7 Best Paddle Board Companies

7 Best Paddle Board Companies

May 03, 2023

7 Best Paddle Board Companies

When you're looking for the best paddle board companies, there are a few things to keep in mind. Why is it important to pay attention to who makes your board? Well, depending on the company's reputation and experience when it comes to making boards, you could end up with something that really floats your boat (see what we did there?) – or something that sinks faster than the Titanic.


What To Look For In A Paddle Board Brand?

When looking for a quality paddle board, you want to find to look for a few things before you decide to buy.


  • Craftsmanship - Look for a brand with a good track record when it comes to craftsmanship and quality.
  • Reviews - Many of the best paddle board brands have been around for years, so read some reviews online or talk to experienced paddle boarders before you buy.
  • Innovation - It's important to find a brand that is constantly improving their designs and pushing the limits of what a paddle board can do.
  • Material - Pay attention to the type of material used such as carbon fiber, fiberglass or PVC.
  • Price Range - Don't forget to take price into account when you're deciding on a board. Even a quality board doesn't have to break the bank. You can find high-quality boards at an affordable price.

Now that you know a little bit about what to look for in a paddle board let's look at all the different brands.

Best Paddle Board Companies

Speaking of good paddle board companies, some of the best out there are Bluefin, Isle, Pau Hana, Bote and Red Paddle Co. These companies have years of experience in making quality boards so you can trust that their products will provide a great riding experience. All offer a variety of design options so you can find one that fits your style and budget.




Bluefin brand is known for its innovative designs and high-quality construction. They offer a range of inflatable and traditional paddle boards in different sizes and price points.

One of their most popular paddle boards is the Bluefin Cruise Carbon which is incredibly lightweight and great for touring.


Pau Hana

Pau Hana Solo Backcountry Solo Paddle Board

Pau Hana has been around since 2006 and makes durable all-around, touring, racing and surf SUPs that are perfect for flat water paddling as well as waves.

This brand in known for their innovative ideas that make their boards stand out from the rest. The innovations include kayak paddle extensions, and visors.

Their most popular board is the Pau Hanna Solo Backcountry Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board as it only weighs approximately 14.8 pounds.



 Bote Breeze Aero Paddle Board

Bote is a relatively new brand, but they have quickly made a name for themselves in the SUP industry. They offer high-quality boards that are designed to be durable and perform well in any water conditions.

Their boards come with features like integrated handles and adjustable fins so you can customize your board to suit your style of paddling.

Their most popular board is the Bote Rover All-Rounder which is lightweight and perfect for all kinds of watersports like fishing, paddling and surfing.

Another popular board is the Bote Breeze Aero Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with Paddle which is made of miliatry-grade single layer PVC, includes an adjustable paddle, removable center fin, hand bump, repair kit and travel bag.


Red Paddle Co

Red Paddle Co Paddle Boards


Red Paddle Co has been making inflatable stand up paddle boards since 2008 and they are now one of the top brands in the industry.

Their boards are designed to be lightweight and durable, so you can use them in any water conditions. They also offer a range of accessories such as paddles, pump and fins to help customize your board and make it even more comfortable to paddle.

The Red Paddle Co Ride Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with Paddle 10'6" is a great board for every condition, is a stable board making it a great option if your skill level is beginner to intermediate. It has ergonomic tubular grab handles.



TAHE Paddle Boards

TAHE has been around since the 80's and they make a variety of paddle boards, kayaks and accessories. They have some of the most innovative designs in the industry, so if you're looking for something unique and high-quality then Tahe Marine is definitely worth checking out.

Their most popular board is the TAHE Beach SUP- Yak Tandem Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with Paddles offers excellent stability and is the best to use for standing or seating on the 11 ft 6 in board. It's big enough to use for 1-2 people with easy to install seats and footrests. It is a rigid board and buoyant as it's made of 6 inch think military-grade drop-stitch PVC.



Connelly Paddle Boards

Connelly is a brand that dates back to the 1970's and is one of the leading brands in paddle boards and water sports accessories. make some of the best all around boards for recreational paddling racing, surfing and more.

Their most popular and most affordable board on this list is the Connelly Pacific Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board With Paddle is best for people who like to sit or stand. It has backrest with adjustable straps, deck cleats with bungee cord and adjustable carbon paddle.



Isle Paddle Boards

Isle is a brand that has quickly become one of the most popular paddle board companies. They make some of the best inflatable SUP boards and offer a wide range of accessories to customize them to suit your needs.

Their most popular model is the Isle Pioneer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with Paddle, which is a great all-rounder board. It's lightweight and easy to maneuver and has a removable center fin and adjustable carbon paddle.

These are just some of the best paddle board brands available in the market today. Before choosing your board make sure you know what kind of paddling you plan on doing and also research the company to make sure they offer good customer service and quality products. A good brand will ensure that you get a great board that can last for years to come.

Different Types Of Paddle Boards

In addition to all-around boards, there are several other types of paddle boards on the market depending on your needs.


The types of paddle boards to look into are:

  • Stand-up Paddle Boards - These boards are great for recreational use and come in a variety of sizes and shapes.
  • Inflatable SUPs - Inflatable stand-up paddleboards are perfect for traveling and portability as you can easily pack them away when not in use.
  • Touring Paddle Boards - Touring SUPs are designed for long distance paddling. They are usually longer and wider than all-around SUPs, making them more stable in choppy water.
  • Racing SUPs - Racing stand-up paddle boards are designed for speed and maneuverability, allowing you to easily cut through the waves.
  • Surf Paddle Boards - Surf SUPs are specifically designed for surfing waves


Frequently Asked Questions


Do Inflatable Paddle Boards Come With An Electric Pump?

Most inflatable paddle boards come with a manual pump, but some do offer electric pumps as an extra purchase.


What Is A Premium Board?

A premium board is a stand-up paddleboard that offers superior design and performance. They are usually made of high quality materials and come with additional features like fins and handles.


What Are The Best Inflatable Paddle Boards?

The best inflatable paddle boards depend on your needs. Some of the most popular models are the Bluefin Cruise, Red Paddle Co Ride, and Bote Breeze Aero.


Which Stand Up Paddle Board Is The Best?

The best stand up paddle board depends on your specific needs and budget. For all-around performance, the Bluefin Cruise is a great option. If you're looking for a touring board, then the Red Paddle Co Ride 10'6" is a good choice. For surfing waves, the Bote Breeze Aero should be your go-to board.


Which Is The Best Fiberglass Paddle?

The Pau Hana Big EZ is one of the most popular fiberglass paddle boards on the market. It offers great stability and excellent performance for all types of riders.


Are Paddle Boards Stable?

Paddle boards can be stable depending on their size, shape and construction. All-around SUPs tend to be more stable than other types of boards as they are wider and shorter.


Are Paddle Boards Easy To Transport?

Most paddle boards can easily be transported by one person, making them great for traveling and camping trips. Inflatable SUPs are particularly easy to transport as they can be rolled up into a compact package when not in use.



Paddle boards are a great way to explore the ocean, rivers and lakes. There are many brands and models available so it's important to choose one that suits your needs and budget.

Look for features like durability, stability, portability and accessories when choosing a paddle board.

With the right board you'll be enjoying the water in no time.

Happy Paddling!


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