daily grind and just soak up the vibes of the High Sierras. Lock in your spot now for a sweet, rustic getaway!


  • General Store
  • Shower
  • Waterfront
  • WiFi
  • Electric company

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7. Juniper Lake - Group Sites

Juniper Lake - Group Sites

Alright, so we're talking about Juniper Lake Group Campground, a site with a picnic area, rest area, and tent camping posted up at a cool 6,800 feet in the southeastern slice of Lassen Volcanic National Park. It's a bit out there, keeping it real remote and rustic. Right on the east side of Juniper Lake – a hot spot for swimming – and you get a killer view of Lassen Peak, the big boss volcano in the park, standing tall at 10,457 feet.

Now, for the fun stuff – you got the main trailheads for Horseshoe Lake, Snag Lake, and the park's interior right in the mix. And peep this, the Mount Harkness Trail takes you up to a historic fire tower that's still in action. Juniper Lake is the spot for canoeing, kayaking, and a solid swim, but keep it old school – no motorized boats allowed.

Here's the lowdown on the digs: it's all tents, baby, with two group sites. Don't be expecting a water hookup, though. And just a heads up, it's part of Juniper Lake Campground, and it's first-come, first-served. Getting there is a bit of an adventure too – a 13-mile road, seven of it gravel and the next six kinda paved, gets you in the zone. So, if you're up for the journey, Juniper Lake Group Campground is waiting for you!

8. Mill Creek Resort

Mill Creek Resort

Okay, if you are on the hunt for a mountain resort off the beaten path, Mill Creek Resort is your spot. We're posted up in the historic 1930s Mill Creek Lodge, just a quick 20-minute ride from the southwest passage of Lassen Volcanic National Park. We're like the ultimate starting point for your next mountain escapade.

Check this out – we got vintage cabins up for grabs and roomy wooded campsites. It's the perfect setup for all you adventure-seekers, whether you are coming from nearby or from way out yonder. Get ready to soak up the magic that Lassen has to offer at Mill Creek Resort!

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9. Soldier Meadows Campground

Soldier Meadows Campground

Soldier Meadows, y'all, is a campground that's got it together with 15 designated spots. Keep in mind, though, it's a max of 8 folks per site. Tucked away in this beautiful meadow close to Soldier Creek, this place is a gem, wrapped up in a majestic pine and fir forest. And guess what? They hook you up with grills and tables, making sure you're all set for a good time.

If you are into adventure and RV life, Lake Almanor Peninsula is where it is at! Tons of hikes, fun stuff to do, and sights to check out. Need a sweet campground? We got the deets on the best ones around Lake Almanor Peninsula, complete with reviews and pics from other campers like yourself. 

As you plan your journey with your whole family, don't be disturbed because there are plenty of room in the camp sites. You can also look out for a private beach, make a propane fire pit at night with large groups, or take a short walk with your partner. Let us make your camping trip one for the books!

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