Best 8 Person Camping Tent with Good Reviews 2024

Best 8 Person Camping Tent with Good Reviews 2024

Sep 30, 2023

Going on camping trips is a wonderful way to spend quality time with your family and friends. But if you don't have the perfect tent, then it might make your camping experience miserable  and less fun. 

You can avoid buying two or three tents so that everyone has a place to sleep by purchasing an 8-person tent. That's why we've put a list of the best 8-person camping tent you can find on the market.

1. Big Agnes Bunk House

Big Agnes Bunk House

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The Big Agnes Bunk House is the perfect 8-person tent for wind. The tent poles and rain fly are the two things that makes it withstand high winds and heavy rain.

They are made with high quality and produce a sturdy structure. Aluminum tent poles will bend while fiberglass tent poles are more likely to snap under excessive pressure. 

Even though both are undesirable, a bent pole with the ability to recover is far preferable to a broken pole. This tent's full-cover rain fly does a good job of blocking the wind. Both vestibules are covered with a rain flap that extends all the way to the ground. 

With 1,500mm of polyurethane-coated waterproofing, you'll be prepared for spring, summer, and fall storms. Storage space is not an issue for Big Agnes either. For storing equipment out of the way and out of the elements, there are two vestibules.

Also, the sleeping space has 16 smaller pockets for personal belongings and two corner bin pockets. The ceiling loops let you add gear lofts. This high- quality tent has two doors and a movable room divider for convenience and extra privacy on top of everything else.

The Bunk House can be set up as a canopy for fair-weather camping in the summer and used as shade for picnics and festivals. It is more portable and lighter than other 8-person tents at 22 pounds. 


  • Enough storage and living space
  • Aluminum poles are more effective  low temperatures and wind than most 8-person tents.
  • Water resistant


  • The footprint is sold separately

Check Big Agnes Bunk House Tent Price On Amazon

2. Wenzel Klondike Tent

Wenzel Klondike Tent

You might wish to buy this tent if you enjoy tents with a screen room.

The inner chamber of the Wenzel Klondike Tent measures 98 square feet, and the screen room adds an additional 60 square feet of area.   Also, the inner area has a ceiling height of 6'5", making it possible to stand upright inside the tent.

The screen room doubles as a second room when it is zipped up. If the weather is nice, you can use it as a porch and enjoy the view without worrying about pests entering inside your tent thanks to its mesh walls.


  • Quick setup with two people takes under 15 minutes.
  • The bathtub floor and sealed seams will keep rain out of your tent.
  • Mesh windows keeps insects away.


  • Expensive

Check Wenzel Klondike Tent Price On Amazon

3. Eureka Copper Canyon LX

Eureka Copper Canyon LX

Eureka's Copper Canyon LX 8 person tent is now a strong competitor as a high-quality tent at an affordable price.

With a full 7-foot peak height and vertical walls that allow visitors to stand up and move around the entire inside, this tent is taller than ever.

Also, it has a two-room configuration that has a removable room divider. We really admire Eureka's choice to place both of the doors on opposing ends and opposite sides of the tent for the best airflow in each chamber.

You'll also find design elements that help distinguish it, just like with all Eureka tents. A few examples include dual power ports for your electronics that zip closed when not in use, customizable window openings, overhead mesh storage pockets that keep your odds and ends organized without taking up floor space, and pre-installed floor hooks, in case you want to install Eureka's non-slip flooring.

To better protect the entryway from rain, the new Eureka also received an enlarged "front porch" on the rain fly. 


  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Divided rooms with separate doors 
  • All rooms have extremely high ceilings.


  • The partial frame is made of fiberglass
  • Quite expensive

Check Eureka Copper Canyon Tent Price On Amazon

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4. CORE 9-Person Extended Dome Tent

CORE 9-Person Extended Dome Tent

The CORE 9 Extended Dome Tent is spacious, airy, weather-resistant, simple to set up, and more durable. It has the capacity to withstand severe treatment from both tent occupants and  high winds.

This tent has a floor area of 144 square feet and nine adults and up to three queen-sized air mattresses can fit in. A 72-inch (6 feet) peak and two extra ridge poles give it plenty of headroom as well, making it the perfect tent for larger campers or those who are prone to getting "cabin fever" in smaller tents.

The space in this tent isn't everything, though. It is created using CORE's H2O Block technology, which combines a PU rain fly coating with heat-sealed seams to keep you dry in cold weather.

And the CORE 9's adjustable vents, mesh ceiling, and mesh windows will help keep things cool and avoid condensation when humidity levels are high. 

Also, this tent is gifted with ample space despite lacking a vestibule area because to its opulent interior proportions, internal pockets, and gear loft.


  • Sold at affordable price
  • Large rooms
  • Lightweight
  • Interior pockets and a gear loft


  • Quite heavy 

Check Core Tent Price On Amazon

5. Whiteduck Canvas Tent

Whiteduck Canvas Tent

The Avalon is one of our favorite tents and White Duck is the top brand for the best canvas tents. People who own canvas tents adore them, so if you've never had one before, it might be worth looking into.

Their top-notch canvas construction results in a tent that is waterproof right out of the box and can be re-treated over time to keep its waterproofness. So, this means you can use the tent for a long time, and  you won't ever need to purchase another camping tent.

Canvas tents are incredibly weather resistant, and we appreciate that the Avalon includes mesh windows all the way around the sides as well as a sizable opening covered in mesh.

They can be zippered shut for privacy and weather protection, or they can allow for a lot of airflow, particularly with the roof vents. It can accommodate multiple mattresses, including at least two queen air beds or several singles, or eight campers in sleeping bags.

Condensation is no longer a problem even though canvas is waterproof, UV resistant, and has an optional fire retardant treatment since it is more breathable than conventional polyester.

This tent is equipped with galvanized steel poles, double stitched seams, and reinforced corners to withstand all types of wind, rain, and even snow. It can be used all year round and can even be converted into a hot tent setup by adding a wood burner.

For long-term campers who intend to set up and stay for longer periods of time, the Avalon is the perfect tent for camping. 


  • Made with durable materials
  • Large rooms
  • Constructed to last a lifetime
  • Suitable for year-round use


  • Long setup time 
  • Quite heavy

Check Whiteduck Tent Price On Amazon

6. Coleman Red Canyon 8-Person Camping Tent

Coleman Red Canyon 8-Person Camping Tent

The Red Canyon is the largest 8-person tent, with a massive 170-square-foot floor size. Because of its size, it feels a little misleading to refer to it as a "8-person" as you could easily fit at least a few more people inside and still have room to spare. 

The Red Canyon is quite large and  performs well for a tent of this price range. It includes a few interesting features, like wall vents, room dividers that divide it into three discrete rooms, and a few wall pockets. It has a partial-coverage rain fly and provides modest weather protection.

The biggest advantage of purchasing a Coleman tent is that you are aware of what you are purchasing. Like other Coleman tents, the Red Canyon provides exceptional value for the money.

And although it is a little short on weather protection and lacks a few bells and whistles, it competes favorably with alternatives that can cost up to twice as much.


  • Spacious tent
  • Large mesh windows
  • Affordable
  • Optimal ventilation
  • Easy set up
  • Large doors


  • Cannot withstand strong winds
  • Minimal peak height

Check Coleman Red Canyon Tent Price On Amazon

7. The North Face Wawona Tent

The North Face Wawona Tent

The North Face is a fantastic brand that is present from trans-Antarctic expeditions to Everest summits and other outdoor activities. They are a well-known company you can rely on to produce amazing outdoor gear that will serve you well for many trips to come.

We've chosen their Wawona as the best 6 to 8-person tent because of  its excellent construction, three doors, and spacious vestibule.

We like that this tent's maximum inside height is a substantial 6 feet 6 inches, allowing even the tallest friends to stand up straight inside. There is enough room in the vestibule, which is around 6 feet by 6 feet to store bikes or maybe set up a small seating area with a few seats.

The tent really has a rectangle-like design with a 14-foot width and an 8-foot depth that can be divided into two rooms by a retractable room divider. As a result, each room is 7 by 8 feet.

We love how much netting there is throughout the tent, much of which is near the upper half so you can still have some privacy while dressing and sleeping. You still have the option to open the two side doors to their mesh layer for an excellent cross breeze even with the rain fly covering them.

A section of the rain fly can roll up on the back of the tent, exposing some of the upper mesh. This tent has excellent alternatives for airflow even with the rain fly on, unlike others where we often find that once it is on, you are locked in.

Of course, The North Face paid attention to the little things. They have employed DAC MX poles, which are robust and portable. Their color-coded poles and trims are easy to setup, and there are inside organizing pockets for storing equipment.

The tent is made of 75D polyester throughout, with the exception of the floor, which is 150D. The waterhead rating is 1200mm, which is more than enough for most weather situations that are common during casual camping, such as rain and light winds.


  • A large vestibule with DAC MX poles
  • Has a room divider
  • Even with a rain fly on, the mesh is still accessible.


  • Quite expensive

Check North Face Wawona Tent Price On Amazon

8. Columbia Mammoth Creek 8 Tent

Columbia Mammoth Creek 8 Tent

The Columbia Mammoth Creek is a strong contender as one of the best 8-person budget tent. The Mammoth's rain-friendly design, which uses both fully taped seams and tall tub floors to provide the basic elements of waterproofing. 

Also, we love that Columbia uses the same Omni-Shield fabric technology to increase the tent's resistance to rain and UV rays. And, like all Mammoth Creek Models, Columbia uses their pop-out window design, which enables you to keep your windows open without any water coming inside if it does happen to rain.

The Mammoth Creek is over 6 feet tall in the middle, and the inside is also over 6 feet tall. You could be stooping a little bit walking in and out because it does taper down a little bit near the walls and doors. However, because of the nearly vertical walls and authentic "cabin-style" atmosphere, there is seldom a sense of claustrophobia within.

Despite being slightly narrower, the Mammoth Creek can fit two queen beds because it has the same 14-foot length as Columbia's 10 person model. It also shares a full-length room divider with its two-room structure, which gives it an extra touch of livability and privacy that you'll appreciate.


  • Can withstand cold weather
  • Enough rooms
  • Has an omni-shield fabric.


  • Expensive
  • Heavy

Check Columbia Mammoth Creek Tent Price on Amazon

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9. Nemo Wagontop Tent

Nemo Wagontop Tent

The Nemo Wagontop performs admirably across the board and is jam-packed with unique features that are unmatched in the industry.

The Nemo is enormous to begin with the obvious. It is without a doubt the longest tent in our assortment, measuring 15 feet long with the enlarged vestibule. Aside from the ceilings, its 8'4" width lies above the 8' norm.

The ceiling in the Nemo spans to over six and a half feet at its highest point and remains over six feet no matter where you are standing because of the "covered wagon" architecture that gave the room its name. Also, there is the entire rain fly issue.

You have plenty of room to stow wet clothes, dirty bikes, or anything else you want to keep out of the weather thanks to the Wagontop's enormous integrated rain fly, which extends out an additional four feet from the main entrance.

We really love the distinctive aluminum three-pole design, which is surprisingly simpler to pitch than you might expect given the length of the poles.

You can even build on an additional "garage" that Nemo claims is big enough "to park a car inside of" if the enormous Wagontop 8 still doesn't have enough room for all of your equipment.

With this model, there aren't many drawbacks, but if we had to select one, we'd say that it's not that expensive, and for that price, we'd like to see Nemo include a footprint.


  • Large footprint and tall ceilings
  • Three-pole covered wagon 
  • Easy setup


  • Expensive
  • No footprint

Check Nemo Wagontop Tent Price on REI

10. Rei Co-op Wonderland Tent

Rei Co-op Kingdom Tent

The Wonderland 8 tent has a ton of awesome features that we love, making it a perfect tent for the whole family. The superb mesh dome tent design, which provides for optimal ventilation and a fantastic view of the sky, is the first thing we want to draw attention to.

The two doors, one on either end of the tent, are extra features. Apart from providing a little more privacy, this also makes it simpler to return to your resting spot if you need to get up in the middle of the night.

You can also buy separate vestibule expansions for camping gear, boots, or other items that you don't want to dirty the inside of the tent for even more storage space.

The Wonderland 8 has sturdy pole construction that was well thought out. Considering its robust design, it weighs surprisingly little, just over 25 pounds.

The Wonderland 8 can withstand inclement weather thanks to its design. It has a free-standing pitch with aluminum poles, a floor made of coated polyester that is 150 denier, and a canopy made of nylon taffeta that is 75 denier.


  • Can withstand bad weather
  • Has enough space


  • Quite heavy

Check REI Co-op Wonderland Price on REI

11. Coleman Instant Family Tent

Coleman Instant Family Tent

Another quick-pitch tent on this list is the Coleman 8-Person Instant Cabin Tent, which takes just a few seconds to set up.

For family camping trips to be enjoyable, it's important to set up camp quickly and the Coleman Instant Cabin is the perfect option before the kids get restless.

It's also a huge tent. So, if you've ever gone camping with your entire family, you should be aware of the value of having a sizable tent with space for everything.

Because there isn't a separate rain fly, this isn't the perfect tent for heavy rain, but the extra-thick canvas walls at least provide wind resistance. The setup is quick, but due to the weight, it will definitely require two persons. Don't expect to move it too far from the car because it's very hefty. 

Family tents ought to be large, roomy, and convenient, which this Coleman tent surely is. Within minutes of arriving at camp, you'll have a shelter that makes you feel at home.

It's also wonderful that this tent won't break the bank if you're on a tight budget but don't want to let go of premium amenities.


  • Quick setup
  • A year-long warranty
  • Large room for storage


  • No rainfly with full coverage
  • Quite heavy

Check Coleman Instant Family Tent Price on Amazon

12. Teton Sports Mesa Canvas Tent

Teton Mesa 8 person tent

The Teton Sports Mesa was designed with massive walls and floor made of thick canvas that are sturdy and can endure loads of people and large pieces of machinery. .

It has a sizable interior, with a floor area of 140 square feet and ceiling heights of 6.5 feet. The locking top bar and telescoping side poles make setup easy and comfortable.

Basically, you just construct the frame, stake the corners, and hoist the entire thing up. Also, you get a permanent awning over the front door that is big enough to make a lovely shaded area outside the tent.

You might be a little hesitant about how the Sports Mesa will hold up in the rain if you've ever had a canvas tent in the past. You could touch the inside of the wall in an old canvas tent during a downpour, and water would begin to seep through.

Thankfully, neither Teton's canvas tent nor many contemporary canvas tents suffer from this problem. In reality, canvas has surpassed synthetic materials in terms of weather resistance, in my opinion.


  • Simple setup
  • Large awning extending from the front of the tent


  • Quite heavy
  • Expensive

Check Teton Sports Mesa Tent Price on Amazon

13. Gazelle T8 Tent

Gazelle T8 Tent

One of the best 8-person tents available has poles already connected, and that tent is the Gazelle T8.

Despite being heavy, it is far superior than other pop-up tents due to its durable design.

The T8 contains spaces for a lamp or nightlight, six extra-large wall pockets, four sizable canopy nets, and more.You can be confident it will keep you dry because it also includes removable bathtub flooring and a sturdy 210 denier shell with a waterproof certification of 5000 mm HH. The shell has a 50+ UV rating in addition.

Also, even with large groups, the 8-person tent has extra space inside to keep everyone's camping gear organized and off the ground.

The rain fly's roll-up sides provide coverage when you need it and ventilation when it's dry. The T8 is the most durable pop-up tent you will find, making it one of the best 8-person tents on this list. The Gazelle T8 provides you with a safe, cozy shelter in any weather that assembles in less than 90 seconds.


  • Ideal for cleaning or constructing a wet room
  • Outstanding interior storage
  • A year-long warranty


  • No footprint is present.
  • Quite heavy
  • Fiberglass tent poles are prone to breaking.

Check Gazelle T8 Tent Price on Amazon

14. CAMPROS 8-Person Camping Tents

CAMPROS 8-Person Camping Tents

For anyone who prefers a portable, spacious tent, the CAMPROS 8-Person Camping Tent is a good option. This tent is large while yet being lightweight for an 8-person tent, which is rare.  

The peak height is 6 feet, despite the fact that it is not a cabin-style tent with nearly vertical walls. 

Even when the panoramic windows are shut for privacy, the mesh ceiling adds further airflow. It is not the most waterproof, thus this is a 3-season, 8-person tent. But a summertime sprinkle won't bother it at all.

Condensation is reduced and wind is kept out by the rain fly that is hanging above the mesh ceiling windows.


  • Extremely light for its size
  • Easy setup
  • Optimal nighttime stargazing and ceiling ventilation
  • Has a room divider


  • There is no vestibule.
  • Just one door

Check Campros 8 Person Tent Price on Amazon

15. Coleman Montana Tent

Coleman Montana Tent

Despite being one of the most affordable tents on this list, the Coleman Montana has a surprising number of unique features. The Coleman 8-person tent has mesh ceiling panels, a movable door, and superb ventilation.

Even though it doesn't completely cover the tent, the rain fly does. Plus, even in the rain, you can still see outside.

This feature is uncommon for a low-cost 8-person tent. This is because most tents have either a shoddy "built-in" rain fly or a stifling full-coverage fly with no ventilation.

The convenience of the hinged door, which makes entering and exiting the tent simpler, will also win you over. Although the Montana's peak center height is 74 inches, adults probably can't stand up close to the walls like they can in cabin tents because of the tent's dome shape.

However,  it may not be the largest or most luxurious tent on this list, the Coleman Montana 8-person tent is adequate for a weekend in the wilderness. This is a wonderful option for those looking for affordable family tents because it costs less than $200.


  • This tent is lighter than many similar-sized ones.
  • Coleman WeatherTec system is reliable.
  • Easy setup


  • One door only
  • You can only stand up in the middle of the tent because of the dome tent design.

Check Coleman Montana Tent Price on Amazon

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Things to Consider When Buying 8-Person Tents

When you want an 8-person tent, there are some things you must consider. There are:

1. Durability

The best 8 person tents must be more durable than other shelters because there will be so many feet crossing the tent floor. The denier number assigned to the fabric is usually the best indicator of how durable a tent is.

Also, you should pay particular attention to the hubs, zippers, and poles. The windows and doors will be used more often as there will be more individuals in the tent.

 Getting a shelter with metal poles, whether they're made of strong steel or lightweight aluminum is something I always advise. These will be a lot more durable than fiberglass, which is often used in inexpensive tents.

2. Size of the Tent

You can find out how many people each tent can accommodate by checking the label. 

Sadly, it's not quite that easy. You see, the makers of tents are aware of how crucial having a portable, lightweight shelter is. 

They therefore strive to make their items as little as they can without being misleading. So, can eight people fit inside an eight-person tent? Absolutely. Will the squeeze be bearable? Most likely not.

I'd advise sleeping 7 people or fewer inside of an 8 person tent if you don't want to feel crammed in a can. Even though it will still feel a little crowded, you will have a little more area for yourself and storage for your equipment.

3. Water Resistance

A tent's main function is to protect you from the elements and insects. You just spent a lot of money on a inferior tent if it can't even accomplish those things.

You should constantly check the waterhead rating of any tent to make sure you are ready for any weather. Get a tent with a higher waterhead rating if you are usually exposed to bad weather and heavy rainfall

You can use waterproof sprays to assist your tent withstand the rain, but they only work if the tent already has some degree of water resistance. Before making a decision to buy a tent, always conduct your research by reading the product description and user reviews.

4. Ventilation

A excellent tent to have is one that is adequately ventilated. Having enough ventilation will help you keep cool on those sweltering summer days. Without it, you'll undoubtedly overheat inside those artificial walls, and I promise you won't get a wink of sleep. 

Aside from that, proper ventilation stops the accumulation of moisture caused by your exhalations. When there is no airflow, all the water vapor in your breath has nowhere to go and builds up on the top of your tent. 

Eventually, these little drops will get larger and fall to the ground, occasionally hitting your face in the process. Although it may not be harmful, it is unpleasant and can make you feel miserable.

5. Tent Material

It's a good idea to consider the materials used for both the tent fabric and the poles when evaluating your options.

Aluminum and fiberglass are the two most often used materials for tent poles. By far, aluminum is superior to fiberglass since it is both more easily broken and more difficult to repair or replace after a break.

Polyester and nylon are the most often used materials for tents, although canvas tents still hold a small portion of the market and are experiencing a rebirth thanks to events like the Whiteduck Regatta.

In a nutshell, canvas tents are strong as nails yet weigh a ton. Because of this, they're only a wise choice if you  intend to camp close to where you park your car or have a large group of family or friends who can assist with the pitching.

The density of the fabric and the kind of weave that was used to make it serve as a defining characteristic between polyester and nylon tents. 

Now, a tent should be your top priority when packing for a family or group camping trip. 

If you pick one of the best 8-person tent, you can easily fill your Instagram feed with lots of happy pictures of you and the gang having a great time.

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