Best Overlanding Tent with Roof in 2024

Best Overlanding Tent with Roof in 2024

Dec 05, 2023

When people think about Overlanding, they usually see RTTs. But not everyone likes sleeping on the roof of their car, and that's where a Ground Tent comes in handy. There are lots of cool styles, brands, and prices to choose from. Check out this selection for your next Overland adventure!

When it comes to sleeping under the stars, you've got lots of ones to choose from. You can use swags, ground tents, hammocks, or even sleep and relax inside your camp car.

Best Overlanding Tent with Roof in 2023

Now, folks in the US who love off-roading are trying a cool idea from Australia – it's called car tent camping. If you're into off-roading and want a comfy way to sleep, give a rooftop tent a shot.

It's pretty simple – a special tent that attaches to the top of your car or truck bed. Don't worry; sleeping in a car tent is safe if you pick one that matches your car's weight limit, roof type, and the kind of racking it has. In other words, most camping car tents aren't one-size-fits-all.

What is Overlanding?

Overlanding is basically what it sounds like: moving "over land" with some kind of car, like a car, like smaller SUVs, or even without a motor. Back in the day, when settlers and explorers used horse-drawn coaches, they were the first overlanders in the New World.

Overlanding is not just a big thing in the U.S.; it's worldwide. The idea started in Australia, where cattle drivers would live and travel "over land" with their animals, far from cities, for a long time.

People all over the world do overlanding, not only in the U.S. and Australia but in Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa. In the U.S., the West Coast and the Rockies really love it, but the East Coast has its fair share, too.

The top five states where overlanding is super popular are Utah, Idaho, Washington, Colorado, and Montana. People really get into it there!

What is a Rooftop Tent?

A roof tent, also a rooftop tent (RTT), is like a part you can add to the top or bed of your car. It lets you sleep up there, safe and comfy, without taking up space in the car. People started using roof tents back in the 1930s in Western Europe.

You often see roof tents on cool off-road vehicles like Land Rovers, but you can put them on any car, even a Tesla Model Y. They usually fix a car's roof rack or special bars you add later. In Italy, especially, they love putting roof tents on cars, even small ones like the Fiat Panda.

One company called Autohome in Italy says they made the first roof tents in 1958. But, you know, there are some American patents from way back in 1927, 1936, and 1956 that talk about similar ideas. Weird, right? None of those, though, seem to have become real things people could buy.

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Do Overlanders Sleep in Ground Tents?

Forget the idea that you must sleep on your car roof for overland travel. Sleeping on the ground is good and sometimes more fun. You don't have to worry about falling off a ladder when you need to go in the middle of the night.

Ground tents are cheaper, way lighter, and much smaller than rooftop tents or trailers. You can set them up in places trailers can't go due to its ease of use. They're handy for keeping a campsite while you go on short trips.

But not all ground tents are the same. With so many options, where do you start picking one?

5 Best Rooftop Tent to Buy for Next Camping Trip

You've got lots of options for snoozing under the sky. You can pick swags, ground tents, hammocks, or even crash in your car. And now, people in the US who love overlanding have taken a cool idea from Australians - car tent camping. If you dig off-roading and want an easier way to catch some Zs, give a rooftop tent a shot.

1. Roofnest — Condor Overland

Roofnest — Condor Overland

The new Condor Overland 2 is a top-notch rooftop tent for overlanding. It's super tough with a strong aluminum shell, with standing room, and we made sure to tuck the support poles so nothing gets stuck, and you're good in any climate condition.

You can carry even more with optional crossbars for your gear and six channels to fix cool off-road stuff, making your adventure uniquely yours.

We've added some cool things too: a big bag alone for your bedding, two places for a heater or A/C, 3 adjustable lights both on inside and outside, a handy gear grid with six pockets, blackout tent material, a comfy 2-inch memory foam mattress, updated windows, and tough lockable latches. Upgrade your overlanding game with the Condor Overland 2!

Guess what? The awesome Condor Overland 2 XL is a good option, that everyone's been asking for is finally here! It's just like our regular Condor Overland 2, but with even more space for you, your friends, and all your pets.

These Roofnests are designed to go on two cross bars that are at least 30 inches apart. You can use platform racks too, but they're not a must, and sometimes they make installing a bit tricky.

In some cars, the regular crossbars are too close to the roof. No issues, although – you can get aftermarket crossbars for those situations. If you're scratching your head, just hit up their sales team with questions.

Need the perfect crossbar? Check out or peek at our roof rack guide for the lowdown. Just make sure your crossbars can handle the weight of the tent by itself.

They've got a rating for when you're cruising on the highway, but when you're parked, they can handle 5-7 times that weight.

Most cars and crossbars today are cool with the weight of a Roofnest and your crew – don't go racing on the highway with your friends up in your Roofnest! Safety first!


  • 4 flat brackets

  • 8 M8 bolts with 8 lock nuts (you can get more at a hardware store if needed)

  • 8 aluminum mounting plates

  • 1 13mm ratcheting wrench

  • 2 latches

  • 6 metal awning poles with a handy storage bag

  • A mat that doesn't collect sand

  • An LED light strip with a USB 

  • 2 pockets that can do many things (good for shoes and messy stuff)

  • A gear grid

  • And a private tent for when you need some personal space.

2. Gazelle Tents

Gazelle Tents

Check out the T4 Hub Tent Overland Edition – it's like the super cool T4 Hub Tent, but even better than the ikamper skycamp! We've added some awesome stuff to make it top-notch. With this Overland Edition, you get a tough floor protector, upgraded All-Terrain Stakes, and a bag that keeps water away.

This tent is big on the inside, with 61 square feet of space and a height of 78 inches – that's enough room for four people to sleep comfortably, plus space for all your gear.

The T4 Overland Edition is ready to go; no assembly is required. It sets up and comes down super quick in less than 90 seconds. Get ready to take your camping experience up a notch with the T4 Hub Tent Overland Edition!

Check out this awesome Gazelle tent! It's all set for outdoor fun, camping, or picnics with four people. Comes fully packed and packaged with a rain fly, gear storage, metal ground stakes, and tie-down ropes.

Setting it up is a breeze – just 90 seconds! Plus, it's got a special floor you can remove to dust off dirt. The material is super tough, waterproof, and has a zipper.

The design is top-notch with a smaller vehicle – 6 mesh windows, 2 D-shaped doors with mesh screens, and big zippers for the best protection and comfort. Easy entry and a great view with 2 doors and 6 windows.

The shell is made of waterproof material with a UV50+ rating. And when you're done, toss it into the oversized duffle bag for easy storage.

Get ready for 61 square feet of floor space, a 78-inch height, and a size of 94 x 94 inches from side to side. When it's packed up, it's just 8 x 8 x 67.5 inches and weighs 30 pounds. Perfect for your outdoor adventures!


  • It's 78 inches tall, so you can move around easily.
  • The hub design makes putting it together super fast and easy.
  • There are six windows with tight mesh to keep bugs out.
  • Two doors shaped like the letter D, also with tight mesh screens.
  • Strong YKK zippers for durability.
  • The floor comes off, making it easy to clean up.
  • You can take off the gear area and find six gear pockets on the inside.
  • If it's rainy, no worries – there's a removable rain fly to keep you dry.
  • The tent material is 210 denier Oxford weave polyester, waterproof up to a 2000MM HH rating, and it protects from UV with a rating of 50+.
  • The floor is made of 300 denier Oxford weave fabric and waterproof up to a 5000MM HH rating

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3. Freespirit Recreation — Evolution 2

Freespirit Recreation — Evolution 2

The FSR Evolution V2 is a super cool rooftop tent that's like a top-notch option for hardshell rooftop tents. It's got a smart design, made well, and can handle all four seasons. This tent stands out in a world with many options for overlanders. Check out our full review to know more!

Evolution V2 Long

Guess what's here for 2023? The Evolution V2L (Long Series) Rooftop Tent got a cool new look and lots of upgrades.

At Freespirit Recreation, we love hearing from you, and your ideas really made the Evolution V2 even better! Let's check out your request and how the FSR team made it happen.

Evolution V2 Short

Now, there's something exciting – the Evolution V2S! We've given it a whole new inside look, and it's got everything you need and more.

Wondering why we made a shorter version? Well, the V2S is just right for truck beds that are 78 inches, fit under cab height, rock on shorter SUV roofs, and fit like a charm on midsize hatchback crossovers.

With enough space for folks under 6ft tall, we think the V2S fills a gap in the hardshell rooftop tent world. We always listen to you, and your feedback really made the V2S the best Evolution yet! Let's dive into what you wanted and what your FSR team made happen.

Exterior Tent: 

  • The first cool thing about the V2 upgrade is its new material – it's in an octagon shape with matte black fabric that looks awesome.
  • Plus, there's a shiny FSR emblem on the back door.
  • Now, there are two ways to get into your Evolution and enjoy the views. There are full-length doors for chilly nights and see-through doors for amazing views.
  • The doors got even better – now they zip up super smooth without any form of hassle.
  • Customers asked for bigger side windows and a zipper that goes all the way around. We listened, and now the zippers work like a charm.
  • The outside of the tent looks slick, too – it's all black with new black parts. The top has a cool design that says Freespirit Recreation.
  • Even under, the tent is upgraded. It's light, but now it has new black features and a low-profile mounting rail.
  • And guess what? Opening and closing the tent is super easy with the new and improved gas struts.


  • Closed Size: 9.75 inches tall, 60 inches wide, 79 inches long
  • Open Size: 47 inches tall, 60 inches wide, 79 inches long
  • Inside Height: 39 inches
  • Rails for Mounting (spacing): 30.5 inches center to center, 23.5 inches for the second holes
  • Rails Length: 66 inches, starting 6.5 inches from the tent edge
  • Rails Width: 1.8 inches
  • Inside Size: 54 inches wide, 74 inches long
  • Front Door: 41 inches wide, 38 inches high
  • Back Door: 41 inches wide, 38 inches high


  • Dump Pocket: 10 inches wide, 7 inches high
  • Upper Pocket: 15 inches wide, 7 inches high
  • Cargo Net Pocket: 24 inches wide, 15 inches high (triangle)


  • Deflated Size: 2 inches high, 52 inches wide, 67 inches long
  • Inflated Size: 3 inches high, 52 inches wide, 73 inches long

Other Details:

  • Room for Gear: 3 inches with the mattress deflated
  • Side Channels Length: 70 inches long, 2.5 inches wide
  • Center Channel Size: 1 inch wide, 0.47 inches deep, 0.32 inches thick
  • Weight: 164 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 750 lbs
  • Material: 3 layers of 150D Poly-Oxford with 90g/M2 Poly-fil
  • Bracket Size: 1.2 inches wide, 7 inches long, 0.75 inches deep (fits up to 3-inch bar)
  • Bolt Length: M8 - 1.25mm, 2 inches long
  • Closed Carrying Capacity: 225 lbs
  • Open Carrying Capacity: Not mentioned
  • Gas Strut Rating: 380N
  • Open Ladder Height: 97.5 inches
  • Collapsed Ladder Height: 30 inches
  • Ladder Width: 19 inches

Mattress Dimensions:

  • Manual Deflated: 2 minutes, 52 inches wide, 69 inches long, 1.75 inches thick
  • Manual Inflated: 2.5 minutes, 52.5 inches wide, 71 inches long, 2.75 inches thick
  • Air Pump Deflated: 1.30 seconds, 52 inches wide, 69 inches long, 1.5 inches thick
  • Air Pump Inflated: 30 seconds, 53 inches wide, 71.5 inches long, 3 inches thick

4. G6 6-Sided Portable Gazebo & Wind Panel Combo

G6 6-Sided Portable Gazebo & Wind Panel Combo

This cool outdoor tent is made to handle the wind and bad weather. It has a special wind panel above the front door that also works as a cover for the patio. It's big enough for eight people and a table.

Arrangement is super quick and easy because of its pop-up design – great for parties or picnics. The windows on both sides and the wind panels have strong zippers from YKK, and there's a big door for easy entry. The tent's walls have mesh to keep out even the tiniest bugs.

It's made with tough materials like 210 denier Oxford weave polyester, and the roof is waterproof, so you stay dry even if it's raining. The tent is over 7 feet tall at the center, giving you plenty of room.

Plus, it comes with sturdy stakes, ropes, and a big bag for easy storage. When it's set up, it's 124 inches long, 124 inches wide, and 86 inches tall.

Enjoy the outdoors with our G6 Hexagonal Instant Shelter! It's super easy to set up and take down in less than a minute, thanks to its smart design. No more struggling with assembling parts – it pops up quickly.

This shelter is great for groups, fitting up to eight people and a table. Make it even cozier and private with the three wind defense panels included. Just attach them easily to the shelter, and they stay put with strong hook and loop fasteners. Nature and comfort, all in one!


  • Fits eight people and has a table
  • Easy and quick to set up with a hub design
  • Light and easy to carry around
  • Stands over 7 feet tall in the middle
  • Walls have tight mesh to keep out tiny bugs
  • Waterproof material with UV protection
  • Flaps add extra protection from moisture
  • Strong material at the corner joints for durability
  • Comes with sturdy stakes and guy lines for any terrain
  • Conveniently stored in a big duffle bag
  • Optional footprint available for all six sides

5. Big Agnes Mint Saloon

Big Agnes Mint Saloon

This cool tent if of high quality, shaped like a yurt, is just what you need for festivals, car camping, or setting up a home base. It stands out and everyone knows it's the spot to be.

Chill out with lots of space in this tent that has one wall, peaked vents, and big windows on the sides for fresh air. You can relax in inclement weather while looking out of the large back window or the wide front part that can be set up for shade or closed up tight for full protection from the weather.

Regular tents won't cut it for a whole week of music, dancing, and fun. The Big Agnes Mint Saloon Tent is the solution for eight campers who want a party! It's not just a tent; it's like a mini saloon where you can chill, grab a drink, and hang out with fellow campers.

The tent keeps you dry in rainy weather, and the vents and big windows make it breezy on warmer days. If you're at a festival and feeling good vibes, just look for the yellow tent behind the trees – that's the spot to be!


  • It's like a unique yurt-style tent, perfect for festivals, car camping, or setting up a base camp.
  • The tent has one big wall and a super-sized front part that can be opened for shade or closed up for full protection.
  • There's a big window at the back that you can open and close with a zipper.
  • To keep things breezy inside, there are vents at the top and large windows on the sides.
  • Plus, it has four openings up top.
  • Setting it up is a breeze, too! It comes ready with lines and tensioners all set, and it's reflective too.
  • Inside, there are loops to attach extra stuff.
  • The tent is made of tough polyester with a waterproof coating, and all the seams are taped up to keep you dry.
  • It stands strong with an aluminum pole system and comes with 15 light and sturdy stakes.
  • You can even hook up a gear loft inside!
  • There are extra add-ons, like a mesh door and a footprint you can get separately.
  • And the best part? It all packs up into a backpack-style bag for easy carrying.

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Why Buy Roof Top Tents?

Rooftop tents are super cool for a bunch of reasons! First off, these best ground tents make your outdoor trips special. No matter the weather, these tents are tough and last longer than regular ones on the ground. Plus, you can take them to tricky places where big RVs can't go.

Now, let's talk about the view. Sleeping up high means you get a perfect look at the beautiful scenery outside. Some rooftop tents even have panels in the roof so that you can look at the stars before bedtime.

The arrangement is a breeze! No need for tons of poles and sticking them in the ground like regular tents. Just unfold the rooftop tent, and you're good to go. That means more time exploring and less time messing with your camp.

And guess what? Most rooftop tents have comfy mattresses built-in, way better than those air mattresses, especially the ones that go flat!

The bed remains in the tent, so you can hop in when you open it up. Plus, the tent's flat floor means no more rocks jabbing your back at night. How cool is that?

How Does a Rooftop Tent Work?

It's easy! First, fix the tent to your car's roof or bed before you start driving. Different rooftop tents have different ways to do this, but here's the basic process:

  • Put the tent on your car's rack and slide it into place.
  • Use the included tools to fix the tent onto the roof rack.
  • When you get to where you're going, open up or unfold the tent to set it up.
  • When it's time to leave, fold everything back into the sack and get back on the road.

Benefits of Rooftop Tents

People have been camping in tents forever, like since way back in 40,000 BC! But here's a cool thing called a rooftop tent, and it's not that old – just from the middle of the 1900s.

Even though it's been around for more than 50 years, lots of people haven't seen or tried one while camping. Now, here are 7 good reasons why you will want to think about using a rooftop tent for your next camping adventure.

1. Quick and Easy to Set up and Fold

Putting up a rooftop tent is a breeze, even in high winds, it takes only 60 seconds to 5-10 minutes, depending on how it's made.

Folding it back takes a bit longer but is still faster than regular tents since there are no stakes and ropes. The cool part? It stays in the car, ready for the next camping spot.

2. Saves Space in Your Ride

Tents and mattresses are usually the big stuff when overlanding. The best rooftop tents sit on your car roof, sharing space with your mattress and other comfy stuff. That leaves more room in your car for important camping gear.

3. Camp Anywhere, Anytime

Having a rooftop tent means you can camp anywhere your car can go, if it's safe and legal. No need to worry about bumpy ground or bad weather. Forget about sticks poking your air mattress or freezing on a cold night – you're above it all.

4. Super Comfy too!

Sleeping in a car top tent might be weird at first, but after a few nights, you'll love it. High-density mattress, real blankets, and away from bugs – what's not to like? They stay warmer and keep you off the ground, giving you peace of mind from big, scary animals.

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