Hillside Campgrounds for Gay Fun Fest and Other Activities

Hillside Campgrounds for Gay Fun Fest and Other Activities

Nov 09, 2023

This has been a camping destination for the gay male community for almost 35 years, offering a unique, private setting on more than 235 remote acres of the vast acres in the Endless Mountain region of Northeastern Pennsylvania from May to the end of September each year.

So, whether you choose to camp in your favorite tent, a truck camping in the bed of your truck, a popup camper, or a rented cabin, their knowledgeable staff will help you choose between a spot in the heart of the activity and a private location deep in the woods.

Hillside Campground, located in New Milford, PA can be as busy as, of course it can also be as relaxed as you like because it is a dress-optional, attitude-free setting to make new friends at the pool, explore the wooded playground, join the crowd at the nightly campfire, or dance the night away in their disco.

Hillside Campgrounds for Gay Fun Fair and Other Activities

A Brief History of the Campgrounds at Hillside

It all started with the founder's vision, which envisioned a 235-acre, all-male rustic mountain paradise where men could be themselves. Being a 31-year history as one of the top campers on the East Coast for men. 

Whereas it was little initially, the campground has grown to embrace approximately 250 acres of natural woodland in Pennsylvania's limitless mountains region.

Hillside has prided itself on getting things right throughout its 31-year history, beginning with the owner's idea. While maintaining a rustic and natural camping experience, the campground's comforts and amenities have been expanded and improved in practically every corner.

Are there Amenities at Hillside?

Are there Amenities at Hillside?

Sure! Hillside is camping, free of the stresses of the outside world yet providing the amenities that rustic glampers require, like quiet, natural, well-spaced pathways, flora and fauna, bears, and views and vistas from dense woods to high mountains.

Electric & Water

Electricity and water are available throughout the camp, with restrooms within a short walk of all but the most distant sites. Alongside the signature, nightly Friday-Saturday bonfire burns in the courtyard of the Rec hall with music and dancing on weekend evenings, as well as concerts, shows, bingo, and more during the week and on Sundays.


Aside from perishables and dairy, the MAN Store contains everything you might need. There’s a camp store with practically everything you need, from the toothbrush you forgot to the sunglasses you didn't know you wanted. It is a one-stop shop with regular hours and service by appointment. The café is well-known for its burgers and breakfasts, serving tasty and simple meals. 

It is a spot to grab a fast bite on Friday, Saturday, and through lunch on Sunday. Sandwiches and salads, burgers and subs, and a full breakfast menu with eggs, French toast, pancakes, and beverages are all available.


They completely rebuilt their heated vinyl-lined pool, including comfortable lounge chairs, a pool shower house, and laundry, as Hillside has amenities to meet almost any demand. The newly remodeled heated pool is a great location to hang out with friends, work on your tan, or simply enjoy the camaraderie of the campground. 


Hillside also provides hikes and trails on over 200 acres of private, remote property, providing a safe and secure environment to visit with or without clothing.

The café serves breakfast, lunch, and supper with homemade dishes such as Philly cheesesteaks, burgers, salads, and specials throughout each service time, which ranges between the hours of 7 a.m down to 11 p.m depending on the day.

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Events at the Hillside Campgrounds

Events at the Hillside Campgrounds

Several events like pool parties, Haunted Hillside, shows, parades, leather, bear, fantasy, uniform, cowboy, pool parties, Haunted Hillside, and parades are held year in and year out. And, of course, the nude wrestling. When you leave the office, and the gate closes, every weekend is the nude weekend. 

The food at Hillside is fantastic, both from the Café itself and the meals served at community parties. These parties, sponsored by members and neighborhoods within the camp, have varying themes such as Debutante, Mad Hatter, Crossroads, Bear Rock, Purple Party, and Village Party, among others, and have become highly anticipated events for regular and regional members, who fill the parking lots on these days.

Hillside hosts events every weekend during the season where there’s bonfire, rain or shine, on Friday and Saturday evenings in their Rec Hall, which also has a dance club with a DJ and a community room.

The dance club is open on weekends from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. and features music ranging from country to current dance hits. Also, numerous shows during weekends include drag events, cabaret-style shows, and other entertainment events, such as their Flix & Fire Thursday evenings. 

Hillside Campground Rules and Regulations

Hillside Campground Rules and Regulations

With thousands of guests at camp, guidelines must be strictly enforced to ensure everyone's experience is rewarding and enjoyable. The general attitude of Hillside Campgrounds is that camp members may be inside their fence, free of the pressures beyond the gate.  

With this in mind, all camp members must be courteous to one another. They want your home away from home to be enjoyable for everyone, so they ask that everyone follow a few simple guidelines.

1. Driving

    The speed restriction is 5 miles per hour, so please keep driving around the site to a minimum. When you arrive at the campsite and park your car, it should remain there until the conclusion of your stay. Day campers must park in the outside lot.

    2. Parking

      Your vehicle must fit entirely on your property. There is no parking in the grassy areas. If you have a considerable car or a large group, register your vehicle with the camp office and park in the lot outside the front gate.

      3. Illegal Activities

        There is no room for use of illegal substances within the premises of the campgrounds. The State Police will be alerted because this is a zero-tolerance policy. No firearms or weapons, legal or illegal, may be brought to camp.

        4. Electricity

          Getting power across the camp is difficult and expensive. Heaters, grills, hotplates, and air conditioners are prohibited because everyone must all share power with their camp neighbors. Please keep outside illumination to a maximum of 100 watts and use LED lights whenever practical. When going to bed, turn off all lights.

          5. Pets

            They are welcome if you follow common sense regulations in cabins and rental RVs for a non-refundable fee. The pets are not allowed in the Rec Hall, Café, or Pool due to PA Health and Safety requirements. The owner of the dogs is solely responsible for their welfare. Dogs must always be on a leash, including when on your property. 

            Although all dogs bark, excessive barking can disrupt the camping experience. You are accountable for your pet's behavior. You will be asked to leave if you cannot control your pet. 

            6. Drinking

              Alcohol is not provided in this program since the camp does not sell alcohol. At camp festivities, groups may serve beer or alcohol. Please use caution when using these. Alcohol use to the point of impairment is not permitted in public. 

              7. Pool

                 The Pennsylvania State Department of Health has established all rules, so no glass bottles, dogs, or cameras are permitted in the pool area. Cell phone photos of others are not allowed at the pool. Before entering the pool, take a shower. When listening to personal music, use earbuds.

                8. Quiet Hours

                  This is observed between the hours of 11:00 p.m down to 8:00 a.m in the morning and there musn’t be loud music or noise at your campsite. Your fellow campers will appreciate the quiet.

                  Please leave your campsite as you found it to help us preserve the natural beauty of the forested regions. NO TREES SHOULD BE CUT. Any issues on or with a site should be addressed to camp staff.

                  Trash must be bagged and tied, dropped in a trash receptacle, or carried to dumpsters in the parking lot when you leave camp. Remember that exposed rubbish may not attract the wildlife you hoped to see.

                  9. Fires

                    Each location has a fire pit. Here in the woods, fire safety is of the utmost significance. Never fire with gasoline or lighter fluid or burn plastic or waste. The emissions can be both bothersome and hazardous. 

                    Fires must be extinguished before retiring to bed or leaving the campsite and cannot be left unattended. DO NOT CUT DOWN TREES. Also, one can get firewood at the camp office as it’s always available there. 

                    10. Hiking and exploring

                      Do not trespass on adjoining sites or take shortcuts through other sites when strolling the camp pathways. Stay inside the loop on the nature loop paths. The camp does not own the outside. Trespassing charges may apply if you leave the campground property.

                      Vendors and contractors must be pre-approved and scheduled through the camp office. 

                      You are permitted to do business from your campground with the specific authorization of the camp administration. If you have a situation requiring assistance from outside the camp, please contact the camp office before making any arrangements. The most crucial guideline to remember is to use common sense and respect.

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                      Other Camp Spots Close to the Hillside Campgrounds

                      Everyone is a guest in this location set apart for us. It is a shared experience, so think about others and your own. Ask the staff if you need clarification or have questions regarding what is permitted. The camp reserves the right to evict anyone who exhibits aggressive or publicly objectionable behavior.

                      1. The Land of Oz

                      The Land of Oz

                        The Land of Oz is a peaceful and beautiful place. If you enjoy seeing the sun shine through the trees and relaxing by a beautiful pond surrounded by nature, this is the spot for you. Garden and chicken cote are both active. This is where they are today, but they would appreciate your feedback on making it a fantastic site for everyone to enjoy while we are here.

                        One pond has a walkway around it with bate fishing and a wonderful dock to sit on and enjoy the surrounding beauty of tall trees—a little touch of paradise. There are various campsites and 5 RV parking spaces with water and electricity only. The magnificent trees and ponds provide peace.

                        2. Patton's Four Oaks Farm

                        Patton's Four Oaks Farm

                          Located 35 miles east of Dallas on Ranch Rock Road, one mile off the public road. Lovely 56-acre rolling terrain with groomed turf walking trails and fishing ponds. You will be situated beneath some magnificent Savannah Oak Trees.

                          Campfires are permitted; you may also hone your shooting skills or go on a guided quail hunt. Close to Dallas, in the countryside. One group at a time, very private. Always by appointment. Access to their range to fish or shoot is available for an additional cost and private.

                          This neighborhood is known as Poetry Community and is famed for its beautiful whitetail deer. Giant ancient Post Oak trees with a plethora of wildlife. Lake Tawakonie offers excellent fishing. 

                          3. Scuba Ranch

                          Scuba Ranch

                            Only open during WINTER HOURS BY RESERVATION from November 1st to March 30th. Visit their website to book park admission! The Scuba Ranch, originally Clear Springs Scuba Park, opened on June 15, 2001. They are now under new management as of May 2018, and changes/updates are ongoing. 

                            A family-owned and maintained recreational dive facility with a 22-acre spring-fed lake with one of the most gorgeous and natural environments seen in a fresh-water Texas lake.

                            Underwater delights and wildlife await your discovery! They also have Sisco the Shark, the "largest freshwater shark in North America"! They are passionate about scuba diving and hope to make The Scuba Ranch the top open diving site in the area.

                            4. Rockin Bar B Ranch

                            Rockin Bar B Ranch

                              The Rockin Bar B Ranch is a modest, diverse 113-acre ranch dedicated to outdoor enthusiasts who like nature and agriculture. Come discover the post-oak savannah that makes up a veteran-owned diversified ranch that emphasizes American food independence.

                              5. Crossed Palms RV Resort

                              Crossed Palms RV Resort

                                Lakefront privacy gated yard with locking gates Access through Fishing Fully stocked fishing pond near a lakeside city suburb. Within 15 minutes on concrete pads and hard gravel roads, there are numerous work/jobs, restaurants, shopping, and Kroger. 

                                It is installed with 16 security cameras with license plate capture, a safe, and a full hookup with 30 amp, 50 amp, water, electricity, and a sewer dump station suitable for large rigs. 

                                Monthly rates range from $500 to $1,000 for long-term and monthly stays. Rent an RV park in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex near Plano. Frisco Prosper Allen McKinney Princeton, Anna Farmersville, Nevada Copeville, and Lake Lavon are nearby. Every RV site in their park has a privacy fence, and most have a locked security gate. 

                                Each site offers a full 30 and 50-amp RV hookup and a fresh water and wastewater line. The length of the locations ranges from 40 to 55 meters. Pets are permitted and have their private yard.

                                There is also laundry, WiFi, and an event stage. The boat and big rigs are friendly! Also, a fully stocked pond for fishing and a lake where you can swim.

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