Roscoe NY Campgrounds

Roscoe NY Campgrounds: Best Campsites in New York

Nov 06, 2023

Take an old route from the Catskill mountains down to New York City for a home-away-from-home experience at the Roscoe campsite park. It is not far from the Beaverkill campground, just by Beaverkill Road, which is filled with RV parks.

So pack your belongings right from your sleeping bag to our luxury campers; everything one could imagine has been set in place to make their stay memorable using modern amenities like a pay phone stand to help in times of emergencies, some antique shops, a picnic table which is at the park’s picnic area, an amusement park, and some shopping centers.

There are some calling atmospheres like hot showers of natural beauty just beside a secluded valley, giving some sense of historic attractions. 

To make your stay at the beautiful campgrounds worthwhile, there’s no call for panic if you forget something, as you can stop by the fully stocked general store after the traffic light by the trailer sites close to the trailer dump station by Berrybrook Road Spur. This site is easy to find as it leads to the Livingston Manor at the campground entrance. 

Roscoe Campsites have nothing but the best amenities for a proper stay-in, one you sure will live to remember since visitors get to pick accommodations that suit their preference, going from a simple tent site to a bunk-style cabin to a stay in their luxury cabin and campers.  

Also, spacious sites are available for your RV units. Just get the contact information or phone number via the website.

Roscoe NY Campgrounds

The History of Roscoe NY Campgrounds

The southern Catskills seemed tough during the early years of Colonial control. One could speak of Indian trails right around the dense forests as the then-cavemen were into fur trade before moving into trapping animals and then sawmill production, making them the strongest industrial owners at that time.

Today, these early industries have disappeared, but there still are traces of their existence, which have been found by hikers in the same forest.

Bordered by about 20,000 acres of the State Forest Preserve at the y intersection, a short drive from Butternut Grove campsites precisely by a right-hand turn. One can also speak of wildlife, fish, and hunting games right across the forest miles down to lakes and rivers.

Not far from the Minisink battleground memorial park, leading to the Twin Islands campsite, it is an ideal place for creating long-lasting memories.

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Stay Guide at Roscoe NY Campgrounds

Reservations are only held or confirmed once a 50% deposit is received 14 days before one’s arrival, unlike Russell Brook Campsites. The minimum weekend stay is two nights, especially in May and June, and also some weekends in both August and July.

There's room for weekend night reservations, usually on Saturdays and Sundays, without the usual Friday night weekend rates interfering; the same goes for Sundays alongside the privacy policy. 

Accommodations are to be left in the same orderly fashion as you found them, and any items used should be washed and returned to the slated cabinet. 

The trash must be emptied into the dumpster when leaving, and also, please don't take items out of their usual units. If any furniture should be moved, when leaving, it should be returned to its former position. Please do all of the above to avoid a $50.00 cleaning fee.

Other Campgrounds Around Roscoe NY Campground

Roscoe Campsite has some neighboring locations with fresh, clean air serving the same purpose like the,

1. Neversink River Resort

Neversink River Resort

The newly-managed Neversink River Resort is filled with surprises and experiences you’ll never forget. It offers a resort-like experience to guests in an all-natural playground setting, nestled inside 70 pristine acres near the holiday mountain bordering the Neversink River.

The Welcome Center, featuring a general store and a reception area with outdoor seating, along with the 4,000 square foot River Lodge, offer gathering sites for guests and an easy driving distance no matter your needs. 

The Family Village has a swimming pool, swing set, jumping pillow, a Minisink Ford, horseback riding facilities, cruiser bikes, and open playing fields. 

2. Covered Bridge Campsite

Covered Bridge Campsite

This very campsite is situated in the Western Catskills of Sullivan County, NY, nearly a mile from the creekfront by the well-known Willowemoc.

Known to be a family-oriented campground, which is peaceful, though a wooden one with over 26 acres of Catskill Forest Preserve, which holds about 500 acres, can actually be termed a travel trailer. 

Oftentimes, the visitors have come back to continue creating memories involving fishing, the waterfalls just by the campsites, and hiking to great heights by the Sullivan County Historical Museum.

There are three separate tenting areas with fresh water streams by the majestic mountains, some providing drinking water at the very location (site) while others provide wash sinks just close by.

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3. Ponderosa Pines Family Campground

Ponderosa Pines Family Campground

A family-friendly campground located in the Pocono Mountains down in Pennsylvania that offers outdoor fun for all ages, so enjoy hiking and shooting with a number of golf courses, room for fly fishing, boat rentals, saltwater pools, and more. 

One should have a fishing license before heading to the best trout streams by the Monticello raceway in the New York State Cultural Center. 

Though with an awkward angle for live music, the old RTE is definitely on the list of favorite campgrounds at tent sites by the recycling center, there are also the D&H canal locks situated where one can get a clear view of the bald eagles at the far end of the acres of forest preserve, south of the beaver kill river.

Just a minute drive from the Stone Arch Bridge historic park sits the Catskill fish hatchery in this campground, a major competitor with Western NY.

Fort Delaware has surplus rooms for video games and the Debruce environmental education camp for young minds in learning.

4. Skyway Camping Resort

Skyway Camping Resort

This resort is barely some hours from the North of the famous New York City, located at the feet of the Mountains of the great Catskill, Skyway, a splendor of nature. 

Here, one will find water and stable electricity, a flush toilet, a rising kennel for a large dog, especially new owners, properly constructed wooden tent sites, a fire pit, steady internet access, and a picnic table. 

You can enjoy walking on clearly trimmed grounds, neatness at its peak, and doing more than just a hobby at the modern facilitated amenities at Skyway Camping Resort, so make a reservation for that getaway today!

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Activities at Roscoe NY Campgrounds

Activities at Roscoe NY Campgrounds

Here, guests are open to biking, kayaking, fly fishing, hunting games, or even a day indoors staring at the skies, spending time just by the famous Beaverkill River, a perfect way to keep oneself busy.

1. BirdWatching

With a spectacular view of wildlife right before your eyes while camping at Rosecoe's grounds, as the Blue Herons and Red red-tailed hawks hoop in the area. 

2. Biking

With miles upon miles of nearby trails available to explore, you will surely find the road or trail that is right for you. Going hundreds of miles with clear paths at your fingertips as the maps or directives can be gotten from the Park's General Store. 

Say a driving distance; a perfect example is the road to the Catskill Scenic Trail, about 26 miles of nature's hands winding through the wide farming lands and even small towns across the Catskill's Mountain region by New York. There are rooms for renting bikes at the Park General Store, including helmets.

3. Scavenger Hunts

This part of the fun comes with a schedule during the season, as they can also be custom-created for your special event. So, get to see the outer part of your room doors while you're at the Roscoe Campsite Park, fully hovered by nature, wildlife, and waving trees. 

4. Paddle Boarding/Canoeing/Kayaking

Go for the day and relax on the water or the shore as tubes are also available for you to enjoy on a lazy day sunbathing while you're spread out by the lake so take the greater part in having fun as the rowboats can be rented at the Park's General Store going for $35.00 for a day.

All rentals include life jackets and paddles. You can enquire about Canoe trips on the Delaware River.

5. Hiking

Not a birdwatcher, biker, or kayaker?  The hiking paths around Roscoe anxiously await.  The Trout and Mud Ponds is a 4.5-mile loop trail, rated as “moderate”.  The trail is known for its hiking and is accessible from June until October, open year-round.

6. Fishing

The Beaverkill River runs directly through Roscoe Campsite Park, so if you prefer fishing off-site, they can direct you to one of the many options.  The East and West branches of the Delaware River – along with the Willowemoc – are all within driving distance.

Also, there are multiple mountain lakes and ponds in their area, along with feeder streams and tributaries to explore. The reservoir is a 5,700 surface acres New York City-owned watershed that provides the East Branch of Delaware with its cool releases. 

So, if you’re a fan of fishing who’s spending time at Roscoe Campground, it’s wise you know that setting your lures and letting out the baits from the shores or even trolling the tides from row boats are effective ways of getting those giant fishes into your net.

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