Alexandria Bay Campgrounds

Tent Sites and RV Parks at Alexandria Bay Campgrounds

Jul 02, 2024

Alexandria Bay is one of the very islands campground just right in a scenic town in the thousand island area of the state New York.

Not far from the st. lawrence river, it is considered as a wonderful tourist attraction that has crystal waters and get the people’s attention because of the opportunities to meet the history of the place.

Surrounded by a thousand islands, there are tent sites, RV parks, picnic tables, Eisenhower locks alongside full hookups just by the park's terrain, and with much more, one can vouch for a memorable experience for families, couples, and single people as the camp grounds found here provide a good outing.

Alexandria Bay Campgrounds

Campgrounds in Alexandria Bay

This site is home to some other campgrounds stuffed with all the vacay-goodies including a tiki bar, vantage points, rocky outcroppings, modern amenities, a pine forest just by the swimming pool and some picnic areas.

1. Keewaydin State Park

Keewaydin State Park

One can say this is among the best campgrounds for camping as it has provided numerous camping choices, like tent sites and rv sites with electrical services.

The park has elegant scenic views of the St. Lawrence River with good fishing, a meadow area of trees, and boating and bathing facilities. Also loaded with clean and well-managed amenities while the employees working at the centers are polite and courteous.

Activities in Keewaydin State Park 

1. Fishing: This is one eye-catching activity that is done in the St. Lawrence River, another eye for breathtaking views. Not far from Beaver Lake where one is surely free to get a grip from sorts of fishes as basses, pikes, and perches.

2. Boating and Swimming: The park also has the boat launching facilities just by Lake Ontario, making it very easy to get the boat and enjoy water boating. One also find accommodation which include a swimming pool for those hot summer days for fresh water swimming. 

3. Hiking: Walking trails close to the organic farm in the park can too be done without worrying because of the surrounding environment and; of course, the wooden areas acting as a vault for open fields beside the sheltered marina.

4. Picnicking: There are picnic grounds with benches and fire rings so that you can have that traditional, yummy family cookout filled with natural beauty for a memorable stay.

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 2. Wellesley Island State Park

Wellesley Island State Park

Located in the Thousand Islands, this spot covers the largest parcel of land and it has many camping sites in the United States.

Aside from being stocked with various available accommodations like RV sites as well as cabins for native people, the park is distinct with different animals and plants within the area and that, there are many sceneries that can be captured duing special events.

To-Do’s at the Wellesley Island State Park

1. Nature Watching: So many wildlife species can be found within the park besides the NYS route such as deer, birds, and small mammals. So, grab your binoculars and get ready for the next level of sighting animals and birds.

2. Fishing: Indeed, the park is very famous for fishing, especially towards the Swan Bay Resort & marina. There is the possibility to fish right from the coast or rent a boat and go to the middle of the lake.

3. Boating: Numerous launch sites and docks are available for use if you own a boat you can moor it here giving the feeling of a very private spot by the outspot camp.

4. Hiking: The park offers many trails in the entire campground from a stone wall which one can hike in order to view the natural scenery.

5. Nature Center: To boost your knowledge about the plants and animals you should visit the nature center that is in the park.

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3. Kring Point State Park

Kring Point State Park

 What distinguishes this spot from the others is the fact that it offers a more intimate atmosphere. Campsites with tent or RV options and amenities are also available with the majestically picturesque background of the water.

It is situated on a rather small spit, which allowed the locals to be close to the St. Lawrence River and Goose Bay. It is also one of the best places for the practice of kayaking, golf courses as well as canoeing. 

There are open-air barbeque pits and children’s playgrounds for families that would wish to picnic and also a natural bridge that serves as a perfect spot to see the beautiful night skies.  

Some Activities at the Kring Point State Park

1. Kayaking and Canoeing: It is most fitting to paddle in this park because it is situated on the peninsula. It is possible to sail along the yonder waters of Goose Bay or the shipping canal or go deep into the St Lawrence River.

2. Picnicking: With a great landing at the organic gardens, one is equipped with picnic tables and grill ideal for the family to dine along with nature and even thrills for some movie magic coupled with nature's beauty.

3. Playground: It has a children’s playground to facilitate the children to have their fun moments as well as large groups and more convenient spaces like the various paddocks.

4. Relaxing: It remains a perfect park to relax as it is surrounded by dignity and quiet nature even if it means a lack of light which might bring some cancellation fees. 

4. Mary Island State Park 

Mary Island State Park

It is notable that this is a campsite that is accessible only by water transport, perhaps a boat, making it a perfect place for people who want to camp in an area that is not so crowded by other campers.

Camping is allowed in the park through the provision of primitive sites hence there is no electricity or water connection even by the ocean-going vessels.

But then, sandy beaches and the scenic view of the sea bespeaking the island’s calmness are worth it for excellent boating.

It is always recommended for fishing, hiking, and bird watching due to the natural scenery recorded around the park and the entire property. So, if one is seeking extreme along the old hemlock forest trails and real adventure, then Mary Island State Park is all that one needs.

Some Activities at Mary Island State Park

1. Fishing: The environment surrounding Mary Island is ideal for fishing trips, and there is so much more to it; like boating, surfing, and even water battling just by the sackets harbor.

2. Hiking: On this island, there are trails on which one can go for a walk barefoot; not far from the Beaver River flow, also a great opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views.

3. Birdwatching: It also provides shelter to various kinds of birds. Come with binoculars or if you don’t have them you can borrow some to watch birds even from the state route.

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5. Cedar Point State Park

Cedar Point State Park

Another campground that is frequently recommended is Cedar Point State Park. It has multiple Tent & RV sites including full-service RV sites and tent sites with electricity. 

There is also an event space just by the middle of the woods with tons of space for an unforgettable experience alongside the complimentary hot chocolate when it’s time to dine and unwind.

It has a good and clean sandy beach and is best for fishing. Included are also such facilities as picnic sites, children’s play areas, and boat ramping. Families and Children will enjoy Cedar Point State Park since there are many activities they can enjoy.

Activities at Cedar Point State Park

1. Swimming: The park has a natural sandy beach to swim at or just be lazy and catch up with the sun, the sand, and the water by the edge of the meadow.

2. Boating: The location is preferred because it has a boat launch through which one can effortlessly place his/her boat into the water. 

3. Picnicking: Some of these include shaded tables and sealing grills which create a favorable environment just in case one wants to have a family meal on the lawn even by the trails of the park.

4. Playspot: The children can play in the area provided for that purpose, that is, there is a playground within short miles from the cute towns. 

6. Dewolf Point State Park 

Dewolf Point State Park

Known for a portable space though it is quite small and not as crowded, yet rents out tent and RV sites but there are also cabins for rent.

It has picnic equipment, a children’s playground, a camp store, a better farm, an animal sanctuary, and even a boat ramp. Dewolf Point State Park is perfect for a quiet vacation that allows people to fish, boat, and hike. 

Activities to Try Out at the Dewolf Point State Park

During that beautiful camping experience at this spot, one can indulge in,

1. Fishing: With regards to the sporting facilities, fishing within the park appears to be very lucrative. The lakes are good for fishing where you can fish directly from the shore or go fishing in a boat on the water.

2. Boating: An opportunity to dive right across the Grass Point State Park is worth it as the ocean spreads across the 50-acre wetland preserve down to the islands of northern New York. Nothing short of nature’s beauty.

3. Hiking: There are trails, which can be taken so as to make a nice walk along with having a look at the views that are present in the park and even cross-country skiing.

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7. Canoe-Picnic Point State Park 

Canoe-Picnic Point State Park

This is one of the simplest, most private campgrounds, that can be accessed only by water. In this facility, there is no provision of electricity and water connection hence making it a primitive camping site.

It’s not far from the sun outdoors association island which is a great country harboring the second-generation property. A mark from the islands region of NY.

Things to do at Canoe-Picnic Point State Park

1. Hiking: It has trails where lovers of a quiet scenic and peaceful walk can trek along.

2. Birdwatching: It is also a hobby for bird watching seeing that many varieties of birds can be seen within the park just by the St. Lawrence seaway. There also is a local FM radio station and a beaver camp for rescued farm animals.

3. Boating: As the park is accessible only by boat you will certainly have a lot of fun in boating by the secluded meadow.

These campgrounds have one or two-story art barns to the thrills of the campers in the early 1800s. learn more than just while away time during a vacation. 

Advantages of Camping in Alexandria Bay

This area is situated in Thousand Islands of New York hence the climax for adventure lovers of nature and some others like:

1. Beautiful Scenery 

This just may probably be one of the greatest advantages of camping in Alexandria Bay the good looks.

The campsites are located scenic with gorgeous views of the Saint Lawrence River and Thousand Islands surrounding the campgrounds.

It is a great gift to watch the clear blue water, productive green forests, and beautiful islands for even educational opportunities as it adds a lot of sight beauty which can increase one’s yearning for knowledge, making their stay more enjoyable and relaxing.

2. Outdoor Activities

This has to do with hiking, canoeing, wildlife sightseeing, boating, sunbathing, and even a tour say by the animal sanctuary.

Saddled with such a ton of entertainment would surely give one a reason to spend more time say, at the foothills of the Adirondack mountains. 

3. Serenity

If you are seeking a quiet vacation just like the 1970s commune, then you will surely like Alexandria Bay campgrounds. The campgrounds are generally isolated and would make for the perfect getaway from the busy world.

You can lie on the shore, listen to birds’ singing or other night submissions, and have some good night’s rest in a tent.

Final Words

It is in this regard that anyone who fancies the outdoors will find a camp in Alexandria Bay good to be a part of even in upstate New York.

The climate is also favorable, the shores are composed of clear water and many areas of forests produce a great view. 

One can also put it as a way of escaping the daily bustle of life and getting a chance to spend some time in the natural environment.

It’s relatively cheap to have a vacation there because there are many things that one can do without spending a lot of money and accommodations can also be gotten cheap. 

All in all, the camping in Alexandria Bay is as adventurous as it is laid back and as natural as it gets. Irrespective of whether you are traveling with family or friends, or even alone, you are bound to have a good and wonderful time at these campgrounds.

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