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Best Giant Spot at Calaveras Campgrounds and RV Park

Jun 07, 2024

Discovering Calaveras County's four-season recreational areas, ranging from the breathtaking High Sierra to the undulating foothills of the Gold Country, is most enjoyable through camping.

No matter where you decide to stay, don't forget to take in the breathtaking vistas of our starry, lightless night skies.

Calaveras Campgrounds to Visit

Continue reading through our comprehensive list of campgrounds in Calaveras and surrounding areas. 

1. Calaveras Big Trees Hikes

Calaveras Big Trees Hikes

The state park is a beautiful place with massive trees that has a number of well-maintained paths that lead to its secret locations.

Beyond the designated paths, there are countless unknown off-the-beaten-path hiking routes; getting lost and losing track of time in the state park could be among the most enjoyable experiences of your life.

There are various walks in Calaveras Big Trees to pick from; they are confident that these paths will catch the interest of outdoor enthusiasts.

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2. Calaveras South Grove Trail

Calaveras South Grove Trail

There's very little foot traffic on the serene South Grove Trail in Calaveras. You'll be surrounded by massive conifers and deciduous trees as you travel down the road; these provide for incredible views, especially against blue skies.

On this Calaveras Big Trees hike, the sound of the creek running gently greets you as you approach the big sequoia forest.

3. River Canyon Trail

River Canyon Trail

The River Canyon Trail is not a short or easy hike, in contrast to the Calaveras North Grove Trail.

The trail passes through the Stanislaus River canyon and the Scenic Overlook, with a 1,000-foot elevation rise.

Though it's not as bad as people think, the challenging hike is by far the worst in Calaveras Big Trees. Everything is fine as long as you're hydrated. 

4. Calaveras Big Trees State Park

Calaveras Big Trees State Park

Located amongst an incredible grove of towering old-growth redwood trees, Calaveras Big Trees State Park boasts 129 campsites spread across 2 campgrounds.

There are seventy campsites at North Grove Park. The best spots for RVs are those in North Grove 1–18, which have paved parking spurs.

Although there are several good RV sites at Oak Hollow Campground, the 52 campsites (#75–129) are best suited for tent camping. In addition, there are four rental cottages and three group campsites.

Water, flush toilets, hot-water showers ($), recycling and trash collection, and a dump station are among the facilities. There is also a visitor center/camp store.

A table, grill, fire ring, and food locker (proper food storage) are also included at each campground. Ice, firewood, water spigot, food, and supplies are sold at the camp store. North Grove Campground has overflow parking. The quality of cell service is average.

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5. Marble Quarry RV Park

Marble Quarry RV Park

The "living" ghost town of Columbia from the gold rush era, historic Columbia, lies next to the Marble Quarry RV Park.

The services offered by Marble Quarry RV Parks include WiFi, electricity, water, sewage, and showers. The address of this pet-friendly RV park is 11551 Yankee Hill Road in Columbia, California.

Activities to do (i.e, major tourist attraction) when visiting this place include hiking, biking, hiking trails, golfing, and beautiful driving in addition to historic sightseeing.

6. North Grove Campground

North Grove Campground

Located near the Visitor Center and the North Grove of Giant Sequoias, North Grove Campground is situated in the center of Calaveras Big Trees State Park.

The campground is laid out throughout a mature conifer forest, which is relatively flat. In the spring, wildflowers cover a nearby meadow.

The walkway across the meadow and the edge of the meadow are excellent locations to see stars at any time of year.

About one-third of the 58 campsites at North Grove Campground are designated as tent-only, while the majority can accommodate tents, RVs, or trailers.

Certain campsites may be subject to vehicle noise due to their proximity to Highway 4.

Within North Grove Campground are two Small Group Campsites. Across the road are two large group campgrounds.

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7. Oak Hollow Campground

Oak Hollow Campground

Along the main park road, Oak Hollow Campground is about 4 miles into the park. The dense pine and oak woodland surrounding sites 75–129 offers much of shade. There are running water, coin showers, and facilities at the campground.

There are two walk-in campgrounds within the redwoods at Calaveras Big Trees State Park, including Oak Hollow Campground.

Oak Hollow Campground has more than fifty campsites and is situated approximately two miles into the park, providing ample privacy.

The majority of the loop's campsites are away from the road (with parking area), and facilities like showers and restrooms (pit toilet) are available. 

8. 49er Village RV Resort

49er Village RV Resort

The perfect place for you and your family is 49er Village RV Resort, which is tucked away in the Sierra Foothills of Amador County.

A wide range of lodging options, including quaint cabin rentals and hundreds of full-hookup sites, are available. Swim in the gorgeous pools and relax in the hot tub.

Play a round of pool, horseshoes, or shuffleboard. After that, visit the fishing ponds to reconnect with nature. After that, have breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the Caf←© at the Park's on-site eatery. At the picnic areas of the resort, there is picnic table for everyone.

Explore the more than 35 award-winning wineries and multiple championship golf courses in the area off-site. Alternatively, take in Amador Flower Farm's natural beauty in the Shenandoah Valley.

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9. Placerville RV Resort & Campground

Placerville RV Resort & Campground

The best RV resort in the Sierra Foothills is Placerville RV Resort & Campground! Take your four-legged friends and family to the ideal holiday spot.

In addition to much more, our resort has mini-golf, fire pit, movies, swimming, and fishing. Placerville RV Resort & Campground is a great place to create memories with the people you care about, just minutes away from famous gold-rush sites, Apple Hill farms, wineries, casinos, and breathtaking mountain views.

Placerville KOA is the ideal destination for a tranquil yet exciting outdoor vacation because it's close to the beautiful and lively Californian town of Sacramento.

You're guaranteed to enjoy an amazing holiday at this park, regardless of your interests in museums, artisan food, or large, open landscapes. Outside the wildlife viewing, you have a lot to feed your eyes with from the park entrance.

General Camping Information

Campground opening and closure dates are simply estimations that are typically based on the amount of snow. Not every campsite can hold RVs or trailers of various lengths.

Firewood from outside the area is prohibited to stop the spread of unwanted insects. 

Calaveras Grove

North and South Calaveras Groves are the two groves located in the state park. The North Grove has about 100 mature trees, whereas the South Grove has about 1,000 mature trees.

The North Grove was home to both the Mother of the Forest and the Discovery Tree. All that remains now is the fire-blackened stump of the Mother of the Forest and the location of the park's greatest tree.

On January 8, 2017, Pioneer Cabin Tree, another huge sequoia in North Calaveras Grove, also passed away. One of the two surviving huge sequoia tunnel trees that was still standing was referred to as the "Tunnel Tree."

The Pioneer Cabin Tree, which had suffered serious harm from its trunk's hollowing out, was already vulnerable when it fell during a storm.

At thirty feet above ground, the Empire State tree is currently the biggest tree in North Calaveras Grove. 

Best Time to Visit Calaveras?

The months of March through November are the ideal times to visit Calaveras Big Trees State Park since they offer complete park accessibility and pleasant weather.

Winter offers a peaceful, snowy scenery for those who are prepared for the cold, but it also brings closures due to snow, making some regions inaccessible. 

Bottom Line

Camping in Calaveras Big Trees State Park is a must while you're there. It's without a doubt among the top state parks in California for camping.

With 129 campsites overall, the North Grove and Oak Hollow Campgrounds, the two primary built campgrounds in Calaveras Big Trees, offer an unmatched camping experience amidst the massive sequoias.

RVs up to thirty feet are allowed access to the region. Calaveras Big Trees State Park also has group and environmentally friendly camping. Have fun while camping at any chosen great spot. It is a good idea that you visited our blog. See you some other time.

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