Best Propane Camping and Backyard Fire Pit 2023

Best Propane Camping and Backyard Fire Pit 2024

Oct 08, 2023

Portable fire pits are just like magic. Fire pits make us remember how our ancestors used fire to keep themselves warm, how they used it to cook good food, and even stay safe.

Fire has actually contributed to today's modern society. If we say fire is life, it might be somehow too much, but it is definitely very useful for everyone and fun. A portable firepit is good to travel with, and we know there are different fire pits out there; that is why we are here to help you.

These portable fire pits you are about to see are more like special boxes that can keep fires safe and above the ground level. You can put them in many open fire places of your choice.

Some people even have cool extras likes of grilling or keeping the smoke away. So, having said all that, let us be like our ancient old folks: pick one of the top pick portable fire pits in 2023 that comes in different sizes so you can have some outdoor fun!

1. Front Runner BBQ/Fire Pit

Front Runner BBQ/Fire Pit

This is one of our best portable fire pits, first choice because of its high quality and modern design. The Front Runner BBQ/Fire Pit is designed for both grilling and trucking. The Front Runner Grill/Fire Pit features a sturdy design with sharp corners and strong shapes. 

However, this angle also has the advantage of an easy-to-assemble, flat-packed and portable shape, as it is a series of interlocking metal panels that even an amateur outdoor explorer can assemble in less than a minute. 

Already, there is a high-quality grill grate on the top, which is the basic selling point of this particular model. You can grill well without going for any expensive accessories. 

The stainless steel is some of the highest quality we've seen in this category, and is meant to help the Front Runner hold up when pushed around the terrain. 

One drawback is that it is quite large and heavy, even when packed flat. This is a disadvantage for us in terms of durability. 

The panels are meant to be stored in a Wolf Pack (preferably a Wolf Pack Pro pickup) storage container, not a backpack, making them less suitable for trekking and more suitable for family camping. Make it your great option today!


  • The built-in grill is convenient and excellent at distributing heat

  • The flat-pack design makes it extra easy to pack in a vehicle

  • Sturdy design and excellent flame containment

  • Grid-lifting tools are included


  • 17-pound weight makes its portability more truck-based than backpack-based

  • Requires a good bit of maintenance as grease and food will build up on the grill surface

  • Designed for use with a specific brand of pick-up storage box and may not fit all vehicles as well with other brands

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2. Bond Manufacturing Aurora Portable Steel Propane Gas Fire Pit

Bond Manufacturing Aurora Portable Steel Propane Gas Fire Pit

For some of us, and I mean Hank Hill, propane is the best option for heating (or grilling). This is where the Aurora Portable Steel Propane Fire Pit from Bond Manufacturing comes into play. This is actually one of his best fire pits. Gas burns cleanly and stones are used for aesthetic reasons and to suppress flames. 

This gas allows for a constant output of 50,000 BTU. Gas consistency is one of the main advantages gas has over wood. As the fire gets stronger or weaker, heat moves in and out of the wood. 

Using gas also means there's no ash, charred wood, or other residue left behind after you're done enjoying your fire. Simply turn off the gas, wait for the stones and fire pit to cool, close the lid and transport the fire pit. 

Unfortunately, the usefulness of propane gas is compromised by the fact that you have to carry a tank of propane with you. That means you'll need 20 pounds of extra weight and quite a bit of luggage to take to the beach, tailgating, or camping trips. 

If your main purpose is to use it in your backyard, this won't be much of a hindrance. The Aurora is sturdy, but a bit heavy. So if your campsite is a short hike away, you may not be able to hike up the mountain together. But for a close and consistent fire source for propane professionals, this is an easy recommendation.


  • Propane-ready

  • The locking lid acts as a carrying handle

  • No assembly required

  • The auto-ignition function makes starting fires simple


  • The need for separate propane tank increases weight and space

  • The awkward shape means it’s a carry-from-the-car kind of portable

3. Inno Stage Portable Smokeless Fire Pit

Inno Stage Portable Smokeless Fire Pit

In some cases, you may not want to go all-in on a particular product category. That's where affordable options like the Inno Stage Portable Smokeless Fire Pit come in. This baby doesn't stray too far from the fire pit, costs twice as much, and offers some innovative ideas that really increase its value. 

First, the airflow design prevents a lot of smoke while the fire is burning. Second, the two-piece design makes it relatively easy to set up and store, although its bulky shape doesn't make it the easiest to carry. (The safety of the carrying case helps.) At medium size he costs less than $100, so the investment is minimal. 

The biggest drawback is that its design is intended for use with wood pellets or very small pieces of wood. The firewood you purchased is probably too big for this baby, so you will have to significantly reduce the amount of firewood you pick up. 

Therefore, if you want to use Inno Stage while traveling, you will need to put the wood pellets in a bag and load it into your car. Of course, at home this is not such a disadvantage.


  • Airflow design allows for smoke reduction

  • Three sizes of the same design are available for different size needs

  • The matte black finish keeps the fire pit looking clean

  • The price/performance ratio is high


  • Designed for wood pellets rather than traditional firewood

  • The carrying case partially alleviated the somewhat bulky design

4. Snow Peak Pack & Carry L Fireplace

Snow Peak Pack & Carry L Fireplace

The minimalist principles and clean lines of Japanese design are here again. Snow Peak's Pack & Carry L Fireplace is a perfect balance between form and function. The collapsible design makes it very easy to carry with a beautiful flat shape, and weighs only 12 lbs. 

With the additional custom-made Fireplace Grill Bridge L and Fireplace Grill L accessories, you can turn this pretty fireplace into a Takibi grilling solution or even the centerpiece of a retractable dining table, but additional cost and space will be added. 

This chic fireplace/fire pit comes courtesy of Snow Peak, a Niigata-based company that provides camping gear that's as cool and attractive as it is convenient. 

The downside is that Pack & Carry provides a relatively small size fire area. Some ready-made wood fire pits may be too large and may require additional carving. The fire produced may be too small for large gatherings, but it's perfect for solo adventures or intimate getaways.


  • Clever and stylish collapsible design

  • High-quality stainless steel

  • Easy set-up

  • Packs flat


  • Requires additional accessories to grill

  • Somewhat smaller size

5. UCO Flatpack Portable Fire Pit

UCO Flatpack Portable Fire Pit

The flatpack doubles as a laptop when packed in a nice canvas carrying case. When stored, it becomes very slim. It was the smallest full fire pit we tested, but it's sturdy and stable. 

The stainless steel body is thin and can hold only ten pounds of wood or charcoal, so the fire requires some care since you use small pieces of wood rather than large logs. The load from the ground is quite high for the size of the pit. Therefore, be sure to install it on a flat surface. 

The included grill rack is the perfect platform for cooking hot dogs and burgers at the campsite or local park. In our testing, we found that the Flatpack produced a surprising amount of smoke despite its small fire, but it had one feature that other fire pits do not have. It is dishwasher safe.


  • 30-second set-up

  • Extremely light

  • Folds flat for easy portability


  • Can’t handle a lot of weight on or inside it 

  • Needs a nice, flat surface for stability

  • The grilling space is not particularly large

6. Fireside Outdoor Trailblazer Portable Fire Pit

Fireside Outdoor Trailblazer Portable Fire Pit

Like the pop-up above, the Trailblazer has high walls that worked well to protect the flames from the wind once we started the fire. Assembly involves the somewhat difficult task of attaching the heat shield to the frame, but once completed the shield does its job. 

When I held my hand under it, I couldn't feel the heat of the fire (although Fireside warns that you should hold the shield at least 10cm below the flame to prevent it from peeling off). Masu). 

There's a tri-fold grate on the top, so we were worried that it might start a fire, but it is tall enough that I could easily insert a small stick into the gap to keep the flame going. And given the space available to start a fire, it is highly unlikely you'll exceed the 45-pound weight limit.


  • Well built and easy to use once set up


  • Putting it together is a little more time-consuming

7. Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Portable Fire Pit

Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Portable Fire Pit

The pop-up is somehow the size of a folded camp chair, but when unpacked, it becomes a platform from which you can build a large fire. 

4 square feet of stainless steel mesh top can hold firm up to 125 pounds of logs (by Fireside Outdoor). 3.5" tall walls create a balanced structure that protects the fire from wind without suffocating the large thermal field.

The net also promoted air circulation and reduced smoke production. The open top made it easy to maintain a fire and add wood. 

Setup is not that easy. The legs folded up easily, but then I had to attach the heat shield to the bottom with Velcro straps, drop the four walls onto the supports one at a time, and slide the mesh in. 

There are a lot of parts to figure out, but if you want to camp around a roaring campfire for a few hours (or grill lots of food with the optional tri-fold grill), the pop-up is perfect.


  • The open design makes for easy tending of the fire


  • The setup is a bit complicated

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8. Solo Stove Bonfire + Stand 2.0

Solo Stove Bonfire + Stand 2.0

Solo Stove's Bonfire 2.0 is a later update to the previously tested Bonfire that adds a removable ashtray and a smokeless option. Some people consider this one of the traditional fire pits, but trust us when we say it's an excellent fire pit.

Like his last Bonfire, the 2.0 also comes with a carry bag with a drawstring on the top, which I really liked. A suitcase is basically a large bag with a handle for easy carrying. It also prevents ash from falling into your car, home, or storage area. 

We have finally come to appreciate that Solo Stove's smokeless fire pit technology actually works. The fire pit is a double-walled stainless steel cylinder with holes on the outside of the base and inside the top.

When the heat of the fire rises, it sucks air through the inner hole and air through the outer bottom hole, creating secondary combustion to reduce smoke production and promote combustion. 

However, this robust smokeless combustion comes at a price. Bonfire 2.0 burns through logs much faster than an open flame. Because the fire had a constant supply of air, it burned hot and quickly, leaving little ash to be removed later. 

This fire pit has truly perfect ratings in online reviews. Consider Solo Stove as an option and share the good news later.


  • ProTruly best smokeless fire pits

  • The attractive design contains all the ashes


  • Burns through wood quickly

9. Wolf & Grizzly Campfire Trio Portable Fire Pit

Wolf & Grizzly Campfire Trio Portable Fire Pit

The Campfire Trio includes a fireproof safe, grill, and fire starter. It disassembles into two small bags that fit into your backpack, making it perfect for hiking and camping. Fire Safe stands for everything you need to safely contain a fire while you are enjoying the outdoors in this kit. 

Surprisingly easy to set up, it takes him less than two minutes, but the grill took a little longer. The Fire Safe has a fairly small footprint but has excellent heat output. We were able to warm our hands while cuddling, or sit and warm our feet comfortably. 

After getting the fire down to embers, we placed the grill on top of the fireproof safe and cooked some burgers. We were able to easily adjust the height of the grill to place my food in the proper heating zone above the coals for delicious results. 

Although the Campfire Trio is not very functional as a fire pit, it is a great camping accessory that is easy to pack, safely light, and doubles as a grill.


  • Easy to set up


  • Limited heat output

10. Winnerwell Large Flatfold Portable Fire Pit

Winnerwell Large Flatfold Portable Fire Pit

We were intrigued by Winnerwell's Flatfold's minimalist design and its performance, which is as good as it looks. The setup seemed unstable at first because there were no locks or latches, but once he unfolded the two pieces and inserted the bowl into the stand, it took him less than a minute to ensure a secure fit. 

We also tested an accessory table that can raise the fire pit off the ground to protect the surface it sits on and prevent blind spots on your lawn or burn marks on your patio. The accessory table also folds flat, and both parts of the fire pit fit snugly into the top for easy storage and transport. 

We started a medium fire in a flat hut using small logs. As we sat around the fire pit, we felt the heat radiated best when the wood was placed directly over the edge and the flame rose to about 2 feet high. The size we tested was the large size, which provides excellent insulation for groups of 4 to 5 people, but there are several sizes available.


  • Simple nested design

  • Remarkably stable

  • Lightweight


  • Stainless-steel discolors after use

11. Breeo Y-Series

Breeo Y-Series

The Breeo Y series is smaller and lighter than previous models and features a handle that is well-balanced with the body. We found it to be the most portable of the full-size fire pits that aren't collapsible. The addition of a handle also makes it easier to flip the Y-Series over and eject the ash. 

Due to its thicker construction, it is a little heavier than other products we tested, but it won't dent during shipping. This is not a model for hiking or long-distance transportation. Designed for RV camping, tailgating, grilling, or starting a fire in the backyard. 

In tests, the Y series ignited relatively quickly, usually achieving smokeless operation after 5-10 minutes. You can burn large logs, wood pellets, and charcoal. 

The optional Outpost grill extension and convertible grill surface height make the Y Series a great grilling option. We also like the adjustable legs that extend the surface area by up to 20 inches for easier grilling. 

The Y series dissipates heat well when loaded with logs. We found that the lower the height, the warmer my feet felt. Smokeless secondary combustion is good, but the wood does not burn quickly and takes some time before additional fuel is needed.


  • Smokeless

  • Lifetime warranty

  • Durable


  • A bit cumbersome

12. Primus Kamoto OpenFire Large Portable Fire Pit

Primus Kamoto OpenFire Large Portable Fire Pit

Just leave it to the Swedes to design a perfect fire pit that has a modern, minimalist look and is easy to set up. All we had to do was lift the ends to form a sturdy X-shape, place the free leg side in the groove, install the stainless steel platform and side windshield, and light the fire. All you had to do was start. 

The windshield provided plenty of protection from gusts of wind, but was thin enough not to impede the spread of heat. The large ashtray makes cleaning easy. Make sure your device is placed on a clean, flat surface to avoid any wobbles or sparks. 

When preparing the deer moto, we cut a finger on the triangular notch, so please be careful when setting it up. Meat blemishes aside, what impressed us with this fire pit was its aforementioned ease of use and the amount of cooking surface when you throw it on the included grill.


  • Very slim when packed down


  • Sharp edges

13. BioLite FirePit Plus Portable Fire Pit

BioLite FirePit Plus Portable Fire Pit

BioLite developed the FirePit Plus, relying on technology that uses lithium-ion batteries, fans, Bluetooth, and an app to create the combustion conditions necessary for smokeless fires. 

We were not sure about relying on the battery when using the FirePit+, but the battery never fully depleted during a fire. Although the FirePit Plus is too large to carry in a backpack, its size, weight, and folding legs make it easy to move, transport, and store. Due to its large size, we have found that it is more effective to split regular firewood into smaller pieces. 

When we made use of the FirePit Plus's fan on low or medium, we noticed occasional smoke from the fire, but when we set the fan to high, the smoke almost completely disappeared.


  • Fans cut down on smoke

  • Includes removable grill grate

  • Easy to use

  • Less smoke

  • Portable


  • Too small for large groups

  • Noisy fan

14. Solo Stove Ranger 2.0

Solo Stove Ranger 2.0

The little brother of our most popular smokeless fire pit, the Solo Stone Bonfire 2.0, the Solo Stove Ranger 2.0 is more portable, yet still powerful. One of the first things you notice about the Ranger is its sleek, rounded design. 

This fire pit has a clean silver cylinder design that fits perfectly into your elegant rooftop cocktail bar. (You can add a similar touch of luxury to your backyard or car camping setup.) 

Even the flames look stylish, as the high hole allows the small flamethrower to swing and swirl around the large open flame. 

It is very controlled yet powerful, producing great heat and light without feeling dangerous. Lighting a fire is the usual method, but the included cylinder makes it even easier, allowing you to protect your young flicker from wind and moisture. 

Well, it is best to follow the instructions provided, but even the lazy task of "throwing wood over a lit kindling" may work due to its efficient design. Smoke is only a problem when you light it, after which it is removed by airflow.


  • Lightweight and compact

  • High-quality well-controlled flame that eliminates most smoke

  • Strong stainless steel construction

  • All-in-one design improves strength

  • Round design is stylish and silver surface is chic

  • Included carrying case makes transportation easier


  • All-in-one design makes it difficult to pack

  • Grilling or lifting requires separately-purchases accessories

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FAQs on Best Camping Fire Pit

Q: Which fire pit produces the most heat?

A: Wood burns hotter than gas, but not evenly. Gas produces flames of approximately the same intensity in the same location as long as you do not change the gas output as the fire conditions change over time as the fire flares up and goes out or trees fall over. But if you're looking for pure warmth, wood is the right choice. 

Q: Will a 50,000 BTU fire pit keep me warm?

A: Whether a 50,000 BTU fire pit is enough to keep you warm depends on your distance from the fire pit. These fire pits are relatively small, so you have to stand relatively close to them to really feel the warmth. 

Heat from a fire spreads through the air very quickly, and energy can travel in all directions. 50,000 BTUs (British Thermal Units) will keep you warm if you're just a few feet away from the fire, but as that distance increases to several feet, it won't feel as warm. 

Situations will vary based on climate and specific enclosure, but in a quiet outdoor environment, 50,000 BTUs will be hot at 8 feet away, comfortable at about 8 to 10 feet away, and not warm at more than 10 feet away.

Q: How can I make my fire pit hotter? 

A: Fire uses oxygen to grow, so oxygen increases the fire's heat output. Adding air to the bottom of the fire, especially using a bellows, increases the heat output of the fire. 

It is also important to properly design your fire, using dry, clean logs of the correct size for burning. Check out our YouTube videos on starting a fire in a firepit to get an idea of ​​what to look for in your wood and equipment. 

Q: How do you keep the fire pit burning all night? 

A: If it's gas, make sure you have enough gas. For wood, you want dry, seasoned wood, not wet or green (young) wood. Many of these fire pits are also equipped with heat shields that act as reflectors, dispersing heat that would normally travel downwards from the fire upwards, helping to keep the fire active. 

Make sure you have enough wood to burn in the grid. Once the fire starts to burn, use small pieces of wood and add larger pieces that will take longer to use later. Dry, cool but not cold nights with little wind are also very helpful. Finally, certain types of wood burn more slowly, especially oak and maple. 

Q: Is it okay to keep my fire pit burning overnight? 

A: If you are not sure, do not leave a bonfire or any kind of fire overnight. Fires are very dangerous and although these fire pits are well built, a small defect can become a big problem overnight. By paying attention to fires, you can solve problems and put out fires before they become problems. 

Q: Which is hotter: coal or flame? 

A: Assuming the flame comes from the same source that produces the coal, the flame has access to more oxygen, so it gets hotter and hotter. 

Q: Can I fill my portable fire pit with sand? 

A: Portable fire pits do not require sand. 

Q: Are fire pits suitable for winter? 

A: If it's just cold and there's no snow, then yes. However, high moisture levels in the area can make it very difficult to keep the fire out.


A portable fire pit will add a touch of class to a backyard fire pits gathering or a source of heat and food on a camping trip. You can grill in the summer, cut the chill in fall, manage the cold in winter, or set the mood in spring. 

That cozy fire feeling can be yours anywhere, so if you’re interested in fanning the flames in your own life, grab whichever of our recommended models fits your needs. Go for a good value fire pit with safety features and unique extra features that will sit well with you.

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