Best Black Out Tent for Camping

Best Black Out Tent for Camping - Top Picks 2024

Sep 14, 2023

At some point in our lives, we have gone camping in the wilderness and found it hard to sleep outdoors. probably you experienced same.

Sometimes , it could be a storm late at night that kept you up, or you are just thinking about how to get by in life. Regardless of your reasons, the best blackout tents are designed to keep your sleeping space as comfy and dark as possible so you can get the rest you need.

A blackout tent offers far more than an ordinary tent. You can comfortably take your morning nap without being concerned about by the rays from the sun.

Since none of us like to have our sleep interrupted, we've put together our top picks for the best blackout tents to help you enjoy your next adventure.

1. Ozark Trail 6-Person Dark Rest Cabin

Ozark Trail 6-Person Dark Rest Cabin

The Ozark Trail is a spacious cabin tent that can enter six people comfortably. It is one of the few non-Coleman blackout tents available.

Its darkroom technology does an excellent job of concealing sunlight so you can  have a comfortable sleep and enjoy the breeze away from the hot sun. There is a simple method, though, if you wish to make the tent's interior more beautiful .

Although it doesn't have any fancy pre-attached poles, it's simple to set up in about 10 minutes if you know what you're doing. Because the poles are constructed of steel as well, durability shouldn't be an issue. Just be aware that if you're alone and find it difficult to lift 20 pounds, the weight may be an issue.


  • Stands firm even during strong winds
  • Excellent ventilation
  • An electrical outlet


  • No enough space

2. Bushnell Shield Series 9-Person

Bushnell Shield Series 9-Person

The Bushnell Shield uses a special silver coating on the interior of the rainfly to reflect the sun's rays away from the tent, keeping it dark and cool. 

This strategy has a few benefits. First off, the Shield's metallic fabric isn't prone to damage over time, unlike the thin black coatings found inside other blackout tents. Second, the Shield is a little bit cooler than other blackout dome tents. This is because the sun's rays are being reflected rather than absorbed.

The Shield's roomy and adaptable interior is another reason we love it. The Shield has a huge floor plan, towering height ceilings, and a room divider.

However, since it doesn't need to use  dark panels to stay cool, it also has a lot of mesh windows and ceilings. This gives campers the option of a light and airy shelter when they want it or a dark and warm sleeping area when they do not.

Although the Bushnell Shield has been a well-built and dependable tent, few customers have complained about some quality control difficulties over the years. One is that Shield's assortment of poles and hinges, like most fast cabin tent, results makes it very big and heavy when it is packed away for storage or transportation.


  • Durable
  • Good for high winds
  • Quick setup process 
  • The inside is cooler than other black panel designs


  • Heavy
  • Minor quality control flaws 
  • Both doors are on the same side of the tent

3. Quechua Waterproof Pop Up Dark Tent

Quechua Waterproof Pop Up Dark Tent

This free-standing tent is very easy to simple, even though you just started camping newly. It gets into its shape immediately after being removed from the case. So, you could use it without pegs or ropes when there is no wind.

Because it doesn't absorb more heat, the light gray tint ensures that everything stay cool inside. The flysheet, which has two extended side panels that are fastened to the ground, also helps to reduce the heat. This allows air to circulate within more easily.

Also, the tent has a beautiful living space where you can put your bags or shoes. The rainfly entirely closes for total seclusion or to keep all the heat in during cold weather.

The waterproof materials ensure that there won't be any interior water leaks. This tent was tested in 200 mm per hour of rain, which shows its resistance to harsh weather. This tent has an UPF 50+ protection on the fabric keeps you safe during the hot, sunny months.


  • Resistant to strong winds
  • Enough living Space


  • It can get really hot sometimes
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    4. Coleman Rocky Mountain 5 Plus Family Tent

    Coleman Rocky Mountain 5 Plus Family Tent

    With a distinctive layout, the Coleman Rocky Mountain tent sets itself apart from the competition. While the main living area is spacious and filled with light, the separate bedroom section is dark because of its BlackOut Bedroom technology.

    This layout enables you to take advantage of the daylight during the day and retreat to a dimly lit space at night for a restful night's sleep. A staggering 99% of sunlight is successfully blocked from entering the sleeping space, allowing you to rest comfortably at any time of day.

    The back bedroom area of the tent can be clipped in and out, and it is completely covered in black paneling for a nearly pitch-dark sleeping environment. By adding a second layer of black cloth to the tent's back, Coleman increases the amount of darkness and creates a double-wall effect in the sleeping areas that reduces humidity. 

    The Coleman Rocky Mountain 5 Plus Family Tent stands out for many reasons than only the bedroom's ability to be completely dark. Because of its construction, the peak height is 6 feet 2 inches, which enables most people to stand straight.

    This tent is a great option for families or a small group of friends because it accommodates five people and has roomy living and sleeping rooms.

    The Rocky Mountain tent also holds up well in terms of weather resistance. It provides exceptional water resistance thanks to a high hydrostatic head rating, and a completely taped rainfly.

    You'll have a great tent that is equipped to withstand the weather when you combine that with the strong, wind-stable tunnel design.

    However, the Rocky Mountain's four major windows are vinyl rather than mesh, which limits airflow to the huge mesh front entrance and a smaller mesh window at the back of the tent.

    The living area's floor has a series of covered vents that Coleman has added, but the Rocky Mountain still gets stuffy if you have to zip it up for rain.


    • Daylight is blocked by its darkroom technology in the sleeping area.
    • Tall peak height
    • Good water resistance capacity because of its high hydrostatic head rating


    • Very Expensive
    • Little ventilation

    5. Crua Combo Maxx 3-Person Tent

    Crua Combo Maxx 3-Person Tent

    The way this tent is constructed allows you to enjoy blackout features while maintaining flexibility with the Crua Combo Maxx tent.

    For any camping that involves some walking to get to the campsite, you'll need to buy a brand-new, non-blackout tent because one of the problems with many blackout tents is that they are ‌heavier. Crua has developed a double-tent to address this problem .

    On the outside, it is a high-quality tent that allows light to enter. But its interior space has the features of  Crua Culla. But, you must fill up the padding of this tent with air. Apart from having blackout qualities, the Culla's fabric also has temperature-control which makes it superior to most blackout tents.

    So, this means that this tent should keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  If you're a light sleeper, this tent is made to assist you get as much rest as possible before heading out on your next excursion.


    • Blackout components
    • Insulated materials for controlling temperature in both cold and hot environments.
    • Noise reduction to improve your ability to sleep at night
    • two-year warranty


    • Very expensive

    6. Geertop 4 Person Darkroom Tent

    Geertop 4 Person Darkroom Tent

    Just because you want to get a good night's sleep on your upcoming camping trip doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune on it. Thankfully, this Geertop model is an affordable blackout tent. Even though you're spending less than the Quechua tent, the blackout rating is just about 88 or 89 percent.

    Despite having a rather large interior, you can set up the entire tent, including the rain fly in less than 10 minutes. Also, there is more than enough space for everyone's sleeping bags, luggage and other camping equipment. 


    • Easy setup
    • Very affordable
    • Built-in electrical outlet


    • Not durable
    • When there is a lot of rain, it can leak water.

    7. Coleman Skydome Camping Tent with Dark Room Technology

    Coleman Skydome Camping Tent with Dark Room Technology

    One of Coleman's most well-known and most loved tent is the Skydome: It's a traditional four-person dome tent with the extra benefit of nearly vertical walls for more elbow room. 

    Because it has all the same characteristics as the ordinary tent (including the incredibly low price), the Skydome Darkroom version is an excellent choice if you are on a budget. It also uses Coleman's well-known Darkroom technology for an interior that can be made darker and cooler on demand. 

    This contains plenty of storage compartments, including a gear loft, pre-attached poles at each corner for quick and simple erection, enough for a queen-sized mattress, and more space for storing additional gear or a bed for your pet.

    There'a just so much to love about the Skydome's double-wall construction, which divides the blackout function between the tent canopy and rainfly to maintain inside darkness without obstructing airflow.

    This is unlike some of Coleman's other blackout tents. The Skydome Darkroom's primary flaw, like with many low-cost tents, is that the least durable materials were used while constructing it.

    You should be careful when pitching and moving the Skydome because the poles are fiberglass, the stakes are thin, and the blackout treatment is sprayed on.

    Otherwise, you risk harming anything or wearing the unique blackout coating off. We should also add that, for your own piece of mind, we strongly advise applying a few bottles of seam sealer to the untaped seams of your Skydome if you intend to use it when there's heavy rain. 


    • The room is dark and inviting
    • Easy setup
    • Enough living space for a queen-sized bed and luggage


    • Cannot resist high winds and heavy rain

    8. Coleman Oak Canyon 4-Person Blackout Tent

    Coleman Oak Canyon 4-Person Blackout Tent

    Coleman is one of the top tent manufacturers. This company has lots of good blackout tents and this shows the brand's dedication to quality. The Oak canyon design technically qualifies as a dark rest tent because it has an exterior chamber without windows and a bedroom with blackout curtains.

    To prevent much light inside, you can completely shut the outer chamber. You must place your bag or mattress in the inner bedroom if you really want to sleep in the dark.

    This multi-room tent has the benefit of allowing you to use the second room for daytime activities. If the bugs are out, for instance, young children can play and enjoy the outdoors without risking being eaten alive.


    • Durable
    • Has several rooms
    • Most sunlight rays  are blocked by ultra-dark materials.
    • Enough living space for four campers


    • The inner bedroom blocks sunlight more than the outer room does.
    • Difficult to setup if you're a novice camper

    9. Coleman Carlsbad Tent With Screen Room

    Coleman Carlsbad Tent With Screen Room

    The Coleman Carlsbad Dark Room Tent is the best option if you want the advantages of a dark room tent with the comfort of larger size. This outstanding tent is on our list because of its roomy, bug-free sitting space.

    The screened porch of the Carlsbad Dark Room Tent is its most notable feature. You may enjoy a panoramic view of your camping surroundings from this expanded area without having to worry about mosquitoes and other pests.

    It's the ideal place to unwind, have a meal, read a book, or simply converse with your fellow campers while being protected from the weather and wildlife.

    But there's more to this privacy tent than just extra room. The Carlsbad model has Dar Room fabric, which is exclusive to Coleman tents. Whether you want to sleep in or take an afternoon nap, this feature keeps your sleeping space dark and comfortable by blocking most rays from the sun.

    Even on warm, sunny days, the blackout technology makes camping more comfortable by reducing heat inside the tent.

    The Coleman Carlsbad Dark Room Tent has a roomy design but doesn't skimp on durability. The WeatherTec system with innovative welded floors and inverted seams will keep you dry even when the weather worsens thanks to its robust frame's ability to endure winds of 35+ mph.

    Also, this tent's structure is made to be simple to erect, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your trip and less time fumbling with poles. It has an extended window awning that enables you to keep the windows open in the rain for better airflow.

    Overall, the Carlsbad tent provides an exceptional value while combining comfort, room, and convenience. Not only is it a fantastic bargain for your money, but it also has hundreds of reviews and a stellar rating on Amazon and other e-commerce sites.


    • Bug-free relaxation
    • Most of the sunlight is blocked by Dark Room technology
    • Strong frame can resist winds of 35+ mph.
    • Weather Resistant


    • Short peak height
    • The screen room is not waterproof

    10. Coleman Dark Room Instant Cabin Tent

    Coleman Dark Room Instant Cabin Tent

    Setting up your tent fast is necessary when you're ready to start your camping vacation. People love the Coleman DarkRoom Instant Cabin Tent because of this.

    The quick setup time of this blackout tent is what makes it stands out. You can immediately begin enjoying the wilderness by unfolding the tent, extending all the poles, and securing it to the ground.

    However, the instant cabin tent isn't just about how quickly it can be set up. It provides a wonderful darkroom experience. This tent uses Blackout Technology to block out  most sunlight rays and lower interior temperatures. Whether you want to stay in and sleep or escape the midday sun, this feature offers a cool, cozy interior.

    For larger parties or families, the Coleman DarkRoom Instant Cabin Tent's wide space for up to 10 people is a huge plus. Its generous 6' 7" height also enables most individuals to stand erect within the tent. Even better, you are even able to move about freely without fear of bumping into the ceiling mesh.

    This is a home away from home, not just a place to sleep.

    Here, convenience has not come at the expense of durability. Longevity is assured by the tent's durable Polyguard 2X double-thick fabric, and the WeatherTec system, which includes an exclusive welded bathtub bottom and inverted seams.


    • Easy setup in just 60 seconds
    • 4 queen-sized air mattresses can fit
    • Tall peak height
    • The Darkroom technology keeps the interior of the tent cool and dark.


    • Cannot resist strong winds
    • Quite expensive

    11. Ozark Trail 10-Person Instant Cabin Tent

    Ozark Trail 10-Person Instant Cabin Tent

    This is another "dark rest" tent with many compartments, at least one which has a blackout system to block out the sun. Given that this tent can accommodate ten people, adding more chambers is perfect for providing some seclusion when everyone is inside.

    Also, this tent has two sunroof holes. Although the rain can still enter the tent through these gaps, they do little to stop it from falling.

    Although it won't necessarily leave you drenched in rain, we strongly advise you to use this tent in dry weather conditions.


    • Good ventilation
    • Most sunlight rays are blocked out
    • Easy setup
    • Built-in lamp hooks


    • The rainfly's sunroof openings allow water to pass through
    • Even with the windows and vents open, it can still get quite warm inside.
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      Factors to Consider when Choosing an Instant Blackout Camping Tent

      There are some things you should probably keep in mind when you want to buy a blackout tent for your next camping trip:

      1. Ventilation

      If the ventilation isn't enough, you'll not enjoy staying inside the tent even if you love the dark room technology. On those hot, stuffy evenings, airflow will keep you cool, but more importantly, it will stop condensation from forming.

      Your tent's roof will become moist from your breath, especially on humid evenings. Little droplets will start to develop if it keeps expanding, and if they reach a certain size, they will start to fall as rain. Ventilation is very important since it prevents you from waking up wet and angry.

      2. The Setup Process

      Most of us were raised using the conventional collapsible poles, which take a little longer to unfold, spread out, and attach to a tent's body despite being comfortable and straightforward.

      The tents with "clip-in" style canopies, which allow the main body to be simply clipped into the frame from underneath rather than run through a series of snag-prone sleeves, are the easiest to set up.

      On the other hand, instant cabin tents are unmatched in terms of simplicity. You only need to take the tent out of the bag and unfold it before you can unwind.

      The main problem with these designs is that, in spite of them being convenient, they don't last as long as conventional designs since they have more inherent points of failure (plastic hubs, hinges, etc.) than traditional tents.

      3. Water Resistance Capacity

      Unfortunately, most blackout tent designs use relatively simple fiberglass poles rather than more durable aluminum or carbon composite ones because they are constructed with an eye toward cost-friendliness rather than absolute quality. 

      Although fiberglass isn't necessarily a deal-breaker, we advise you to pay special attention to the poles' thickness. When in doubt, choose the thickest material you can.

      4. Size

      The size of a tent is important when choosing one that will last. For instance, you wouldn't want a big, hefty tent to slow you down whether you were traveling alone or with a spouse.

      On the other hand, if you have a large group of kids with you and are planning to camp, you should choose a tent that has enough space for everyone and their belongings.

      It's a good idea to purchase a tent with a bigger capacity than you require. For instance, if you want to fit four people in a tent, you need get a six-person model. You can all fit inside much more easily this way, and you won't feel as crowded at night.

      5. Durability

      If you're spending several hundred dollars on a tent, you'll want to make sure it will hold up over time. Particularly for the tent floor, the material needs to be durable.

      This part of the tent  keep it from most being rubbed against rocks, pulled through muck, and having to support the weight of you, your buddies, and all of your equipment.

      When considering durability, denier is a useful metric to use. The thicker the thread size that was used to create your goods, the greater the denier. In general, thicker materials are more durable, so you cab go for something between 100 and 150 denier.

      6. Blackout Abilities

      Most blackout tents use either reflective panels or black panels to provide the cozy, dark sleeping area you desire. Both perform the job, but before choosing one, you should weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each. 

      Reflective panels function by reflecting the sun's rays using a metallic inner layer. Apart from keeping the interior of the tent very cool on hot days, this results in a tent that is darker inside than a conventional shelter.

      However, reflective tents often aren't as dark as black panel tents, so bear that in mind if you want to stay in bed until well after morning.

      Black panels, on the other hand, use an easier technique. They add an impenetrable black covering to the interior of the tent and completely block any light from penetrating the cloth. Compared to their reflective counterparts, black layers make the room more darker for sleeping, but they also generate heat.

      Now, that  you have gone through our list of the best blackout tents, we hope you can find one that suits your preference.

      These dark room tents have insulating features that help regulate nighttime temperatures while also reducing heat generation inside the tent during the day.

      Amazing right? Why not go get one for your next camping trip!

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