Hyco Lake Campgrounds

Hyco Lake Campgrounds - Semora in North Carolina

Oct 19, 2023

Pointer Drive Semora down north Carolina, NC 27343 is the address for Hyco Lake Campground. The pricing, directions, reservations, and other information can be gotten when you call (336) 599-4343.

The Hyco Lake Campground features a bathing area, fishing piers, boat ramps, and hiking trails perfect for business solutions.

There are no lifeguards on duty, and dogs (even Alaskan malamutes) are permitted but pet owners should note that they must be leashed to prevent casualties or any form of accidents. Provision of a rabies certificate is another plus.

Hyco Lake Campgrounds - Semora in North Carolina

How Vast is Lake Hyco?

Hovering over a pan of 3,750 acres, which was built in the early 1960s boasts 120 miles of shoreline and offers several outdoor public recreation possibilities like as boating, fishing, and disc golf.

A Lovely ExpanseHyco Lake has clean, clear warm water that is fed by Hyco Creek, South Hyco Creek, and Cobbs Creek. With the Natural Learning Area which is added advantage with a large number of birds and other species.

The lake is only about ten miles west of Roxboro. Restaurants, shopping, Person Memorial Hospital, and schools are all nearby. If you want to visit a larger city, Raleigh-Durham which is a great place and only an hour away. Raleigh-Durham International Airport is also included.

The mountains views are breathtaking because most of the shoreline is untouched as residents can witness deer, geese, beaver, and ducks. Hyco Lake has been a popular destination for a variety of water activities since its completion in 1965.

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Are there Amenities around the Hyco Lake?

Of Course! Hyco Lake has an 18-hole disc golf course totally free for visitors to use alongside the cabins, RV sites and even the rustic camping sites.

Are there Amenities around the Hyco Lake?

There’s also a concert area designated for shows and karaokes beside a community house, still up for hosting events. Close by is The Person-Caswell Authority, not far from Hurricane Hilda which also has a lake accustomed to it. They’re in charge of the 65-acre recreational park.

Located down in the far Northern Carolina, close to the Virginia border, hosting a wide variety of birds where visitors can watch in awe and park their cars for free at the campground’s parking lot. There’s also room for boat ramps at specific spots near the shore.

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Activities at Hyco Lake

Visitors and tourists are open to recreational activities like boating, water skiing, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, and swimming, kayaking, and hiking are among the activities accessible at the beach.

Activities at Hyco Lake

The campground also has open centers such as playground, picnic spots, and facilities for tourist use as there are 77 campsites available for reservation. It is the premier fishing, water skiing, and wakeboarding destination. More details on activities include:

1. Boat Rentals:  Reserve a boat with Hyco Lake Boat Rentals if you wish to enjoy the water. Lake Hyco is a lake with camping and boating opportunities. The lake was named from a Native American term that translates as "great turkey buzzard."

The park's six boat ramps and boardwalks allow visitors to explore the lake. The lake provides a range of water sports, including kayaking and fishing.

2. Fishing: While most activists fish from boats, shoreline and kayak fishing are also popular! Largemouth bass, channel catfish, flathead catfish, black crappie, white crappie, bluegill, redear sunfish, and white bass may all be found in Hyco Lake.

3. Food Bizzare: Take in the scenery while dining at Buoys on Hyco Lake. On most nights, a band performs at their restaurant. Check out their upcoming activities by clicking on this link.

4. Restaurants: Within a short drive of Hyco Lake Campground, there are various picnic tables, restaurants, including seafood restaurants, pizza outlets, and burger spots.

La Cocina Mexican Restaurant, Grill Worx, and Jolly's Drive-In are some of the restaurant names. All these are up and running around Lake Hyco to give visitors and tourists that ‘home away from home’ feeling.

Other Campgrounds you can possibly find around Hyco are listed below:

1. Country Park Campground
2. Clear Lake Campground
3. Topsail Beach RV Park
4. LongWood Park Campground
5. Mayo Park
6. Occoneechee State Park
7. Jones Station RV Park

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Other Attractions and Fun Facts

Hyco Lake Campground features one of the state's largest lakes, covering over 3,750 acres, and is a favorite destination for fishing aficionados, with numerous different types of fish available.

Other Attractions and Fun Facts

The lake is bordered by lovely forests and hills, and a cobbs creek providing visitors with a scenic backdrop with side attractions like hiking and walking trail adjacent Mayo Park and Mayo Mountain, as well as various historic buildings, such as the Vance Birthplace State Historic Site.

There’s also the Old Country Church, are among the attractions surrounding Hyco Lake Campground bringing that nostalgic feeling whenever you visit.

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