Best Waterproof Tent

Best Waterproof Tent for Family Camping in Heavy Rain

Sep 25, 2023

Camping in the rain can be quite terrible, and anyone who has been soaked by rain before at a campground will know how disheartening it can be. 

The worst is if you go with your family or in large groups. Even in the summer, a rainstorm might spoil your belongings, end your camping trip, and leave you chilly and uncomfortable. 

This is why investing in a waterproof tent for camping is so important. Because of that, we have put together a list of the best waterproof tents for camping with your family.

15 Best Waterproof Tents for Camping

We have checked out a lot of waterproof tents in this article. Below are the best waterproof tents for camping that made the shortlist.

1. Cedar Ridge - Aspen 2-Person Best Camping Tent | Outdoors Tent

Cedar Ridge - Aspen 2-Person Best Camping Tent | Outdoors Tent

The ALPS Cedar Ridge Aspen 2 Person Tent is a strong and simple tent to put up. You just snap the poles together, and you're ready. It has a cover all around and a tough floor to keep you dry in any weather.

And guess what? There are mesh panels and a window on the door for fresh air. Inside, there are pockets to keep your stuff neat. They even give you ropes and stakes, so you're all set for your next camping trip!

    2. ALPS Mountaineering Chaos 3-Person Best Camping Tent

    ALPS Mountaineering Chaos 3-Person Best Camping Tent

    For a dry and hassle-free trip, we've got the perfect tents for you! The Chaos tent is super cool with one long pole, making it stand on its own. It has two doors for easy entry and two spots to store your gear and stay extra dry.

    The zippers are super easy to use, and the tent poles are strong but light. Setting it up is a breeze with the clips that snap over the poles.

    This tent keeps you dry even in the rain because the fly and floor are sealed tight. They're coated to be super weatherproof. The fly attaches really securely to the tent, much better than an elastic cord. There are vents in the roof for air, and you can even look at the stars!

    All these things make the Chaos tent a fantastic choice for your backpacking adventure. And hey, don't forget to get a footprint to protect the bottom of your tent!

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      3. ALPS Mountaineering Felis Best 1-Person Camping Tent

      ALPS Mountaineering Felis Best 1-Person Camping Tent

      The Felis 1 tent is made from recycled materials and designed for one person to enjoy nature while also taking care of it. The poles are shorter when packed, so it's great for hiking, near streams, or on bike paths.

      You can fix it on your bike or backpack with the buckles on the stuff sack.

      Setting it up is a breeze with the free-standing aluminum two-pole design. Once you're at the campsite, the weatherproof rainfly with a vestibule keeps you and your stuff safe from the elements.

      The mesh walls let in fresh air, and there are pockets inside for your small things. Don't forget to grab a footprint to protect the tent floor!

        4. ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr Two Doors 3 Person Best Camping Tent

        ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr Two Doors 3 Person Best Camping Tent

        The Zephyr tent is awesome for those hot, sticky nights when you want some air in your tent. The walls are all made of mesh, so you get lots of fresh air.

        It's got a cool 2 pole design that gives you more space to sit up without feeling squished. The poles are strong but not heavy, made of aircraft alloy aluminum. And guess what?

        There are two doors, so it's easy to go in and out, plus there's a spot outside each door to keep your extra stuff.

        The tent cover attaches super securely with buckles, much better than stretchy cords. It's got amazing ventilation, lots of space, and it's not heavy at all - a really good tent! Oh, and don't forget to get a footprint to keep your tent floor safe.

          5. Browning Talon 1-Person Outdoors Tent | Camping Tent

          Browning Talon 1-Person Outdoors Tent | Camping Tent

          The Talon 1 backcountry tent is awesome! It's made of tough, weatherproof poly-cotton that looks classic but won't weigh you down when you want to go really far. The tent is super sturdy with aluminum poles and hubs.

          It's got a full-length door with mesh that keeps bugs out, and vents inside to keep the air flowing so you stay cool. Everything about this tent shows it's made with the quality you expect from Browning gear.

            6. ALPS Mountaineering Felis Best 2-Person Waterproof Tent

            ALPS Mountaineering Felis Best 2-Person Waterproof Tent

            The Felis 2 is made from recycled materials and is built for two people who want to enjoy nature while also helping to take care of it. It's easy to carry on trails, near streams, or on bike paths because the poles are shorter when packed.

            You can attach it easily to handlebars, canoe seats, or backpacks with the buckles on the stuff sack.

            Setting it up at the campsite is a breeze with the free-standing aluminum design and two poles. You can enter from either side because there are doors on both ends. The rainfly, which keeps you dry during bad weather, has two parts that attach with buckles for the best protection.

            Half of the walls are mesh, so there's good airflow, and there are pockets inside for your small stuff. If you want to keep the tent floor safe, don't forget to add a footprint.

              7. ALPS Mountaineering Chaos 2-Person Camping Tent

              ALPS Mountaineering Chaos 2-Person Camping Tent

              I've used this tent on a long hike and some short trips. It was a lifesaver in unexpected storms, but man, it's heavy.

              Setting it up is easy, and you can do it under the rain cover to keep the inside dry. It goes up nicely, just like any good freestanding tent should.

              In bad weather, this tent is a champ. It holds up well, lets in air surprisingly well, and has enough space so you don't feel cramped waiting out a storm.

              It's the roomiest 2-person tent I've ever seen. You can even squeeze in three if you have to. I'm 6'2", and I fit in with plenty of room. When you get the tent, ditch the little mesh thing at the top—it just causes trouble.

              When packed, it's not super tiny, but it's not huge either. It's big, maybe too big if you want a light pack, but not crazy big. The only problem I had was with the storage bag—it gave out.

              Now I just tie the tent together, and that works better. The rest of the tent deserves a gold star for putting up with me for so long.

                8. ALPS Mountaineering Helix 1-Person Camping Tent

                ALPS Mountaineering Helix 1-Person Camping Tent

                This tent is really good. The stitching and seams are strong, and it keeps water out well – no leaks! It's not super, super light, but it's light enough for me. The weight they say it is, is right. Mine is 48 ounces, including the tent, cover, poles, stakes, and bags.

                It even comes with small stakes that are like mini groundhog ones. It's a good weight, and you get lots of space for your head and feet when lying down, and room for your head and shoulders when sitting up. The design is smart – it's wider at the top, and you can sit without your shoulders touching the sides.

                They paid attention to details, like color-coded pole tips and storage in all four corners for your stuff. And the best part? No condensation inside the tent – the airflow is really good!

                  9. ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 6-Person Camping Tent

                  ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 6-Person Camping Tent

                  I've used this tent for camping in fall and winter once. It's the best affordable tent I could find. The ones from big stores might be a bit cheaper, but they're too flimsy. The Meramac tent's material is like the ones you find in outdoor stores.

                  It's huge for one person and roomy for four. Setting it up alone takes a bit of figuring out, but it's doable. If there are two or more people, it's very easy because it only has two poles.

                  The two doors are essential for a big tent like this. You always realize you forgot something just after you step outside, and with two doors, it's easier. The roof cover over each door is good enough to keep rain out, considering it doesn't have a separate space outside the tent.

                    10. ALPS Mountaineering Helix 2-Person Camping Tent

                    ALPS Mountaineering Helix 2-Person Camping Tent

                    The Helix Tent is ideal for any trail night. The ultralight 20D ripstop nylon fly and floor balance toughness and weight while providing outstanding waterproofing to keep you dry even in the most inclement weather.

                    Roof ventilation to reduce moisture buildup, mesh storage pockets, and vestibule storage to accommodate gear are all practical and ergonomic elements. The innovative three-pole design allows for more headroom when sitting erect.

                    The fly is attached to the tent with sturdy and lightweight aluminum hardware that ensures the fly stays taut no matter what. The Helix is ready for any adventure because to its outstanding ventilation, lightest materials, and robust aluminum poles. Don't forget to include a footprint to protect the floor of your tent.

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                      11. ALPS Mountaineering Acropolis 4-Person Lightweight Camping Tent

                      ALPS Mountaineering Acropolis 4-Person Lightweight Camping Tent

                      The new Acropolis series of lightweight camping tents was created to comfortably accommodate families and groups of campers in areas with a small camp footprint.

                      The Acropolis, which sleeps four adults, has a free-standing pre-bent pole system with a top cross pole that creates greater internal room than traditional dome tents.

                      Dual doors with big vestibules to safeguard gear while giving adequate room for occupants add to camper comfort. The Acropolis is a tent that can be used all year.

                      Warm-season sleeping comfort and ventilation are provided by generous mesh walls, while a tough 75D 185T full-coverage polyester fly with a 1500mm coating can be rapidly deployed for cool nights or inclement weather.

                      An easy-to-use pole clip assembly, factory-sealed fly and floor seams, a mesh storage pocket, and a mesh storage pocket are also included.

                        12. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 2-Person Outdoor Camping Tent

                        ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 2-Person Outdoor Camping Tent

                        The Lynx is loaded with high-quality features. The Lynx, which has aluminum poles, is remarkably similar to one of our best-selling tents, the Taurus.

                        The Lynx has larger mesh than the Taurus, taking up half of each side's walls, allowing for even more ventilation.

                        The tent is a 2-pole rectangular dome-style tent with pole clips that simply go over the poles and allow for a speedy erection. ALPS has spared no expense... with factory-sealed fly and floor seams, waterproof fly buckles, 2 entrances for easy entry and exit, 2 entrances for more gear storage and weather protection, and #8 zippers, this model has everything you could want in a tent. Remember to include a footprint.

                          13. ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek 4-Person Camping Gray/Red Tent

                          ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek 4-Person Camping Gray/Red Tent

                          If you ever need a getaway, Camp Creek will provide you a luxurious place to stay. Its nearly straight walls and generous interior space come from its use of fiberglass poles connected to steel uprights, which increases your usable space indoors.

                          Whether you are setting up cots or simply want extra room inside to hang out and play a round of cards before bed, this is fantastic. Large awnings are provided by the rainfly over the back window and front entrance, which is a nice feature in the rain.

                          This 4- or 6-person model is a fantastic choice for all of your camping outings. Remember to include a footprint to shield the floor of your tent.

                            14. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Outdoor Camping Tent

                            ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Outdoor Camping Tent

                            The Lynx tent is awesome – it's got loads of cool stuff and is super high quality. It's kind of like our Taurus tent, which lots of people love.

                            The Lynx has special aluminum poles and is a bit like a rectangle with two poles holding it up. Setting it up is a breeze – just clip the poles, and you're good to go!

                            This tent is like a breath of fresh air because it's got lots of mesh on the sides, so it's not stuffy inside.

                            It's also got all the extras you'd want – a sealed fly and floor, strong zippers, two doors for easy-coming and going, and even two little areas outside to stash your gear. And here's a tip: add a footprint to keep your tent floor safe and sound!

                              15. ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 2-Person Outfitter Camping Tent

                              ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 2-Person Outfitter Camping Tent

                              If you're tired of getting wet when you go camping or always struggle with your tent zippers, try an ALPS Mountaineering tent. The Taurus is a simple tent with two poles that stands by itself.

                              It has two doors and two covered areas (vestibules) with easy-to-use zippers. The doors also have mesh windows for good airflow. When you put on the rain cover (fly), there are extra vents to keep things fresh. ALPS tents have sealed seams on the cover and floor, so you stay dry in any weather.

                              If you want a tougher floor and bigger zippers, check out our Taurus Outfitter Series. And don't forget to get a footprint to protect your tent floor!

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                                  Things to Consider When Looking for the Best Waterproof Family Tent

                                  There are several things you should consider when you want to get a waterproof tent for your family's camping trip. They are:

                                  1. Water Resistant

                                  The key selling point of any decent waterproof tent is weather resistance, therefore it's likely that you should start your search here. You'll want to be familiar with hydrostatic head ratings as most tents worth having measure their waterproofness using a technique called "hydrostatic head testing".

                                  The process of HH testing has a long, tedious explanation, but the key concept to grasp is that HH ratings indicate the amount of water pressure that a particular cloth can withstand before leaking. The greater the number, which is stated in millimeters for these metrics, the better.

                                  Any waterproof tent fabric, as a general rule, should have an HH rating of no less than 1200mm, as this is widely seen to be the minimal need to fend off severe and/or driving rain.

                                  Higher numbers are obviously better, but they can also add weight, so you'll want to consider your alternatives based on whether you're looking for a large camping tent or a superlight backpacking shelter.

                                  2. Suitable Storage

                                  It's fantastic to get a brand-new waterproof tent, but you must store it correctly to keep it in good working order. Imagine a tent as your home, even if you only use it sometimes, it will serve as your roof at that period.

                                  One of the most important things to do to keep a good waterproof covering is to pack a tent dry. Holding water against the surface of the tent can eventually wear down the waterproofing or result in the growth of mold.

                                  Of course, there are situations when packing a dry tent while hiking is impossible. If you must pack a tent when it is damp, be  careful to completely dry it out as quickly as you can.

                                  Also, it's important to avoid leaving the tent in direct sunlight for too long; while many tents offer protection from visible light rays, the UV radiation can harm the fabrics.

                                  3. Price

                                  Expedition tents are amazing structures designed to keep you alive in harsh environments. However, they are rather expensive.

                                  Some inexpensive tents might not even make it out of the car before disintegrating.

                                  Most of us would like to have something that works perfectly but costs a fraction of what you'll have to spend on a tent if you want to climb Mount Everest.

                                  Tents that aren't highly waterproof don't cost much, while expensive tents are the opposite.

                                  4. Ventilation

                                  Good ventilation is also necessary for tents that are meant to be used in the rain. Waterproof materials are useless if moisture forms on the inside and your tent begins to "rain."

                                  For summer ventilation, you want to get large mesh panels. When the rainfly is attached, these mesh panels will aid in improving ventilation within the tent. In order to keep the bugs out whether it is raining or not, mesh is also important.

                                  The internal walls of the tent can be kept dry by increasing airflow through vents in the rainfly. Make sure the vents are secured so the rain doesn’t flow in through them.

                                  Also, we'll mention that some modern models have covered windows that can be left open in both rain and shine.

                                  There is nothing like having additional airflow and a view of the outside world to reduce claustrophobia to a minimal, but these designs are a little more expensive.

                                  5. Type of Material

                                  Many visitors eventually come to have specific preferences for tent materials based on their past camping experiences, the season, and the climate.

                                  There is no one correct answer when it comes to "the best" waterproof material for tents, but each material has clear benefits and drawbacks. Keep in mind that a 3-season tent could not provide enough waterproofing for strong downpours.

                                  The least expensive solution for waterproofing tents is polyurethane coating (PU). It lasts a very long period and is lightweight. Over time, direct sun exposure may cause it to become a little brown, but this won't affect the product's efficiency.

                                  In contrast to polyurethane, which is more expensive, gore-tex is both waterproof and breathable, making it desirable but also quite expensive.

                                  6. Portability

                                  The fabric you choose for your tent and the material of your tent poles will determine how portable and lightweight it is. Aluminum and carbon fiber tent poles are both incredibly light while still having enough strength to support a tent in the wind.

                                  The quality of fiberglass tent poles can vary greatly. They are inexpensive, but they are also heavier, less durable, and more fragile.

                                  7. Durability

                                  Durability determines whether an investment in quality outdoor equipment will be long-term or temporary, and it might be a significant one. When evaluating a tent's durability, you will have to focus on the fabric quality and the hardware quality.

                                  Fabric thickness, construction, and quality all pertain to a tent's floor, canopy, and rainfly. Since higher denier textiles are denser and tear-resistant than lower denier fabrics, people usually like tents with higher denier materials.

                                  The tougher the fabric is, the greater the rating, which is denoted in numbers like 10D, 40D, and 100D.

                                  The durability of a tent's poles, stakes, and other "hard parts" like pole clips, rainfly clips, and guyline attachments is referred to as its hardware quality.

                                  Tents with all-aluminum or carbon composite frames often receive the highest ratings for their poles, and we believe name-brand poles from companies like DAC or Easton to be the best in the industry.

                                  Another common choice, particularly on more affordable models, is fiberglass poles. We advise opting for the thickest poles you can find if you're considering a tent with a fiberglass or mostly fiberglass frame because larger-diameter fiberglass is y better adapted to strong winds.

                                  8. Floor Design

                                  The floor design is a wonderful characteristic to look for in a waterproof tent. If you can, try to find tents with a bathtub-style floor.

                                  The bathtub design gives an additional layer of weather resistance to tents, yet tents without bathtub floors can still be waterproof.

                                  Put a tarp underneath the tent if you're concerned about the floor leaking. Just make sure the tarp is properly tucked underneath the tent as you fold it.

                                  9. Weight and Package Dimensions

                                  Weight and packed size may or may not be significant to you, depending on whether you're looking for camping tents or backpacking shelters.

                                  If you're looking for a beautiful, roomy camping tent, we normally advise getting the biggest, highest-quality tent you can afford.

                                  The only restriction is that your tent must fit inside your house and in your car, so when considering packed size, keep your storage and transportation restrictions in mind.

                                  On the other hand , backpacking tents need to be as compact and light as possible without compromising too much comfort. Most people looking to buy a hiking tent want a two-person model, and the finest ones usually weigh less than four pounds.

                                  Naturally, ultralight gear is expensive, so anything under five pounds will be manageable for the typical hiker if you're looking for a waterproof hiking tent at a lower price.

                                  The same guidelines apply to a camping tent's packed size: the smaller, the better, but compact proportions come at a high price.

                                  The biggest g issue in this situation is the amount of space in your pack, so just make sure you have space left over for your tent after  putting other things like your food, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad.

                                  Now, that you've gone through our top picks of waterproof camping tents, it's up to you to make a choice.

                                  But, if you want to get one of the best waterproof camping tent with the ideal blend of durability, portability, and weather resistance, you can use the North Face Wawona 6 Tent.

                                  It works well extreme weather conditions and has both a bathtub floor and a sizable vestibule, which gives you extra space for gear storage and rain protection.

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