Best Oregon Coast Campgrounds With Coastal Serenity and Camping Bliss

Best Oregon Coast Campgrounds With Coastal Serenity and Camping Bliss

Sep 01, 2023

Do you really know much about Oregon State Pack? Well, if you don’t, sure I will tell you. If you go there alone or with your family, you will see that there are many options for you, either for camping tents or RV for your camping. That’s not all, there are many activities you will enjoy at the seaside and the whole serenity will put you in awe.

This is not all about words from our page, it is a fact that you will enjoy many heartwarming activities because there are many campgrounds at Oregon Coast State Park for you to make your choice!

Best Oregon Coast Campgrounds

So, plan a good summer treat for yourself and your loved ones at Oregon because it is always filled with so much fun. The weather at Oregon Coast is friendly for your camping.

If you are an adult, or a teenager, not to worry, because campgrounds at Oregon has something special for all ages and genders. The nice shores will give you maximum enjoyment. If you are a biker, ride your bike down no problem. Off-road vehicles are good to go down Oregon.

Okay, it’s time we look these nice parks available for you at Oregon Coast:

1. Sunset Bay State Park

Sunset Bay State Park

Well as you read the name already speak for itself. If you like seeing a bit of sun rays, then this will be your best choice. There are some sunset views on all of Oregon's coastline at Sunset Bay State Park. Sunset Bay is the place to go camping if you want to experience bright and magnificent environment.

From every angle, the views of the Pacific Ocean, beaches, and tall rock cliffs are photogenic.

On the Oregon coast, Sunset Bay State Park is a campground open all year round and welcoming to families. Just a short distance from the campground are some lovely beaches. Shore Acres and Cape Arago state parks are connected by excellent paths.

Beautiful views of the beach, rocks, and Cape Arago lighthouse may be seen from the trails. 

Cost: $19 for tents and $33 for full hookups

Sites for camping: 66 tent sites, 2 group tent sites, 29 full hookup sites, and 8 yurts.

Facilities: Flowing water, toilets that flush, and hot showers

Reservation: Yes, you can make it six months before going 

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2. Nehalem Bay State Park

Nehalem Bay State Park

A 4-mile-long sand spit is where Nehalem Bay State Park is located.

It serves as a divider between Nehalem Bay and the Pacific Ocean. The whole family is likely to enjoy this because it delivers a distinctive experience!

Keep a watch out for the birds, deer, and elk that are frequently spotted grazing nearby. They have a boat ramp and temporary docks that are available from May to October, but if you intend to use them, make sure to double-check.

Cost: Fees: $31 for a basic site, $52 for a yurt, and $62 for a yurt that welcomes pets.

Sites for camping: 265 camping spots with water and electricity, 18 rustic yurts, and 9 pet-friendly sites

Facilities: A hot shower, running water, and toilets

Reservation: Yes, you can book ahead in six months.

3. Rock Creek Campground

Rock Creek Campground

For those rustic family getaways, the Rock Creek Campground in the Siuslaw National Forest is ideal! You may tent the old-fashioned way at this campground, which is about a half-mile from the beach. 

Also, there are many hiking trails nearby. You are sure to get a genuine Oregonian experience at the Rock Creek Campground with the lush, dense forests and the beautiful views of the Pacific.

Make sure to visit the Cape Perpetua Visitor Center while you're around! Even a spot where you can look for whales in the vast Pacific Ocean exists.

Cost: $24

Sites for camping: 13 tent spots

Facilities: Tables, restrooms with vaults, running water, campfire rings, and barbecues

Reservation: Yes

4. Cape Lookout State Park

Cape Lookout State Park

One of the well-liked camping areas along the Oregon Coast with a nice day-use area is the Cape Lookout State Park. It is situated on a spit near the water at Netarts Bay. Also, where you can find some of the best ice cream and cheese on the coast is only 15 minutes away.

There are miles of hiking paths with hikes for every ability level. A tranquil nature route is also available, and it starts at the registration area. 

This is a nice area to bring your four-legged companions because it is close to the beach, where you can walk your dog on a leash, or because you are allowed to have your dog off-leash just north of the campground.

You might want to check out some of the fantastic beautiful paths and vistas in this area. The largest Sitka Spruce in Oregon is located at the Cape Meares State Scenic Viewpoint, which also features a lighthouse and opportunities for whale viewing.

Cost: $21 per night, while yurts cost $52 per night.

Sites for camping: 35 RV hookup sites, 170 tent sites, 13 rustic yurts, 2 group tent sites, and 6 deluxe cottages.

Facilities: A hot shower, working toilets, and access to water

Reservation: It can be done six months in advance

5. Tillicum Beach Campground

Tillicum Beach Campground

In the vicinity of Yachats, Oregon's Siuslaw National Forest is another campground that is situated along the coast. It offers water and restrooms at its tent and RV campsites. Showers, however, are not accessible.

Whale watching is best done from this campsite! It's a nice family vacation that includes an excellent microbiology education.

Because of its proximity to the beach and adjacent Waldport, Tillicum Beach Campground is a highly well-liked campground. The hosts are incredibly cordial.

Cost: $23 to $30 per night

Sites for camping: 36 camping spots for vehicles and tents

Facilities: grills, fire rings, and flush toilets.

Reservation: Yes, and must be done early!

6. Harris Beach State Park

Harris Beach State Park

Near Brookings, Oregon, Harris Beach State Park offers fantastic hiking paths, rocky outcroppings, and sightseeing opportunities. A unique bird breeding habitat for the tufted puffin lies nearby on Bird Island. There are a ton of other animals in the region as well.

People travel great distances to visit this section of the Oregon coastline for a variety of reasons, including the pristine beaches, breathtaking rock formations, whale sightings, and exquisite ocean views.

If you need the ingredients for s'mores over a campfire, Brookings is a nearby town that you may easily reach.

Cost: $35 each night

Sites for camping: 65 full hookup campsites, 60 tent sites, 6 rustic yurts, and 1 pet-friendly campsite are available.

Facilities: Hot showers, drinking water, flush toilets, picnic tables, and fire rings.

Reservation: Yes, six months ahead

7. Wright’s for Camping

Wright’s for Camping

Wright's is a family-run campground that has been in operation since 1959. It is close to Haystack Rock and the well-known Cannon Beach. 

There are no RV spots available at this well-liked campground; it is strictly a place for cars and tents. Wright's offers a tranquil setting in shady surroundings.

Who wouldn't want to set a camp where The Goonies was shot, really?

Cost: $42 for each night.

Sites for camping: 22 campsites with tents

Facilities: flushing toilets, hot showers, and laundry

Reservation: The required reservation deposit is $20, and it is non-refundable.

8. Humbug Mountain State Park

Humbug Mountain State Park

This campground and park, which is tucked away at the foot of Humbug Mountain, offers some of the warmest coastal weather. For that wind shelter, thank the mountains!

It's rather roomy and offers lots of chances for pursuits like windsurfing, trekking, and scuba diving.

Due to the Humbug Mountain's protection, this location is ideal for a weekend getaway, or pit stop on a road trip along the Oregon Coast because of its calmer weather.

The fact that the region around Humbug Mountain State Park experiences some of the warmest weather on the Oregon Coast is one of the campground's biggest benefits.

Cost: $18 for a tent site, $26 for a site with electricity and running water.

Sites for camping: 39 sites with power and water hookups and 56 tent sites.

Facilities: Warm showers and working toilets

Reservation: Yes, six months before going.

9. Port Orford RV Village

Port Orford RV Village

This campground's emphasis on RV camping should be quite clear.

The beaches are just two miles offshore on the Oregon coast! There is a lot of tranquillity, seclusion, and quiet in this village. 

Along with the beach, surrounding attractions like the Prehistoric Gardens and the Cape Blanco Lighthouse are also worth visiting. For the history and science buff in your family, The Prehistoric Gardens is amazing! Visit the Port Orford RV Village right away!

Cost: $40

Sites for camping: 52 camping sites and 4 cabins

Facilities: WIFI connection, a game area, and a ton of picnic tables.

Reservation: Yes

10. Lincoln City

Lincoln City

A ten-year-old was given the opportunity to name Lincoln City, Oregon, to demonstrate just how family-friendly the community is. The campground offers the ideal amount of seclusion just outside the city boundaries while still being near the beach so you can go whale watching.

Families that camp here take pleasure in many activities, like cooking hamburgers over an open fire, indulging in Tillamook ice cream, and much more. 

Cost: No fixed price. The price is dependent on the weather and the season

Sites for camping: 50 tent sites

Facilities: Access to running water, working showers and toilets

Reservation: Yes, six months ahead

11. Fort Stevens State Park

Fort Stevens State Park

In addition to the military installations, you can cycle a few more miles to the stunning Jetty at the Columbia River's mouth. You can either sit and watch the boats pass through the river mouth from the viewing platform that can be reached by climbing. If you ever come here in the winter, the waves are very big and spray up onto the observation tower when they hit the rocks.

The Military Museum is also nearby, and last but not least, every camper must see the wreckage of the Peter Iredale ship on the beach. Even if there is less of it left, it still makes for beautiful photographs. The museum has the original shipwreck photographs on display.

Coffenbury Lake is also nearby the main camping area. Here, you can spend the day fishing, lounging by the water, or exploring the lake in a canoe or paddleboard. Remember that the lake has a 5-knot speed limit, therefore wakeboards and jet skis are prohibited. 

Cost: $22 for tent site while cabin rental is $93

Sites for camping: More than 500 camping spots at Fort Stevens are accessible via two sizable loops

Facilities: A restroom is within walking distance of every site, and there are water faucets close to every site.

Reservation: Yes, but it has to be done six months before going

12. Cape Blanco State Park

Cape Blanco State Park

The remote Cape Blanco State Park is a terrific place to stay for folks who appreciate quieter stays because it is close to 8 miles of hiking trails and private beaches.

The main drawback of vacationing at Cape Blanco is that it is a generally windy location.

It serves as a helpful reminder to always pack appropriately for coastal weather while traveling to the Oregon coast and to have the necessary gear.

Both tent and RV campers will enjoy this park. 

Cost: $24 each night

Sites for camping: 52 electrical sites

Facilities:  Running water, protected campsites, and Lighthouse at Cape Blanco

Reservation: Six months in advance

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13. Tillamook Head Backpackers Camp

Tillamook Head Backpackers Camp

There aren't many free campgrounds along the coast of Oregon. That is, in part, what distinguishes the backpacker's camp in Ecola State Park at the top of Tillamook Head. Another thing that makes this free camping area one of Oregon's top campgrounds is the picture-perfect setting.

The Tillamook Head hikers camp, which has three Adirondack shelters and available tent space, is surrounded by tall, old-growth trees, which add to the impression of forest mysticism. The summit also has a food hang, vault toilets, and a sizable picnic pavilion. Each and every overnight lodging is first-come, first-served.

Because there is no water available and a strenuous 4.5-mile climb to get to the campground, there is rarely a problem with overcrowding. This hike-in campground can easily be reached from the nearby city of Seaside, which is located to the north. Hikers and campers must pack out all garbage they collect in addition to bringing water to the campsite.

Cost: Free

Sites for camping:  3 small cabins

Facilities:  restrooms with vaults, a picnic area

Reservation: On a first-come basis

14. Beverly Beach State Park

Beverly Beach State Park

Between Depoe Bay and Newport, two of the best small communities on the Oregon Coast, Beverly Beach State Park is located on the east side of the 101. Under a picturesque bridge over Spencer Creek, the park offers convenient beach access.

The western loop of the campground, which has 250 campsites, is framed by the Spencer Creek Bridge and is dotted with enormous shade-producing trees. The remaining half of the campgrounds accommodate RVs with full hookups and electric-only choices, while nearly half are designated for tent camping.

A quiet hiker/biker site that is ideal for those exploring the coast on foot or by bicycle is also available at the campground. 

Cost:  Tent sites cost $23, while yurts and RV sites are $52 and $38, respectively.

Sites for camping:  128 tent sites, 21 yurts, and 53 RV sites

Facilities:  showers, running water, and flushing toilets

Reservation: Six months ahead

Tips for Camping on Oregon Coast Campgrounds

Tips for Camping on Oregon Coast Campgrounds

Camping on the Oregon coast is a great adventure, but it's essential to be prepared. Here are some easy tips to make your trip enjoyable:

1. Plan Ahead and Prepare

Oregon coast campgrounds are popular, so book your spot well in advance, especially during the summer.

Also, the weather can change quickly. Pack layers like sweaters and waterproof jackets to stay comfy. Bring raincoats, tarps, and waterproof covers for your tent and gear.

Meanwhile, coastal areas can be windy. Stake your tent well and bring windbreaks

2. Follow the Rules

Some areas have fire bans or restrictions on pets. Be aware of campground rules.

Oregon is big on conservation. So, pack out all your trash and follow the Leave No Trace principles.

Follow campground rules for fires. Use designated fire rings and always keep an eye on them.

3. Explore Safely

Enjoy the stunning coast, but be cautious near cliffs and watch for sneaker waves

Know the tide schedule if you're near the beach. High tides can surprise you.

Simple Gears for Camping

You will require quality camping supplies to bring with you if you plan to camp along the Oregon Coast. 

Simple Gears for Camping

For any camping vacation along the Oregon Coast, you should come with the things in the list below:

1. Sleeping Bags

Camping requires sleeping bags, so bring some. Check the bag's temperature rating carefully. You can become excessively hot or cold depending on the temperature. It will depend on the season and location. 

2. Rug for outdoors

When camping, outdoor rugs can be really useful. It is placed in front of the door where you will be entering and exiting. This rug aids in keeping mud and dust out of your tent or camper. It truly saves your life!

3. Binoculars

If you want to get a closer look at the whales and birds that visit the Oregon Coast, you might want to bring some binoculars.

You can also bring a spotting scope.

4. Grill and cooler for camping

There are some fantastic camping breakfast recipes. While camping along the Oregon Coast, you'll need a way to prepare dinner on a tiny grill. How many people you plan to cook for will determine the size of the barbecue.

On the Oregon Coast, there are so many fantastic campsites. 

You can enjoy incredible views of the Oregon Coasts' stunning natural splendor whether you're seeking for a spot to stay in the winter or the summer.

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