Camping Resort Near Lake Cumberland Campgrounds

Camping Resort Near Lake Cumberland Campgrounds

Sep 22, 2023

Build lasting memories when you spend quality time with loved ones at Lake Cumberland campgrounds as you blend tranquility with adventure, crested in the waters of Cumberland, offering serene views for visitors and leaving peaceful lakeside memories in their minds.

Lake Cumberland

How is Lake Cumberland?

One of nature’s vast beauties with 52,000 acres across open waters and 1,225 miles of shoreline in Wayne, Pulaski, Clinton, Russell, Laurel, Whitney, and McCreary counties in Southern Kentucky. The dam site sits about 10 miles south of Jamestown.

This is one of the largest lakes ever in the Eastern part of the US, with neighboring sites like the Alligator 1 Boat Ramp in Russell Springs, which is about 4.6 miles of shoreline and takes about a direct drive down Highway 76, where the water stops. 

The Eli Country Store & Restaurant sits by the side, close to a Boat storage and gas station in case your boat runs out of fuel. At your convenience, there’s also a small lot, which is 41 feet by 65 feet, quite spacious for you to camp and even clean your boat when you’re off the water.

You can add an ATV to your boating list to enjoy the road trials when you explore, as there are about 5 miles of public get-throughs for off-road trials nearly 2 miles away from the Campground, also for easy access. 

Cumberland Miles Campground and the RV Park belong to Donnie and Dora Miles. Here lie so many life memories tracing back to the 60’s.

It all started with a floating boat house belonging to Chester (Bud) and Anita Ryan, Dora’s grandparents, located in the cove, now the ramp holding the state dock. Her family had relocated to Grider Hill and bought their ever-first camping trailer when the corps of engineers ruled against boat houses using local laws. 

Grider Hill’s first customers were Bud and Anita Ryan till Dora’s Uncle, Brett Ryan, became a table busser, although he was just a young boy at the Restaurant.

He worked shifts and set picnic tables instead of getting his paycheck so he could take home Peanut Butter Pie for his mother. Dora’s grandparents still got the boathouse in the long run and docked it at Grider Hill in the day-use area. 

Camping Sites at Cumberland

There are some sites visitors can make choices from each time they visit. Each site has unique benefits that help decipher which place they’ll pick and, sometimes, added advantages to suit their preferences. 

1. Eagle's Nest RV Resort

Eagle's Nest RV Resort

The Eagle’s Nest RV park is in the heart of town, just in case you’re looking for a right side in the Lake Cumberland campground. It is located 2 miles south of the campground parkway in Russell Springs, off Highway 127. 

With amp electric service of 50 and 30 and a perfect watery expanse, the campground gives great value, having everything you need with a memorable open year round!

2. Cumberland Miles Campground

Cumberland Miles Campground

It sits about 4.6 miles from the lake’s campground in Russell Springs, with approximately 52,000 acres of water flowing freely and surrounding over 1,225 miles across the shore. This makes it one of the widest lakes in the eastern part of the US. 

With neighboring sites like a gas station and boat storage, both to your advantage due to the safety of your vessel and a quick ‘come-through’ just when you’re out of fuel. There’s an eating spot, The Eli Country Store and Restaurant, so you can quickly fill in when you need to dish in something. 

Visitors can get access to night-based or yearly campsites when they need them if they only join round. Reservations for night camping are only called for a 2-night stay, and that’s the minimum, while the turnover for annual sites is 20. The booking page is available online if you don’t want to make a reservation.

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3. Foggy Bottom Campground

Foggy Bottom Campground

One interesting fact about this campground is that it has boat ramps for rivers and lakes that are close by. Despite the already close distance between Lake Cumberland and the river, it still with 14 campsites that are open year-round, a dump station, electric hook-ups, and a great watery expanse. 

If you’re looking for a memorable ‘get-away’ location, the Foggy Bottom Campground is one perfect idea you should consider with your loved ones. It’s surrounded by the famous Captain Jake’s Snack Shack, the Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery, some hiking trails, and the north side of Wolf Creek Dam.

4. Lake Cumberland State Resort Park

Lake Cumberland State Resort Park

This is an excellent idea for the best of camping adventures, so it has up to 129 sites camping with pontoon boats, clean restrooms, a modern service building, and a grocery store closeby, all open year-round with provision for large RVs and tents that can hold up the sites more than the usual bath houses. 

Carved in a perfect location down in the heart of Kentucky, surrounded by the park, allowing tourists to get a panoramic view of the Lake Cumberland State Resort Park Campground. Fully equipped with the most recently designed hotel rooms and furnished cabins so guests can enjoy the ‘home-away’ experience. 

The state park campground has the highest number of rowboats, making it the houseboat capital of the world, with another advantage of rental fishing boats in Western Pulaski County. Guests can also shop at the ship store and have a memorable dining experience at the Dock Tiki Bar and Grill. 

5. Russell Springs KOA

Russell Springs KOA

Want a water-based campsite? The Russell Springs KOA should be the first option in mind as it’s one of the most visited ‘home-away’ sites due to the vast array of recreational opportunities. It’s barely a stone's throw from the boat rentals, a beautiful private creek, some hickory forests, having a waitsboro campground. 

You can visit the KOA from March 31st to October 31st, and even pet services are offered, as well as other comfort benefits like cable TV, Wi-Fi services, and the Wolf Creek marina leading to a four-mile loop trail close to the Lure Lodge area for primitive camping. 

6. Silent Meadow Farm Campground

Silent Meadow Farm Campground

If you desire to get the charming country setting not far from the general Burnside Island state park, either by boating or swimming, you should visit the ‘Silent Meadow Farm,’ and you can have your full camper hook-up within reach. 

There are recreation areas for family fun, with the lake shore spread out to the largest lakes and a favorable temperate climate, giving the perfect outing time. Its location is set half a mile from the swim beach at Cumberland Lake and close to the Boat Launch.

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How Does Lodging Work in Lake Cumberland?

The campground setting of the beautiful Lake Cumberland is that of a 63-room Lure lodge with high-speed wifi in the cottages and lodge, making a virtual tour very possible. With an indoor pool, there’s open year-round fun, and of course, the 63-room lure lodge gives a reason for a long recreation season. 

There are about 29 cottages up for modern conveniences, and the check-out is 11 a.m., and the cabin check-out for the boating trials is 10 a.m. This is a perfect place, as 75 campsites (11 electric hook-ups and 64 monthly sites) are on standby to serve as camper rentals, supplying restrooms, bathtubs, and a dog park. 

The scenic views are breathtaking while dining in the Rowena Landing Restaurant, as there’s easy access to local meats and other produce when they’re available to serve wine from Kentucky and spirits in the eat-house. Visitors are open to dine for Continental Breakfast from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. from Monday to Sunday, while Dinner time is 4 p.m.-8 p.m. 

Rowena has some box lunch offerings which start from 11 a.m. to 1. 30 p.m. on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, then Wednesday to Saturday has its meeting time by 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. where the Wake Zone Lounge is open from 2 p.m. down to 8 p.m. on Thursdays and Saturdays. Remembering the scenic vistas, which are great for any event. The room stays close to the dining room in the Lure Lodge area.  

The Lake Cumberland Activities

Guests can choose from a range of activities allowed at the state resort park to keep themselves busy and of course, make their time at the campground worthwhile.

The Lake Cumberland Activities

1. Birding

A perfect tropical location to view some of nature’s creatures like the American kestrel, barred owl, screech owl, cooper hawk, and red-tailed hawk. The most recommended seasons for the belted kingfisher, green heron, wood duck, great blue heron, and whip-poor-will are Winter and Autumn.

Some other species that tend to come around are cardinals, wrens, hummingbirds, tufted titmice, goldfinches, and other beautiful works of the air. 

Flock of vultures also come by the hardwoods near the State Dock every evening close to dusk. One can even meet the wild turkey near the woods or by the scenic trails in the park. So many birding chances come by as nests can be seen high in the swift cliff walls by the boat ram road. 

2. Disc Golf

Players can use a flying disc or a frisbee instead of throwing a traditional golf ball with clubs on an 18-hole miniature golf course within the campground premises. This sport began way back in the 1970s with the sole aim of filling a hole with the least number of strokes or throws. 

Golfing when you’re at Lake Cumberland doesn’t necessarily need you to have a cart rental or greens fee and can be enjoyed by all being one sport that’s not so expensive. 

3. Boating and Fishing

Cumberland has one of the largest lakes and is truly a paradise for water lovers as the Kentucky Bass Marina acres of water give rental fishing boats and 100 open ships alongside ski and pontoon boats. 

The fishing experience one gets here is above the norm (37,000) and gives guests something to smile home with as there’s bluegill, rockfish, walleye, and smallmouth. You must have a Kentucky Fishing license before you can have this, though. 

4. Perching

The campsite offers nature’s best display, like an 18-hole mini golf course and swimming/fishing rentals serving as part of the recreational avenues. For some outdoor walks, set your GPS north to 36,55.822, then west, 085.02.425, and enjoy some quality catching during your trip to the park. 

5. Hiking

The trails lead to a four-mile loop close to the lure lodge, which is about a 1.5-mile trail distance over the lake and looks close to the park entrance. You’ll meet and gaze at the beauty of the oak, hickory forests, and the oak on two park hiking trails. 

6. Swimming and the Kid's Playground

There’s an indoor pool at the Lure Lodge with a temperature-regulated pool and a game room. It's open from 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. and has a hot tub which can be controlled. 

For kids under 12, swimming costs $5.00, while adults go for $6.00, open only on Wednesday to Saturday. The playground is located in the lodge area. 

Guests can go through the camp’s website for more information and a guide regarding touring and reservations. 

Safety Rules at the Lake Cumberland

The rules for safety at the Cumberland Lake Resort include:

1. Groupings: The maximum is four adults; this includes children for a maximum campsite occupancy. Making it six. For a double campsite occupancy, it’ll be 8 for maximum, then if there are kids, 12. If it is a group, the maximum is 30.

Cars per site have a maximum limit of two, and have to get the vehicle pass at the check-in. The public parking lot is designated for guest vehicles. 

2. Check-in Hours: Visitors must arrive before 10:00 p.m. as check-in is 1:00 p.m. while check-out is 11:00 a.m. There’s quiet time observance, which starts at 11. 00 p.m. down to 8: 00 a.m. with no room for amplified music during this time. 

3. Dogs/Pets: They are not allowed on the beach and must be chained or leashed to prevent accidents or mishaps. Guests are advised to comply with Lake Cumberland's safety rules and regulations to help provide efficient and memorable experiences. 

Bottom Line

The Lake Cumberland is an excellent ‘home-away-from-home’ idea as it's in a perfect location 10 miles south of Jamestown. It is one of the largest lakes to exist in the eastern side of the United States, surrounding the Alligator 1 Boat Ramp in Russell Spring and Highway 76, where the water stops. 

A restaurant by the side in case the visitors want a tummy refill, boat storage for the fishers, and a gas station to come through when you’re out of fuel.  Another advantage is a creek, which is 41 by 65 feet, a spacious site for camping when you’re resting and cleaning your vessel off the water. 

The RV holds so many memories for Donnie and Dora Miles, who were the owners who continued the lifeline of boat housing, which broke free from local laws tried by the corps of engineers when Dora was much younger around Grider Hill. 

It is safe to say the same for visitors as the resort holds many amenities like a 63-room lure lodge, perfect locations for jet skis, an indoor pool, a dog park, great cell service, and a beautiful private creek to keep beautiful memories to time well spent. 

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