Mission Bay Campgrounds and Resort in San Diego

Mission Bay Campgrounds and Resort in San Diego

Jan 29, 2024

Southern California is like, where the sun always shines, the skies are all blue forever, and the breezes from the Pacific keep things chill.

Whether you're rolling through this part of the state for the first time or the fifth, it's just such a special place to be, especially for us RVers.

"Anytime's a good time to check out San Diego," says Lety Lopez, who manages Mission Bay RV Resort. "We're smack dab in the middle of everything, only ten miles from downtown and close to all the awesome stuff."

One of the biggest draws for RVers is San Diego and Mission Bay RV Resort. It's right on the coast and super close to all the cool attractions this area's known for.

Mission Bay Campgrounds

Why Should I choose San Diego?

The great city of San Diego is one of the best beach spots in the whole U.S., right? Everybody wants to hit the coast here, whether you're a local or just visiting.

But, like, not everyone can afford it, which totally sucks.This is the best spot you can go for tent camping so you can see the San Diego Zoo and bike trails.

But guess what? There's this cool thing called waterfront camping that not a lot of people think about. It's, like, the perfect way to enjoy San Diego's coast without breaking the bank, plus it helps out the local economy and reminds everyone to take care of the environment.

Campland on the Bay and Mission Bay RV Resort in Mission Bay Park are like, super special 'cause they're the only places in the city where you can camp right by the beach for cheap.

You can score a spot for as low as $65 a night and fit, like, six people per site, which is a total steal compared to other fancy coastal spots.

And get this – Campland even has this rad free camping program for families who need a hand. They hook you up with tents, sleeping bags, and gear at zero cost.

Best Mission Bay Campgrounds in San Diego

Camping is also way better for the environment than other types of stays. Most of the campers around northeast Mission Bay are locals, so there's, like, less driving and pollution. Plus, campers don't use as much electricity and water, which is totally awesome for Mother Nature.

RV camping is, like, the ultimate way to soak up the beauty of Mission Bay and remember why we gotta protect it for the next generation. It's a chance for families to ditch the screens and make memories outdoors that'll stick with them forever.

1. Mission Bay RV Resort

Mission Bay RV Resort

Mission Bay RV Resort in San Diego, California, sits right on Mission Bay and provides full hookup RV sites. The setup resembles a parking lot, with paved roads and parking pads marked by painted lines. There is a picnic table, fire ring, as well as a beautiful sandy beach for you to have a wonderful experience.

It's nestled within a mobile home community, and you can opt for sites with water views for an additional fee. There's also a boat launch available for those keen on hitting the water. Plenty of family-friendly activities are on offer nearby.

Given its prime location and popularity, the park comes with a premium price tag, but you might find some discounts available. This is the perfect place for you to go camping. The Internet has public access, which means you won't be offline.

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2. Silver Strand State Beach RV Park

Silver Strand State Beach RV Park

So check it – Silver Strand State Beach RV Park down in Coronado, California, has got all kinds of camping setups: full hookups, partial hookups, and even some spots with no water, electric, or sewer (they call that primitive, fancy lingo, huh?). It's all for RVs only, and you gotta be self-contained, you know what I mean?

The spots are in this paved parking lot, and there's restrooms, showers, and a dump station nearby. Plus, there's this sweet trail you can use for biking, walking, or rollerblading along the bay. This place is super popular, so you better snag a reservation if you're thinking of rolling through.

At Silver Strand State Beach RV Park, you can camp right next to the crashing waves and those beautiful sandy beaches. Sounds pretty sweet, right? Okay let's head to the next one.

3. San Elijo State Beach

San Elijo State Beach

So, down in Cardiff, California, there is this spot called San Elijo State Beach. It's got it all – full hookup RV sites, tent spots, swimming, surfing, showers, and even places to have a picnic.

Plus, there is this narrow stretch of sand with cliffs behind it, and nearby, there's a reef that's a hit with snorkelers and divers.

It is a pretty popular spot, but here is the thing – the sites can only fit RVs up to 35 feet long, so keep that in mind if you're rolling up with your camper.

Now, let's picture this: San Elijo State Beach Campground is like a little piece of paradise along the Southern California coast. You've got those sandy beaches, killer ocean views, and all sorts of outdoor fun waiting for you.

One of the best parts? You are right on the beach. Like, step-out-of-your-camper-and-feel-the-sand-between-your-toes kind of close. And some of the campsites are practically right on the beach, so you can fall asleep to the sound of waves and wake up to epic sunrises.

If you take a short walk within the arena, you will see some private areas where you can have the best experience with your partner. It is a perfect basecamp with very special events to keep the the site lively.

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4. Campland on the Bay

Campland on the Bay

Campland on the Bay is a popular destination and kind of one of the extra-long sites in the United States that holds a special place in San Diego's heart as the most beloved campground around.

Picture yourself sinking your toes into the sand on our private beach, soaking up the sun, and having an adventure on a sailboat from our marina.

There are public beaches that you can stroll down to with your partner to have quiet hours, that's quite a walking distance right? Oh, we forgot to mention, there are security guards to guard you, so there is nothing to fear about.

We've got a whole bunch of activities and amenities for both kids and grown-ups, making Campland the go-to spot for everyone.

Whether you roll in with your RV or prefer pitching a tent, we've got hookups and spaces ready for you, complete with all the luxury amenities you could ask for. With so much fun to be had, you might find it hard to say goodbye!

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Are There More Things I Should Know?

Pets: You can bring your furry pals along, but be sure to check with the park about any special rules for pets.

Electric: You've got options for electric service, whether you need 20 amp, 30 amp, or 50 amp. Looks like most campsites here have electric hookups available.

Water: You won't go thirsty – there are water hookups or places to fill up your tanks.

Sewer: Yep, they've got sewer connections at some or all of the campsites, so you can empty those tanks when needed.

Full-hookups: You're all set with water, electric, and sewer service at certain campsites.

Internet: Stay connected with internet service, whether it's through wifi or wired connections, although the quality might vary.

Cable: If you're into cable TV, they offer it at the RV sites, but no guarantees on channels or needing a digital box.

Back-in: Back-in sites are available, so no worries about parking your rig here.

Bathrooms: They've got bathrooms, so no need to worry about where to go when nature calls.

Dogs: Your four-legged friends are welcome here, but be sure to follow any rules or restrictions.

Fishing: Anglers, rejoice! There's fishing either on-site or nearby.

Video: You can check out videos to get a better feel for the place before you book your stay.

Family Friendly: Looks like they cater to families with activities, playgrounds, or a family-friendly atmosphere.

Trees: Enjoy some shade from the trees around the campsites, but watch out for maneuvering around them.

Hiking: Lace up your boots – there are hiking trails either at the campground or nearby.

Biking: Bring your bike – there are trails or suitable areas for cycling nearby.

Shade: Some campsites have shade coverings to keep you cool on those sunny days.

Pull-In: If you prefer pull-in style sites, they've got those too, perfect for RVs with windshields.

Scenic: Enjoy picturesque views of the surrounding area during your stay.

Big Rig: Got a big rig? No problem – they can accommodate buses, long trailers, or fifth wheels.

Walking Trail: Take a stroll on a walking trail or in a designated walking area.

Trails: Access trails for hiking or other recreational activities right from the campground.

Showers: Freshen up with onsite shower facilities.

Dump Station: Need to empty your tanks? They've got a dump station available.

Open: Some sites offer an open sky setting, great for stargazing or RV satellite TV signals.

Kayaking: Ready to paddle? There are opportunities for kayaking nearby.

Tourist: Ideal for tourists, with facilities or amenities to accommodate travelers.

Boating: Convenient access to boating opportunities, perfect for boat owners or enthusiasts.

Paved: Roads and site pads are paved, minimizing dust and suitable for heavy RVs.

Laundry: Keep your clothes clean with onsite laundry facilities.

Destination: This place is a destination in itself, where people come to stay and enjoy themselves.

Canoeing: Take your canoe out on the water – they've got access or are nearby suitable areas.

Clubhouse: Gather with friends or family in the clubhouse for meetings or events.

Boat Ramp/Launch: Whether you're launching a boat or water skiing, they've got ramps or launches available.

Urban: Situated in an urban setting, close to shopping, dining, and other amenities.

Water Ski: Access areas for water skiing nearby – bring your own boat!

Are you good now? Do you have a pick to call your great place for camping? Mission bay RV Park, the first on our list, is a place you can try. Do not forget to visit again for more updates on campgrounds

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