Best 5 Person Tent for Camping with Good Reviews

Best 5 Person Tent for Camping with Good Reviews

Aug 30, 2023

In search of the best camping adventure? So, hold on tight as we unveil the top 5 person tents that will elevate your outdoor adventures to a whole new level!

These top-rated tents can accommodate your needs whether you're organizing a family outing or a weekend break with your small party.

Best 5 Person Tent

Imagine you and your team tucked away beneath the starry night sky, surrounded by the melody of nature. Amazing, isn't it? For those looking for an intimate yet roomy camping setting, a 5 person tent is the ideal size.

It provides just the right amount of space for everyone to spread out and unwind without feeling crowded.

What is the Best 5-Person Tent?

There are important characteristics that you should keep in mind while selecting a 5-person tent. Finding a tent that checks off all the necessary boxes is essential, from reliable construction and simple setup to weather resistance and enough ventilation.

Numerous advantages come with purchasing a premium tent that is roomy. It not only gives solace and safety in a bad weather, but it also fosters a comfortable home away from home environment.

Imagine having a restful night's sleep in your own personal haven amidst the splendor of nature and waking up feeling renewed. Let's discuss what makes these tents unique from others now.

1. Cedar Ridge Ironwood 5-Person

Cedar Ridge Ironwood 5-Person

The Ironwood 5 tent has four windows and one door, with a peak height of 7 feet 4 inches. That's a bit taller than most of the 29 other 5-person tents we looked at.

Inside has got 80 square feet of space, which is a tad smaller than some other 5-person tents. It may feel a bit snug if you're camping with 4 buddies.

This tent is good for 3-season camping, and if you love spending lots of time outside exploring, smaller tents like this one are a good pick.

Cabin tents, like the Ironwood 5, have walls that go straight up, making the interior roomy. It's got more headroom at the sides, so it feels bigger than some other tents. Cabin tents often have large floors, great for big groups.

People usually take these tents on car camping trips because they're a bit heavy. But that weight makes them better for cooler nights.


  • The tent stands on its own with strong poles made of fiberglass and steel.
  • The outer cover is made of tough 185T polyester that fights against UV damage and keeps it tight.
  • The outer cover is sealed in the factory, giving the best protection against weather.
  • The floor is like a tub and made of PE material.
  • The door has big #8 zippers for more strength.
  • There are four windows you can open with zippers for good air.
  • The outer cover buckles to the tent, and it's weatherproof for the most safety.
  • Inside is a pocket for your stuff, and they give you steel stakes and ropes to hold the tent down.
  • There's a version for five people if you need more space.



Cedar Ridge

Occupant Capacity



Camping Tent



Recommended Uses For Product

Traveling, Camping & Hiking, Car Camping

Product Dimensions

120"L x 96"W x 88"H


3 Season




Camping & Hiking, Outdoor Lifestyle

Item Weight

18.9 Pounds



  • It stands on its own. The Ironwood tent can stay on the ground without stakes most of the time. But if it's really windy, it's smart to use the stakes and ropes included to keep it solid.
  • Has a gear loft. Cedar Ridge did a good thing by adding a space in it to store your stuff.
  • Lots of windows. This tent has 4 windows, making it easier to stay cool on a hot night.
  • Breathable. Inside the Ironwood, there's a special fabric that lets air flow through, making it awesome for hot summer days.
  • Comes in different sizes. Cedar Ridge didn't just make one size; they have other options too.
  • Affordable. This 5-person cabin tent is a great tent at only $108.73. Not many tents this good cost so little.


  • Can get shaky in strong wind. The Ironwood tent may not handle strong winds very well because of its size and shape. To keep it firm, make sure to use the given lines and stakes, even if it's said to stand on its own in calm weather.
  • Not super roomy. The Ironwood 5 is a bit smaller, with 80 square feet of space, compared to some other 5-person tents we've checked out.
  • Only one door. Having just one way out will wake up others if you need to leave in the middle of the night.
  • No extra area outside. If you want to keep your stuff like shoes and backpacks safe from the weather, you'll have to keep it inside the tent.
  • Rainfly doesn't cover everything. The rainfly only covers the top part of the tent, not the sides. So, it may not keep you dry in heavy rain.
  • Fiberglass poles. The poles are made of fiberglass, which keeps the cost down but may not be super strong. This means it's better for nice weather.
  • No footprint included. You'll need to buy a separate footprint to give more protection to the tent floor, especially on rough ground, even though it's made of PE tub-style material.

2. Browning | Big Horn 5 Person Tent + Screen Room

Browning | Big Horn 5 Person Tent + Screen Room

Tired of feeling all squished up in a tiny space with no room for your stuff? Well, say hello to the Big Horn 5 + Screen Room – it's the answer to your problem! Most tents struggle to fit five people comfortably, but not this one.

Your gear can chill out in the mesh screen room with windows and curtains, staying dry and out of your way. There's a covered spot that turns into an awning when you want.

With straight walls and strong poles, you get extra standing space inside, and it stands on its own. Plus, this tent keeps you and your family dry with a sealed fly and floor.


  • A tent with room for 5 people and a cover area
  • The tent is 8 feet long and 10 feet wide
  • There's an extra 8' x 10' space without a floor
  • The outside part can turn into a cool cover with poles
  • You can roll up the outside part for more air
  • Big windows in the screen area zip closed for bad weather
  • Stands up by itself with fiberglass poles and steel supports
  • Sets up easy with a special hub design
  • Middle part is tall so you can stand up
  • The sides are straight, giving more space for beds
  • Big doors for easy getting in and out
  • The cover and floor are sealed close for the best weather protection
  • Pockets middle for your stuff and a space for gear
  • The tent cover is tough and UV-resistant
  • The floor is strong with a special coating
  • Comes with poles for the shelter and stakes, and ropes


  • The bottom size is 10 feet by 16 feet.
  • The whole space is 160 square feet.
  • The tent is 10 feet by 8 feet.
  • The tent space is 80 square feet.
  • The screen room measures 10 feet by 8 feet.
  • The screen room space is 80 square feet.
  • The middle height is 90 inches.
  • The vestibule depth is 40 inches.
  • The entrance part is 26 square feet.
  • The total weight is 39 pounds and 8 ounces.
  • When packed, it's 29 inches by 12 inches by 12 inches.
  • The pole diameter is 12.5 mm for FG and 19 mm for steel.
  • The awning pole diameter is 2 mm for aluminum and 19 mm.

3. Taurus 5-Person Outfitter Camping Tent

Taurus 5-Person Outfitter Camping Tent

The Taurus Outfitter Series tent got two cool upgrades: big zippers on the doors and a tough floor. The zippers will work super smoothly for a long time, and the floor is strong to make your tent last. The poles are made from tough and soft aluminum.

Arranging is a breeze – clips just snap onto the poles. The tent is weatherproof with a coated fly and floor, and the seams are tightly sealed. With two doors, getting in and out is easy, even in the middle of the night.

You get two vestibules (over each door) for more gear. They help in bad weather too. The fly attaches with buckles for a strong hold. Roof vents keep things breezy and perfect for stargazing. And don't forget to grab a footprint to keep your tent floor safe!


  • The tent stands on its own with two poles made of tough aluminum.
  • Putting it together is a breeze – clip the poles on!
  • The tent cover is made of strong polyester that is tight and doesn't get damaged by the sun. There's a vent to keep things cool.
  • The cover and floor seams are sealed at the factory, so you're all set.
  • The floor is made of poly oxford and has a coating to keep you dry.
  • Doors and vestibules use strong #10 zippers.
  • There are two doors with zippered mesh windows for easy entry and good airflow.
  • You get two spaces outside the tent to store your gear and get atmospheric pressure protection.
  • The buckles on the tent cover are tough and weatherproof.
  • Mesh panels and pop-up vents let the air in.
  • The tent comes with storage pockets, a gear space, strong aluminum stakes, and ropes for tying it down.


Base Size

10' L x 8' W

Center Height


Vestibule Depth


Tent Space

80 ft²

Entrance Part

32 ft²

Total Weight

13 lbs. 5 oz.

Packed Size

2' L x 8" D

Pole Diameter

11mm AL


Outfitter Footprint for 5 Persons


9'8" L x 7'8" W


26 oz.


Oxford Polyester

Corner Attachment

Webbing Loop


4. Sportz SUV Camping Tent

Sportz SUV Camping Tent

Turn your SUV or minivan into a nice house in just 15 minutes with our fancy Sportz SUV Tent with Screen Room. It's so spacious that up to 6 people can fit in there! After a day of outdoor fun, you can relax and chill.

The tent has a big inner area and a screen room, and you can even add a 6′ x 6′ awning if you want. It's like a comfy camping spot for the whole family to enjoy.

Make your SUV feel like home on the go with the Sportz SUV Tent. It turns your SUV into a comfy camping spot without unloading all your stuff. Attach the special sleeve to your SUV; voila, you've got more room! If you like having your car close, it's perfect in case unexpected visitors come.

Here's a cool part: you can turn the SUV Tent into a regular ground tent by removing the sleeve. Napier's tents are the only ones that can do that!

The Sportz SUV Tent fits all CUVs, SUVs, and Minivans perfectly. It connects to your car's cargo room and gives you more sleeping or storage room. The ground tent is roomy, 9' x 9', with over 7' of headroom, and it can sleep up to 5 people.

Stay dry with a full rainfly, and chill under the 6' x 6' awning for more room. The tent has two big doors, three mesh windows, and two skylights for fresh air. Storm flaps keep you comfortable and private.

Inside is a gear attic, two pockets, and a spot for your lantern to keep things neat. Even with all these features, it's super easy for one person to set up, and it comes with a bag for easy storage. Cool, right?


  • This big ground tent is 10 feet by 10 feet, has lots of headroom, and comfortably fits 6 people. Great for families or group camping!
  • Setting up is a breeze with the simple pole design – takes less than 15 minutes for car camping fun.
  • It fits all kinds of vehicles like CUVs, SUVs, and minivans – very flexible!
  • Connect it to your car for more space and power to charge your devices.
  • There's a bug net attached – 7 feet by 6 feet – for chilling or storing stuff.
  • The rainfly covers everything with taped seams for privacy and awesome weather protection.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty – they've got you covered!
  • Keeps water and bugs out with the rainfly and car sleeve, made of tough 75D 190T polyester taffeta for additional humid protection.
  • Lots of airflow with 2 big doors, 3 side windows, and 2 ceiling vents.
  • Get some cover with the optional 6 feet by 6 feet awning.
  • The floor is strong and keeps you dry – made of durable polyethylene.
  • Keep things organized with built-in storage like a gear area, a gear pocket, and lantern holder.
  • Want a regular tent? No problem! Just unzip the car slot.
  • Easy to store with the expandable carrying bag – packing up is a breeze!



6 Persons



Center Height





Blue & Gray

No. of Doors


No. of Windows

3 (Plus 2 Skylights)

No. of Poles (Tent)

Fiberglass Ceiling Pole - 4

Steel Side Pole - 4

Steel Awning Pole - 2

Screen Room Stell Pole - 2

Fiberglass Screen Room Ceiling Pole - 1

No. of Poles (Awning)

2 Steel Poles

Storm Flaps

Yes - Windows & Doors

Water Proofing

1500mm PU Coating

Wall and Roof Material

Polyester Taffeta

Window Material

polyester Mesh

Floor Material


Rainfly Material

Polyester Tafetta w/ Taped Seams

Screen Room




Seasons for Use

Spring, Summer, Fall

Storage Room

Gear Loft, 2 Gear Pockets, Lantern Holder


1 Year


5. Backroadz SUV Camping Tent

Backroadz SUV Camping Tent

Car camping is super easy now with the Backroadz SUV Tent – it's like the perfect buddy for road trips. No more dealing with heavy gear! Just attach the tent to your open car hatch, and you're ready to enjoy the outdoors in no time.

And guess what? For each Backroadz tent you get, Napier plants a tree with Trees for the Future. Whether you're off to the beach, a music festival, or just camping for the weekend, the Backroadz SUV Tent has got you covered!

Get ready for outdoor fun with the all-new Backroadz SUV Tent 19100 by Napier Outdoors! This cool tent fits right into your vehicle's cargo area, adding a cozy and stylish outdoor spot wherever you park.

It's super smart, fitting all CUVs, SUVs, and Minivans. This tent makes your vehicle a comfy place for sleeping or extra storage. With a roomy 10' x 10' space and over 7' of headroom, it's perfect for up to 5 adults. Great for family camping or hanging out with friends.

The SUV tent has a big door with a weather flap for privacy and protection. Three mesh windows and a wide entrance keep things breezy inside. There's a pocket for your stuff and a spot for your lantern to keep things organized and well-lit. When it's time to go, the tent easily packs up into a bag, ready for your next adventure!


  • This big 10’ x 10’ tent on the ground is super roomy and fits up to 5 people. Great for families or groups when you go camping.
  • Arranging is a breeze with a simple design using poles, and you'll be ready to camp in under 10 minutes. Easy peasy!
  • It fits all kinds of vehicles like CUVs, SUVs, and Minivans - so no worries there.
  • Connects the tent to your vehicle, giving you more space and access to power for charging your stuff.
  • The full rain cover with sealed seams and zippers keeps you private and protects you from any weather.
  • It's tough against water and bugs with the rain cover and vehicle sleeve. Made with strong 68D 185T polyester taffeta material to handle the weather.
  • You get a 1-year warranty to keep your mind at ease.
  • There are 3 mesh windows and 1 big door for fresh air.
  • An awning over the entrance keeps rain away.
  • The floor is made of high-quality, strong polyethylene to keep you dry and clean.
  • Stay organized with built-in pockets for your stuff and a holder for your lantern.
  • Comes with a handy bag for easy storage.



5 Persons



Center Height





Green & Gray

No. of Doors


No. of Windows


No. of Poles (Tent)

3 Shock-corded, fiberglass poles

Storm Flaps

Yes - Windows & Doors

Water Proofing

1000mm PU Coating

Wall and Roof Material

Polyester Taffeta

Window Material

Polyester Mesh

Floor Material


Rainfly Material

Polyester Tafetta w/ Taped Seams

Screen Room


Rear Access Panel



Partial (Overhang style)

Seasons for Use

Spring, Summer, Fall

Storage Room

Gear Loft, Gear Pocket, Lantern Holder


1 Year


    How to Choose the Best 5 Person Tent for Camping

    Couples and small families searching for additional space on their next outdoor adventure might consider five-person tents as a wonderful alternative.

    While still packing down into a relatively small and transportable size for storage, these models offer above-average internal capacity and livability.

    How to Choose the Best 5 Person Tent for Camping

    When making your next purchase, keep an eye out for each of the following because the greatest five-person shelters also come with a lot of the high-end amenities seen in larger tents.

    1.  Durability

    Five-person tents are unusual in size, yet they have the same durability as other camping tents.

    You can focus on two key elements to determine a tent's durability: fabric thickness and pole materials.

    The majority of tents indicate the fabric's kind and thickness in their specifications or description.

    These thicknesses are measured in "denier," and a fabric with a greater denier is thicker and generally more resilient than a fabric with a lower denier of the same type.

     A 100D polyester should last longer than a 50D polyester, and so on.

    You can get tent poles made of carbon-fiber composites or aluminum when it comes to material.

    An 11mm aluminum poleset should be more durable and able to withstand strong winds than an 8mm poleset since thicker diameter poles of the same material are often more durable than thinner diameter poles of the same material.

    Additionally, keep in mind that less expensive tents frequently include fiberglass poles rather than those made of aluminum or carbon.

    Though this is not necessarily a deal-breaker for your normal family camping trip.

    However, as the same guidelines for thickness apply here as well, thicker is preferable.

    2.  Weight

    Weight and packed size aren't major concerns because almost every five-person tent is made to resemble a camping tent (as opposed to a backpacking tent).

    Make sure you have space in your home or vehicle to keep the packed size of the tent before purchasing whatever much you can afford.

    3. Habitable

    The general term for how much fun it is to spend time inside your tent is livability.

    The best five-person tents are more livable than average in terms of interior space as well as extras like organization, storage, and vestibule design.

    A five-person tent's interior design is something else you should pay attention to: Given the likelihood that you'll be sharing this shelter with at least two others, small details like double doors and additional interior pockets are definitely worth the money.

    4. Size

    Extra living space is one of the main advantages of upgrading to a 5 person tent, so you should pay great attention to the size and design of any tent you're considering.

    Although all of the models listed above are officially "five-person" sizes, some offer more floor space than others.

     You can start your search by looking at the shelter's floor specifications.

    A tent must be at least nine feet wide to qualify as a five-person model, but 10 feet or more is far more practical if you truly intend to house five campers within.

    Which 5 Person Tent is Suitable for Bad Weather?

    There are important factors you should consider when getting a tent, and one of them is inclement weather.

    If you have a large family with young children, and you're looking for the best family camping tent or tent for 5 people that will withstand the bad weather, here are some of them:

    1.  NTK Indy GT

    There are other factors than intense rain that can result in a wet tent. In tents without enough ventilation to keep cool air moving, condensation can be a serious problem.

    The design of NTK tents was inspired by tropical regions. They typically have additional elements to keep the tent aired even in the rain, and they are quite waterproof.

    The fly has covered vents, while the inside tent body has a ventilated mesh roof. This allows warm, humid air to be forced out of the tent without the rainfly getting in the way.

    2. Vango Airbeam Odyssey 500 Tent

    In light rain, each of these tents should keep you dry, but what about heavy rain? Which tents will keep you dry, and which will soak you through?

    We found the Vango Odyssey tent to be the obvious winner in terms of waterproof protection for these tents. It was created for camping in the UK and is equipped to withstand heavy rain.

    In addition, you will be comfortable if you are required to spend time inside your tent throughout your journey, thanks to the high ceiling and amazing diamond-clear windows. To avoid feeling confined in a downpour, the light from the windows makes the tent appear wider and more spacious.

    Triangles are used in the Tension Band System technology found in Vango tents to help reinforce the shape of the Odyssey. This indicates that the tent can withstand strong winds.

    The Nano-Flex Technology Frame, which joins poles to provide additional strength in wind, is one of the other tents that include weatherproofing technology to increase their performance. The most astounding wind resistance feature we evaluated, though, was Vango technology.

    The worst tent to take outside in strong winds would be the Big Horn tent. Strong winds have the ability to snag cabin-style tents because of their nearly vertical walls, which could result in problems like the poles snapping.

    3. Browning Big Horn Tent

    When camping in the sweltering summer heat, you want a tent that will be roomy and have enough ventilation to keep you comfortable.

    Both of these criteria are satisfied for us by the enormous Big Horn tent. The astonishing peak height of this tent is seven feet tall, and it has large doors. Additionally, there is a lot of mesh to keep you cool as the outside temperature starts to climb.

    For ventilation, mesh windows on the Vango tent and NTK tent are also preferable over solid plastic ones. The mesh ceiling, however, elevates the Browning tent to new heights.

    You won't feel stuffy or claustrophobic in this roomy tent. In the summer, it is cool and cozy for relaxing.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    There are questions asked by most people online, which I have aligned the answers below for you. Take a look, they might be useful to you.

    Ques: Will five people fit comfortably in a five-person tent?

    Ans: Five people can fit within a five-person tent when sleeping shoulder to shoulder on pads, with little to no space remaining for personal belongings and camping equipment. If you're comfortable with sleeping in this manner, that's OK, but if you want more storage and enough space for everyone to sleep comfortably, we advise purchasing a tent that is twice as large as you think you need.

    Ques: How big should a tent for five people be?

    Ans: When you have a party of five people, the size of the tent—its height, length, and width—matters a great deal. It is preferable to put your comfort first; thus, when choosing a tent, we advise sizing up by at least 2 to 3 people.

    Ques: How long does it take to set up a tent for five people?

    Ans: Depending on the style of tent, the number of people helping, and your level of tent-pitching skill, the time it takes to pitch your tent will vary greatly. Of course, even one novice person may quickly set up an immediate tent, whereas sophisticated tents may require up to 30 minutes to complete.

    Ques: Can four people fit in a 5-Person tent?

    Ans: For 2-3 people, a 5-person tent is a suitable choice.

    Everyone's sleeping bags will fit, and there is also some extra room for your equipment.

    A 6 or 8-person tent, however, would be a better choice if you have a lot of gear or want to fit more people inside.


    The tents on our top list provide a ton of space and amenities at a reasonable cost. For small or large families looking to spend their upcoming vacation in the great outdoors, these tents are perfect.

    Finding one that will serve you for years shouldn't be difficult if you apply the information in this article.

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